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Amy Poehler (born September 16, 1971) is an American actress, voice artist, comedian, director, producer, and writer. After studying at Chicago's and in the single party ulm 2013 early 1990s, she single party würzburg 2015 became part of the Chicago-based improvisational comedy troupe. The group moved to New York City in 1996 where their act became a half-hour sketch comedy series on are amy poehler and aubrey plaza really dating in 1998 . Along with other members of the comedy group, Poehler was a founder of the.

She is best known for starring as jesse eisenberg dating 2015 in the sitcom , for which she won a in 2014 and a for Best Actress in a Comedy Series in 2012. Poehler was a cast member on the NBC television series are amy poehler and aubrey plaza really dating from 2001 to 2008 and became co-anchor of SNL's in 2004 alongside friend and colleague. She is also known for voicing Joy from , from the movie adaptation, Bessie Higgenbottom in the 2008–2011 series, and Homily Clock from the American-English dub of .

Poehler served as an executive producer on the Swedish-American sitcom , along with her brother. She is also an executive producer on which airs on Comedy Central, and appeared in the finale. Since August 2015, she has served as an executive producer on the original series , which stars her former Parks and Recreation co-star and fellow comedian, the latter of whom is the creator of the show. In December 2015, Poehler received a star on the for her contributions in television. An 18-time nominee, she won the 2016 for Saturday Night Live.


Early life[]

Poehler was born in, to school teachers Eileen and William Poehler. Her brother,, is a producer and actor. She grew up in nearby. She was raised as a Catholic, and graduated from in 1989.

While attending, Poehler was a member of the comedy troupe My Mother's Fleabag. She graduated from Boston College with a bachelor's degree in media and communications in 1993 and moved to Chicago, where she studied improv at with friend and future co-star. She also studied with at.

Upright Citizens Brigade[]

During her time at Second City and Improv Olympic in Chicago, Poehler studied alongside under Del Close and Charna Halpern. Poehler and Besser joined with and to found the (UCB). The group performed sketch and improv around Chicago before moving to New York City in 1996. Immediately after moving to New York, the group quickly scored a TV gig, appearing as sketch regulars on . Other early members of UCB included,,, and.

In 1998, debuted the group's. During the show's second season, the group opened an improv theatre/training center in New York City at 161 W. 22nd Street, occupying the space of a former strip club. The UCB theatre held shows seven nights a week in addition to offering classes in sketch comedy writing and improv. In the summer of 2000, Comedy Central canceled the Upright Citizens Brigade program after its third season, though the UCB Theatre continues to operate. The foursome continue to work together in many projects, and frequently perform together in live improv shows at their comedy theatres in both New York and Los Angeles.

Saturday Night Live[]

Poehler with SNL co-stars and creator in 2008.

Poehler joined the cast of SNL during the, her debut episode being the first one produced after the  — with host, musical guest, and New York City Mayor as a special guest. Poehler was promoted from featured player to full cast member in her first season on the show, making her only the third person to have earned this distinction (after and ).

Beginning with the, she co-anchored "" with Tina Fey, replacing the newly departed. In a interview, Fey said that are amy poehler and aubrey plaza really dating with Poehler co-anchoring, there now is "double the sexual tension". When Fey left after the to devote time to the sitcom she created, , joined Poehler at the anchor desk. In 2008, Poehler was nominated for the, the first SNL cast member recognized in this category. She was heavily favored to win by many critics, but ultimately lost to of . She was nominated once again in 2009, but lost to of . On September 13, 2008, the SNL season premiere opened with Fey and Poehler as and, respectively, performing a "".

It was officially announced on September 16, 2008, that Poehler would be leaving SNL in October to give birth to her first child. On the October 25, 2008 episode, it was announced by "Weekend Update" co-anchor Seth Meyers, who anchored the segment alone, "Amy Poehler is not here because she is having a baby", to wild applause from the audience. At the end of "Weekend Update", special guest and current cast member sang a custom rendition of "" for Poehler, single party würzburg 2013 changing the words: "We love you Amy, and we just can't wait premium mitgliedschaft kündigen to meet your baby!" Meyers signed off: "For Weekend Update, I'm Seth Meyers — we love you Amy!"

Poehler returned to the show on November 3, 2008, during the "SNL Presidential Bash '08", "hosting" as Hillary Clinton. The Bash was pre-taped from scenes shot between September and October. Her return to SNL after her pregnancy was on December 6, 2008, where she stayed for two weeks. During "Weekend Update", on December 13, she thanked her family, friends, and fans for the continued support and announced that it would be her last show. On April 18, 2009, a Saturday Night Live special, "The Best of Amy Poehler", aired. Poehler returned for "Weekend Update" (signing off with "...and he's Seth Meyers") and joined the "chorus" for 's "" (along with the SNL cast and, Maya Rudolph,,,,, and ) on the SNL season finale on May 16, 2009.

Poehler returned to the "Weekend Update" desk in the fall of 2009 with Meyers, for two "WU", which led directly into . She also returned to Saturday Night Live for a special Mother's Day episode on May 8, 2010, hosted by.

Poehler returned to Saturday Night Live on September 25, 2010, to host the Season 36 opening episode with performer. She returned once again for the Saturday Night Live special, "The Women of SNL". The special aired on November 1, 2010. Between the time she left and the time she hosted, she also returned several times to join Seth Meyers in their "Really!?! With Seth and Amy" segment on Weekend Update. The "Really!?!" segment has aired since with Meyers speaking doing the segment alone, although he was once accompanied by special guest and another time, with guest host. Poehler appeared as a guest in the December 17, 2011 Jimmy-Fallon-hosted episode, starring in the opening sketch and a Weekend Update joke-off with Fallon, Meyers, and Tina Fey. She appeared once again on the February 18, 2012 Maya Rudolph-hosted episode, reprising her role as Betty Caruso in the Bronx Beat sketch (with co-host Maya Rudolph), co-anchoring Weekend Update as well as a segment of "Really!?! With Seth and Amy", and appearing briefly as Hillary Clinton at the end of the "Obama Show" sketch.

In 2015, during Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary show, she returned to anchor "Weekend Update", this time with Tina Fey and.

SNL celebrity impressions[]

Among others, Poehler's SNL portrayals and impressions of celebrities have included:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and.

Parks and Recreation[]

In July 2008, magazine reported that Poehler was in final negotiations to star in a series by writers and, set to air on Thursdays before , starting January 2009 on. On July 21, 2008, NBC announced Poehler's new series, , saying the project would not be a direct spin-off of The Office, as previously speculated.

Poehler joined an ensemble cast including,,,,,, and at the end of season two,, and. Poehler plays Deputy Director of the Parks Department,, in the fictional city of. After the received mixed reception, the show's,, and were well received by critics, and Poehler received a nomination for her role. Poehler was featured in for her role in the show.

Poehler has written four episodes of the series, the first being "" in season two, which was the episode Poehler sent in as her Emmy Award submission in 2010. Her second was the episode entitled "", which aired on May 12, 2011. She both wrote and directed the season four episode "", for which she received a nomination for the and the. She co-wrote the final episode of the series, "One Last Ride" with co-creator Michael Schur, which aired on February 24, 2015.

Poehler was again nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy in 2011. She sent the episode "" as her submission, but lost to of . She was nominated an additional two times in 2012, for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy (having submitted the episode ""), as well as Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for "". She lost the former to of , and the latter to of . She was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy in 2013. In 2014, she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series – Comedy at the, which she co-hosted with Tina Fey.

In 2011, the show won a for "developing a hilarious venue to explore the good side of American democracy in an age when that side is so rarely on display".

Welcome to Sweden[]

is a Swedish sitcom that premiered on TV4 on March 21, 2014. On July 10, 2014, the series began airing on NBC in the United States, and on The Comedy Network in Canada. It is based on the experiences of Greg Poehler, who moved with his girlfriend to her native country of Sweden in 2006. On April 7, 2014, TV4 picked up the show for a second season of ten episodes. NBC followed suit on August 4, 2014. Season two premiered on July 19, 2015 in the United States. The series was canceled by NBC on July 28, 2015, due to low ratings. Amy Poehler makes cameo appearances in multiple episodes as the former boss of her brother's character. She is also co-executive producer with him.

Film career and other work[]

and Poehler at the premiere of in New York, April 2008

Poehler appeared in the films , , , , , , , , , , and . She appeared in various comedy segments on , often playing her recurring role as 's little sister, Stacy, as well as appearances as a recurring character in two episodes of the college dramedy, .

Poehler appears in the film , which premiered on May 21, 2006, at the. In 2008, she appeared in , , , and . She also co-created an animated series for called , about Bessie Higgenbottom, a "sweet, merit-badge-obsessed girl scout", to which she lends her vocal talents. In 2009, Poehler earned a nomination for.

In September 2008, Poehler began producing a digital series with two of her friends, Meredith Walker and, titled Smart Girls at the Party. Launched by the Texas-based ON Networks distributor, the official press release stated that the show "aims to help girls find confidence in their own aspirations and talents." In each episode, Poehler interviews a girl with a "unique talent, community interest or point of view." The first season of Smart Girls at the Party premiered online November 17, 2008, with 's signed on as the lead sponsor.Smart Girls at the Party returned in 2012 as part of the that focused upon the creation of new content. The new Smart Girls at the Party YouTube Channel went live on July 2, 2012, including new episodes of Smart Girls at the Party along with additional shows by Poehler, Walker, and Miles.

In 2011, Poehler was included on TIME's "". She also delivered the Class Day address to 's class of 2011.

Poehler and Fey hosted the Golden Globe Awards ceremony for the first time in 2013. Their inaugural appearance garnered attention due to a joke directed at, who later responded with a quote: "There's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." Poehler's response to Swift's comment, made as part of a Vanity Fair interview, was humorous, agreeing that she will go to hell, but for "other reasons".

Poehler at the 2012 Peabody Awards

Poehler hosted the Golden Globes ceremony with Fey again in 2014 as part of a three-year contract. Gilbert Cruz, of the Vulture website, wrote: "They killed it last year with their opening monologue and they did so again this year."

Also in 2014, the Smart Girls at the Party project, described as an "online community" in the announcement, was acquired by the Legendary Entertainment company in mid-October. Poehler said to the media: "We at Smart Girls are excited to be working with Legendary and look forward to providing funny and inspirational content for all of the goofballs out there." By the time of the deal, the terms of which were not disclosed, over five million views were registered on its YouTube channel and over 550,000 fans had liked the initiative on Facebook. On the Smart Girls YouTube channel, viewers have the opportunity to ask for life advice from Poehler in segments called Ask Amy.

Poehler's memoir, , was published on October 28, 2014. She explained in a promotional interview with (NPR) that she was "used to writing in characters and not really writing about myself... it was easier to share the early parts of my life rather than my own current events." Topics covered in the book include body image, parenthood, and learning about the limitations of physical appearance.

Poehler and Fey hosted the Golden Globe Awards ceremony for the third successive time in 2015, confirming prior to the event that the third time would be their last.Rolling Stone magazine wrote afterward that the pair "left no superstar unscathed during their riotous opening monologue," in which they "casually roasted the assembled masses". (2014), and were among the numerous subjects covered in the routine.

In June 2016, BBC America announced it is developing a scripted series called Zero Motivation. The project is being exec produced by Brooke Posch and Poehler.

As of 2017, Poehler is a member of the.[]

In 2018 she attended the with activist as a guest.

Personal life[]

Poehler married actor on August 29, 2003, and had a recurring role on the series as the wife of Arnett's character. They also played a quasi-incestuous brother-sister ice skating team in the 2007 film , and appeared together in , , , and , along with Arnett having a guest appearance on . Both also did voice acting in .

Together, Poehler and Arnett have two sons: Archie (born October 2008) and Abel (born August 2010). Poehler and Arnett announced on September 6, 2012 that they were separating. Arnett filed for divorce on April 8, 2014. The divorce was finalized on July 29, 2016.


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Parks & Recreation

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Work really is just a walk in in the park for Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza. The year-old actress and her co-star, 29, got some fresh air while filming Parks and.

18 Times Amy Poehler And Aubrey Plaza Were Adorable Together When Amy and Aubrey WADDLED When Aubrey gazed at Amy and didn't really care about Tina.

Amy Poehler (/ ˈ p oʊ l ər /; born she also returned several times to join Seth Meyers in their "Really!?! With Seth and Amy" segment on Aubrey Plaza, Paul.

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18 Times Amy Poehler And Aubrey Plaza Were Adorable Together When Amy and Aubrey WADDLED When Aubrey gazed at Amy and didn't really care about Tina.

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