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scully and mulder dating in real life

that [Gillian Anderson’s] split from her boyfriend of six years, Mark Griffiths, CDL has learned that she’s living with her X Files co-star David Duchovny in Los Angeles….A source exclusively told CDL that David and Gillian have been in a serious relationship for some time now and she and her children are shacking up with the Californication actor.” I guess every fan fiction writer ever did know the truth. Now let’s make Corey and Topanga happen in real life. ()

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The X Files nerd alert!This tiny little piece tucked away on very bottom of The Courier-Mail website caught my eye:. What could that mean? I’ve got a fairly high level of obsession in my past, so even if it was linkbait, I was prepared to give away my click for the possibility of new information. After all, imagine if they were filming a new movie?! Woweee!! (Sorry, did I just say that out loud?)

So I clicked. And was fed this headline: “The truth is out there: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny reportedly hook up“.

OMG! At loooong last! My imagination immediately started galloping away, dragging logic and rational thought in its wake.

Ah the dream is realised - Mulder and Scully togetherYou see, I was a ‘shipper. A what? I hear you ask. A ‘shipper. And here comes the deep dark truth of just how sad I was during my teens and early 20s. The X-Files fans, or X-Philes as we somehow got monikered, could be split into two camps – the ‘shippers and the… well, non-shippers. The ‘shippers, or pro relationSHIP camp (get it, relationship = SHIP) were constantly lobbying for the writers to join Mulder and Scully in unearthly matrimony. Or at least to give us some steamy sex scenes to sate our ‘shipper desires.

The non-shipper camp declared, some would say rather intelligently, that a union between the two lead characters would spell the end, a la Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis in Moonlighting. A la House and Cuddy. A la Sam and Diane.

Then there was the fan fiction. I’m no expert, but I reckon X-Files fan fiction may be where the whole fan fiction movement started. People would write the stories they wanted seriöse partnervermittlung für frauen kostenlos to see, starring Mulder and Scully. Of course, the ‘shipper writers would write romance stuff and the non-shippers would write sci-fi eigentlich will ich single sein alien stuff. I recall there was one website called, which featured some very high calibre writing. And if you didn’t already know it, the hottest selling book of the modern era,, started life as a fan fiction starring Edward and Bella from. Yup. True story.

My X-Files collection - wanna buy it?If I’m really going to confess, I may as well go the whole hog. I have an X-Files memorabilia collection that would stun most right-thinking people. Yup, it’s sizeable. I have books, fiction and factual, magazines, comics, desk diaries going back to 1997, collector cards and posters – all in mint condition. Oh yeah, and I even have the ticket stubb from the time I flew from London to New York to see the world premiere of the first X-Files movie. Now you’re worried, aren’t you.

Soooo, when the news broke that Mulder and Scully were FINALLY together, well, you can see why I clicked, can’t you?

I’m so happy! They’re together! How romantic. Wait. How weird. They reportedly hated each other at various points during filming, and the TV show was 20 years ago. How weird would it be to start dating someone you worked with 20 years ago?!

I went right to the source of all credible Hollywood gossip –. It seems Anderson’s rep confirmed this week she is divorcing husband #3 Mark Griffiths, adding fuel to the fire. Sadly, Perez says nice, but no. “Mulder’s reps firmly denied any interest in dating Scully.” 🙁

But why? She’s so lovely! Check her out in this 2011 interview on The Project.

How Mulder and Scully could've turned outBut Duchovny has always missed a good thing right in front of him, hasn’t he? Case in point, his divorce from the lovely Tea Leoni. Ah well, never mind, a die-hard ‘shipper can still dream, right?


scully mulder dating

scully and mulder dating in real life

Also, the body language has definitely changed. If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter. In the past, David Duchovny was married to ex-wife Tea Leoni from — The news surfaced at the relatively anonymous site Celebrity Dirty Laundryso it's hard to know how much truth there is behind it-- it seems entirely possible the source is a major X-Files scully and mulder dating in real life who wanted sculpy see their dream come true. Like I do with every other loaded comment they throw at one another. Muldeer X-Files fans who want to believe the rumors, it would be easy to remember all the couples that have denied their romances before they finally admitted to the truth. What is each party promising women? Enter your comment here May 18, at 4: Gillian Anderson joined Duchovny on stage as a duet partner, bopping along, and ultimately locking lips with her former co-star. Learn more about your feedback. Those fans may now may have their wish. Why tourists scully mulder dating travel to lice as early as next year Premium. That was my exact thought! By continuing, your consent is assumed. Would he have acted that same way if a male had joined him? Even with Mulder and Scully, I never rewl romantic vibes from them. They live vicariously through the people they see on their screens and they want to manipulate those images to suit the pictures in llife heads.

scully and mulder dating in real life

Mulder and Scully live on! The couple sci-fi fans have continued to ship even after the show went off the air cating just reunite — they shared a kiss in front of a live audience on Tuesday. The steamy ish reunion was ignited when David Duchovny was performing an The Cutting Room in NYC to sing tracks from his new album, Hell or Highwaterwhich dropped that day. Gillian Anderson joined Duchovny on stage as a duet partner, bopping along, and ultimately locking lips with her former co-star.

A real-life Mulder-Scully romance would please the shippers especially the ones who write all that fanfic! Lifee fictional chemistry and voracious fans aside, it wouldn't mulded scully and mulder dating in real life to wager that they were dating. After all, both are single. Could she be talking about Duchovny? Despite their obvious chemistry, Anderson told HuffPost Live in" I think we know each other too well. I think we probably know each other better than we know our spouses at any time that we might have had spouses.

That said, she didn't deny the obvious sparks. In the same interview, she said, " There is dtaing attraction There might even be more than an attraction, but it's not going to happen. And it's that frisson that has made it interesting in the series and continues to make it interesting. The show went fating the air in Muledr even if the two aren't actually a thing in real life, fans can be satiated when Mulder and Scully pick up where they left off.

And until then, they can watch the video of the two of them performing together and locking lips. News Photos Interviews Social Snaps Couples Scandals Video Obsessed. Mulder and Scully Share Real-Life Kiss. Gillian Anderson and Scully mulder dating Duchovny locked lips! These two reunited Fox. What to Read Next. It's offensive Something else Thank you for helping us improve your Yahoo experience It's not relevant It's distracting I don't like this ad Send Done Why do I see ads?

Learn more about your feedback.

scully mulder dating

Tonight sees the return of agents Mulder and Scully to British television for the first time in almost 14 years. But whilst the aliens of The X-Files. Gillian Anderson has finally lifted the lid on the real - life and in-show sexual chemistry between her and co-star David Duchovny. For a lot of fans of the 's series The X-Files, all they ever wanted was for the show's two characters, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, to get. When Anderson talked about her dating life to The Daily Telegraph, she stated and Duchovny have no plans to date each other in real life. David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson as Fox Mulder & Dana Scully on 'The X-Files.

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Zahra Doejune 2, 2017
Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.
Zahra Doejune 2, 2017
Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.
Zahra Doejune 2, 2017
Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.

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