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The owner of Moonlite BunnyRanch - Nevada's most famous legal brothel - describes getting a kiss from Marilyn Monroe and his desire to reclaim the word pimp from its negative connotations in his memoir, The Art of the Pimp. 

Dennis Hof, 68, has become the object of desire for budding 18- to 21-year-old prostitutes through creating a sense of camaraderie in the word 'pimp'. 

At BunnyRanch, which is featured on HBO's late-night reality show Cathouse, he created a brothel where women could set their own prices and deals but still split earnings with the house. 

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Brothel: Dennis Hof, owner of Moonlight BunnyRanch, writes in his new memoir of his run-in with Marilyn Monroe and includes first-hand accounts from ex-girlfriends that show what it was like to be with a pimp

Life story: Hof, 68, opened his brothel in Lyon County, Nevada, in the early 1990s. His goal was to train prostitutes in investing, sales and negotiating prices for sexual favors

Hof starts his memoir with the story of how single treffen rheinland pfalz he got his first erection - something he can thank Marilyn Monroe for, according to the. 

He was an eight-year-old boy at the Arizona State Fair when he saw a 'gorgeous, red-lipped blonde' waving at him while filming a movie. 

She kissed him on the cheek and introduced herself as Marilyn Monroe. And from then on, Hof single frauen aus kappeln sought out young, voluptuous blondes to fill his fantasies. 

He didn't start out in the brothel industry, however. He owned five gas stations in the early 1970s, but during the gas shortage of 1972, he began a deal with a local massage parlor: He set aside gas for the women so he could use their services whenever he liked. 

'I had always enjoyed sex, sure,' he writes, 'but until [then] I hadn't realized how little I knew about it. So, of course I kept going back, a willing student... I soon realized I had a big problem: I loved f****** and I couldn't get enough of it.'

And he then realized that he 'had fallen madly in love with prostitutes'. 

He moved into real estate and became a regular at the Moonlight Ranch brothel in Mound House Nevada. And when it went up for sale in the early 1990s, he bought it for $1million in Lyon County, one of the only counties that still allows legal prostitution.  

He changed the business's name to 'Dennis Hof's World Famous Moonlite BunnyRanch' and trained all of the women in investing, sales and negotiating prices for sexual favors. 

Entertaining read: The Art of The Pimp will be released for sale on March 17. In the book he describes 'one man's search for love, sex, and money'

Smart money: Hof made sure the prostitutes were independent contractors who could refuse any act or customer. Earnings are split between the women and the house

All the women: Hof started dating prostitutes after realizing monogamy wasn't for him. He made sure all the women were aware that he was having sex with others

Hof made sure the prostitutes were independent contractors who could refuse any act or customer.  

But after realizing monogamous relationships weren't for him, he decided to date exclusively prostitutes and made them all aware of his lack of interest in seeing only one woman. 

According to him, however, all relationships ended when the women found out he was having sex with other women. 

Hof seems to have a realization when during a recent conversation he had with his best friend, porn star Ron Jeremy.

'It's not enough to be a good guy, and it's not enough to buy them s***, and it's not enough to teach them how to make serious money. You have to give them your heart and soul. If you hold back, even a little bit, they know it, and it kills them.'.

'For f***'s sake, Dennis,' Jeremy said. 'You sound like a girl!'

In parts of his memoir he allows people to write pages of their experiences with him, including working girls Krissy Summers and Cami Parker.

Summers's account of their relationship explains the first time they met in person, after corresponding online for years, starting when she was a college freshman. 

Friends: Hof, pictured center, with best friend Ron Jeremy (left) and Joey Buttafuco, once told Jeremy that it wasn't 'enough to be a good guy', because 'if you hold back... they know it, and it kills them'

Narcissist: During a first-hand account of being in a relationship with Hof, Cami Parker says that he tried to change the way she looked constantly, because 'everyone knows Dennis likes skinny little-girl bodies'

'I walked in and he said, "Hi, I'm Dennis Hof,"' she writes. 'And I remember thinking, "I know who you are." grey marl single button boyfriend jacket And then he said, "Take off your pants." That was it. "Take off your pants." I was absolutely terrified. Dennis was only the second man I'd ever been with.'

Parker calls Hof a 'soulless pimp' and explains the first time she arrived at the ranch, aged 22, after seeing Hof on the Tyra Banks show. 

When the girls met her they told her, 'Daddy's gonna love you!' and asked if she would have sex with Hof. 

'Well, single treffen rheinland pfalz you want Daddy to like you. You won't have a very good time if he doesn't, so if he wants you to, you definitely should,' the women told her.

Parker ended up in a relationship with Hof, but he tried changing the way she looked consistently.

She entered the ranch as a 5ft 4in, 107lb woman with A-cup breasts. But Hof would 'forever tell me to lose weight', and she hit '96 pounds with DDs', which 'led to a very serious - and nearly deadly - eating disorder. Everyone knows Dennis likes skinny, little-girl bodies'. 

Hof eventually broke up with her - through another girl at the ranch - because she was 'too old for him'. She was 23, while Hof was 65.

Psychotherapist Dr. Sheenah Hankin writes a scathing review of Hof, claiming he 'encourages them to be jealous and yearn for his attention' while laughing at 'how they bicker, bitch and fight with each other over him'.

'Dennis uses the women he "loves" for his own desires, loyal companionship and sex,' writes Hankin. 'Like any pimp, he exploits them. This is sadistic behavior, and it is both unrecognized and denied.' 

She calls him a narcissist, with 'no empathy', who's 'clueless about his lover’s hurts and fears or his part in creating them'. 

Dennis Hof (born October 14, 1946) is an brothel owner, entrepreneur, restaurateur and star of the HBO series. He is best known as the owner of seven in. In the state of Nevada, 's legality is determined on a county-by-county basis. Several of his brothels are in, a few minutes outside. His best-known brothel is the Moonlite BunnyRanch. He is the best selling actor of his autobiography "The Art Of The Pimp", & has lectured at Oxford University in England, Trinity College in Ireland, & Sorbonne University in France.


The Moonlite Bunny Ranch[]

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Hof started by purchasing and remodeling The Moonlite BunnyRanch in 1992, which was founded in 1955; he then purchased a second brothel, Kitty's, and renamed it The Love Ranch North. Hof purchased two additional brothels from longtime Nye County brothel proprietor Joe Richards: the Cherry Patch in Crystal, Nevada, renamed the Love Ranch Vegas, and the Cherry Patch II in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, renamed the Alien Cathouse.

In contrast to other Nevada brothel owners who prefer to keep a low profile[], and despite Nevada laws banning brothel advertising, Hof maintains a high profile to create publicity for his brothels[]. A gregarious man, Hof is the president of the, and its' lobbyist; the Bunny Ranch is the closest brothel to the state capital,.

Hof also operates a website and the "working girls" are encouraged to cultivate online relationships with both potential and past clients. He often appears on talk shows, which have included Oprah Winfrey, The Today Show, The View, Fox News, Howard Stern, & many others. Hof employs, including, with whom he also had a romantic relationship. He has also given free offers to soldiers returning from duty.

In early 2009, due to, State Senator () had proposed legalizing prostitution statewide for tax purposes. Hof was prominently featured in a number of media reports saying he would expand into given the opportunity, and was already eying some closed casinos as property.[] However, the lawmakers had refused to consider the proposal of statewide legal prostitution during that legislative session.


Arguably, the biggest boost to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch's and Hof's profiles was the HBO series , which ran from 2002 to 2014. Two documentary series followed. In 2005 premiered. appeared in 2007. Dennis Hof also was the producer of the Showtime series "Working Girls in Bed".[]

Both featured a look at the inner workings of a legal house of prostitution as well as the life of a number of the working girls, borrowing some techniques from, such as camera-only interviews and staged spontaneity.


Hof appears as himself in an "underground" mall shop called "Pro-Life Sex" in the 2014 indie film, Alongside Night.

Public speaking and television appearances[]

Hof has spoken at and. In 2001 the New Yorker magazine ran an 11-page article by Rebecca Mead about him entitled "American Pimp".

Hof has appeared on Walton and Johnson,,, , , the Rod Ryan Show (on 94.5, The Buzz), , ,, the , ,,, Loveline with Stryker & Dr. Drew, "Derek and Romaine", and on , as well as giving a tour and interview to conservative pundit on .


In March 2015, Hof released a book, The Art of the Pimp.

Personal life[]

In Cathouse: The Musical, Hof revealed that he only dates prostitutes. "I don't date civilians (non-working girls)." The documentary series has shown several of his relationships with employees, most notably adult film star and.


Hof endorsed in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. He joined the in 2015.

In December, 2016, he became a "Trump Republican."

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