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Ending a marriage is one of the partnervermittlung für geistig behinderte most difficult decisions you can make. But sometimes, taking the in-between step of separation before a full-on split could be the right move for you and your family. Here, real women and divorce experts share which questions to ask yourself before you call it quits for good.

partnervermittlung für geistig behinderte

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1. Do you and your spouse both want out?

When one person wants a divorce, and the other wants to work on things, a separation could be a good option, says Jacqueline Newman, a partner at a law firm in New York City specializing in divorce. It gives the reluctant party time to adjust to no longer being married, which may smooth the in-court process. It goes more quickly and amicably when both parties are ready to divorce.

2. Do you know why you want out?

If you aren't completely sure, consider separation, advises Cari Andreani from Jacksonville, FL. She separated from her husband after three years of marriage and is grateful she took the time to identify why she thought splitting was the best option before going through with kostenlos single männer kennenlernen it. "We were young and thought, 'I don't have to put up with this. I can find someone else who's better,'" she says. "But many of the things we thought made us incompatible seemed petty in hindsight."

3. Are your marriage problems isolated to this relationship?

"If you're experiencing repeat problems in each relationship than it may be your issues and not necessarily your marriage's," says Tina Swithin, author of . Relationship coach Kailen Rosenberg, founder of matchmaking service, suggests understanding your part in the demise of the marriage, not solely your partner's. "Ask yourself: How could you have been healthier, more constructive and more mentally, spiritually and sexually aware and available?" she says. "If you don't get this down now, you'll experience similar issues in your next relationship."

4. Why don't you want a divorce?

In some cases, a separation may be best if your morals or religion tell you divorce is a bad idea, says certified family law specialist Erin M. Childs, who's based in California. "With a legal separation, you divide up property, debts and assets, as well as deal with child custody, visitation and child and spousal support—the business end of a marriage—without dissolving the union," she says.

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5. What would it take to heal the wounds of this marriage?

Learning if your marriage is salvageable takes soul searching, says Christia Sale, author of. She suggests asking yourself: "Is there verbal, physical or substance abuse? Is there infidelity? Are there anger issues? Or are you just not in love anymore?" While some issues—like poor communication and needing more affection—are fixable, others—like violence or emotional abuse—aren't.

6. Are you willing to go to counseling?

If your relationship issues are fixable, try while you're separated, says Rosenberg. "It can highlight what isn't working and guide you toward future love," she says. On the flip side, Kate, who divorced after a few separations, says that working with a pro might help you split without regret. "My ex and I weren't ready to totally call it quits," she says. "When I decided to divorce, it was because I didn't want to keep doing this over and over. The main question I asked myself was, 'Would life without my husband be better?' I've never doubted my decision and am a lot happier querschnittsgelähmte frau sucht mann now."

7. Are you sure you want to divorce?

Separation can give couples a taste for what divorce would be like—and, in some cases, scare them into working things out, says Andreani. "Separation made me realize that I wanted my husband and family and I was willing to do whatever it took to make it work," she says. Now married 16 years ("and counting," she says), she and her husband were able to. So if you're not 100% sure about divorce, then separate until you figure it out. "It's hard to turn back once you start down the divorce road," says Newman.

8. How will separating affect your children?

While a separation can give kids false hope of their parents reuniting or make the transition back to being a united family difficult, a trial period before divorce can convince you that splitting is best. Pamela Williams Kelly, a lawyer in Memphis, TN, who separated from her abusive husband when her children were young, didn't realize how much her strained marriage had affected her six-year-old son until her separation. "My son was angry at me and raised his hand to hit me. I knew he saw something I never wanted him to see and my marriage was over," she says. "My children's happiness and welfare superseded any lingering feelings I had for their father and economic worries."

9. Are you or your spouse accumulating yahoo messenger leute kennenlernen assets?

Splitting will certainly affect your income—especially if you or your spouse depends on each other financially. "If you have a bonus-driven job, consider starting an action for divorce to set a cut-off date for finances," suggests Newman. "However, if your spouse's job is bonus driven, you may want to separate and not file for divorce." That way, you'd still be entitled to those assets.

10. Do you or your spouse need health insurance?

Another practicality to consider: how you'll be able to obtain health care if you're on your spouse's plan. Since a separation means that, legally, you and your husband are still married and eligible for each other's medical insurance, avoid a full-on divorce if "one party has poor health, an expensive pre-existing health condition or current illness like cancer," Childs says.

By: Lorna Elliott LLB (hons), Barrister - Updated: 23 Feb 2018 |


Tracing Agent Find Ex-partner Address


Thank you for the continuous provision of information and case studies for separated dads. The information has really been very helpful. I, however, have a problem and would like your advice.

My ex-partner moved house about a month and a half ago. She did not tell me she was moving or give her new address. I have tried to call her but she hasn't answered her phone. Although I do not particularly think this is to do with me, I am not sure what her intentions are.

I have tried to obtain the new address from the school where the children go and the Child Benefit Agency but no one could give it to me. I have not seen the kids for a month. I do not think they are at risk but I miss them. I have contacted a solicitor and have been told that I will need to apply to the court but that will take along time.

Unfortunately, I do not know any of her friends to give me the address. Do you possibly know how I can obtain an address in a much quicker way?

(J.K, 31 August 2009)


Hello, I’m glad that you find the information on the site useful. Your solicitor is right: if you choose to go through the court it may be a long and drawn out process. However, the good news is that there is a way you can obtain your ex-partner’s new address. If you’ve ever wondered how companies that are owed money manage to track their ‘gone away’ debtors – this is it!

How to Find Your Ex-Partner

Go online frauen kennenlernen wo und wie and search for a ‘tracing agent’. You don’t necessarily need one that’s near to your home. A partnervermittlung für geistig behinderte lot of the time the companies that offer this type of service are also private investigators, process servers (serving legal documents on people) enforcement agents (debt collection and other types of financial/property seizure), as well as tracing agents.

Bear in mind that there will be a fee for this service, which should be around £50 (plus VAT). If you can, use a ‘no trace, no fee’ service to guarantee that you only pay for the results you want. However, it is a very quick way to find your ex-partner’s address, and a substantial proportion of traces are completed the same day. You may also be given your ex-partner’s new telephone number, if she has one, and if it is available (i.e. not ex-directory).

How it Works

Most traces are carried out by conducting searches over a wide range of electronic databases. In more difficult cases, the tracing agent may have to use more extensive techniques of tracing and tracking to find the required information. A tracing agent will not make your ex-partner aware that you are trying to track her and your children down.

Before you employ the services of your agent, make sure that they verify the information they find: the last thing you want is to pay for the wrong address! This will be the most effective method for finding the address you require. You will be unlikely to be able to obtain much, if any, information through the child benefit offices or through your children’s school: they may have cited the Data Protection Act as a reason not to disclose this information to you. I wish you the very best of luck!

Check out the... It's a great resource where you can ask for advice on topics including Child Access, Maintenance, CAFCASS, Fathers Rights, Court, Behaviour or simply to have a chat with other dads.

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Let it be - Your Question:

Hello, do I have any rights at all if my name isn't on my son's birth certificate? I have only seen him once and he is 5 now and I have no contact with the mother. She messed me about when he was born then moved away somewhere and I have no idea how to get in touch with him or anything. I payed child support whilst I was working but I have been off work for a while due to mental health issues. Do I have any rights as the biological father even if my name isn't on the birth certificate?

Our Response:

Yes, you do have rights to see your child, regardless of whether you are on the birth certificate or not. However, you would have to apply to court. You can apply for Parental Responsibility and access to your child. You can see what PR is. With regards to applying for contact, you would have to apply via the courts if you cannot find your ex. You can apply for a child arrangement order, please see link. You would also have to fill in a C4 form, which is an application for an order for disclosure of a child’s whereabouts. This will allow the courts to put a trace on your child, so that you can bring the matter to court. If you are not working, please see link. You can also self-litigate if you cannot afford legal representation, please see link. I hope this helps.

SeparatedDads - 23-Feb-18 @ 11:34 AM

Hello, do I have any rights at all if my name isn't on my son's birth certificate? I have only seen him once and he is 5 now and I have no contact with the mother. She messed me about when he was born then moved away somewhere and I have no idea how to get in touch with him or anything. I payed child support whilst I was working but I have been off work for a while due to mental health issues. Do I have any rights as the biological father even if my name isn't on the birth certificate?

Let it be - 22-Feb-18 @ 1:40 PM

Hendry - Your Question:

Hello Guys,This is a very helpful site. My wife left with my 6 years old son. Tracked her down several times by hacking into her email. She let me see my son for 4 times and she broke down all contacts. I have filled c100 form plus c4 so the court can track them down. I am not sure what she said to social services. She also refused to give me her new number. she did not press charges although she gave me hint about she reported me for DV. I miss my son. I am in trauma and I can not understand what to do and how to meet him. I am done with her. She accused me of relations outside marriage which is completely wrong. She has no proof because I never had any relation outside marriage. She made my life hell from last two years and I was living with her just for the sake of son. She already changed my son's school. I have asked for specific issue order, arrangement order and prohibited steps order. Please advise how helpful it can be to track them down. I do not have to do anything with my wife. I just want to see my son. I have not blamed her for anything on c100 form. I will reply her if she comes back with allegations. You guys are experienced and providing great help. Please advise if I am missing something or should take any other steps.

Our Response:

We cannot say how long it will take for the courts to track down your son. Much depends upon how straightforward it is to find her. You may wish to join our Separated Dads forum if you need further advice.

SeparatedDads - 16-Feb-18 @ 12:44 PM

Hello Guys, This is a very helpful site. My wife left with my 6 years old son. Tracked her down several times by hacking into her email. She let me see my son for 4 times and she broke down all contacts. I have filled c100 form plus c4 so the court can track them down. I am not sure what she said to social services. She also refused to give me her new number. she did not press charges although she gave me hint about she reported me for DV. I miss my son. I am in trauma and I can not understand what to do and how to meet him. I am done with her. She accused me of relations outside marriage which is completely wrong. She has no proof because I never had any relation outside marriage. She made my life hell from last two years and I was living with her just for the sake of son. She already changed my son's school. I have asked for specific issue order, arrangement order and prohibited steps order. Please advise how helpful it can be to track them down. I do not have to do anything with my wife. I just want to see my son. I have not blamed her for anything on c100 form. I will reply her if she comes back with allegations. You guys are experienced and providing great help. Please advise if I am missing something or should take any other steps.

Hendry - 13-Feb-18 @ 2:12 PM

@Tizzy - yes, but where do you draw the line for the poor innocent dads trying to track their kids if the mothers have done one with the kids. I spend two years trying to track my son so I could bring it to court. I'd not done anything wrong, it was just that my ex wanted to be with her new b/f and didn't want me in my kid's life. Wholly unfair!

BriT - 12-Jan-18 @ 2:32 PM

Hi, not knocking the service its 100% great for legitimate reasons but what's in place to stop abusive partners/fathers/mothers using these investigative services to find their exes and children potentiallyputting unsuspecting people/children in harms way?

Tizzy - 11-Jan-18 @ 11:34 PM

Zedhalo - Your Question:

Hi. May Crystal send me the details of the tracing agent he/she used please. Or may anyone send me the cheap but effective tracing agent they have used before please.Thank you.

Our Response:

You can also apply through court with a C100 contact order. You just have to fill in a C4 form at the same time, which is an 'application for an order for disclosure of a child’s whereabouts'. This will allow the court to put a trace on your children.

SeparatedDads - 17-Nov-17 @ 11:30 AM

Hi. May Crystal send me the details of the tracing agent he/she used please. Or may anyone send me the cheap but effective tracing agent they have used before please.Thank you.

Zedhalo - 16-Nov-17 @ 6:31 PM

Simon - Your Question:

I got divorced from my childrens mum in 1997. The mother with the support of social services brainwashed my kids to believe I was a petvert. I went to court for contact for about 10 years. Despite court orders the mother over ruled the court and I have had no contact except very sporodic about 10 years ago. Any idea how I can find my children and hope that maybe they dont hate me. Simon

Our Response:

You don't say how old your children are now. If they are over 18, you are free to contact them. You may be able to contact them via social media or hire a tracing agency. If your children are under school-leaving age then you would have to apply for a child arrangement order through the courts. Along with this, you can fill in a C4 form, which is an application for an order for disclosure of a child’s whereabouts. This will allow the courts to put a trace on your children, in order to allow you to bring the matter to court.

SeparatedDads - 21-Sep-17 @ 3:41 PM

I got divorced from my childrens mum in 1997. The mother with the support of social services brainwashed my kids to believe I was a petvert. I went to court for contact for about 10 years. Despite court orders the mother over ruled the court and I have had no contact except very sporodic about 10 years ago. Any idea how I can find my children and hope that maybe they dont hate me. Simon

Simon - 20-Sep-17 @ 11:44 PM

Jaida's dad- Your Question:

Good day Can someone please help me find my daughter??? Or advise me??? Her mother's name Leila she lives in Sheffield!!! I'll reward anyone who finds them for me please!!! I'm in bits over this!!! My daughter is my world!!!

Our Response:

You can apply through the courts for contact via a C100 form and fill in a C4 form, which is application for an order for disclosure of a child’s whereabouts. This means the court will put a trace on your child to allow you to apply for contact. Otherwise, you could contact a tracing company (see comment below) who may be able to help locate your child.

SeparatedDads - 15-Sep-17 @ 2:53 PM

Hazel - Your Question:

Absolutely brilliant article and advice, thank you. We had new address in 7 hours :-) Using an online people search agency as advised above. It cost £75 but it was worth it.

Our Response:

Thanks for sharing this information with us. We hope it helps other readers.

SeparatedDads - 15-Sep-17 @ 2:37 PM

Ruthie - Your Question:

Hi my husband has not seen his son since 6 months old his ex has moved twice and re married so we do not have a clue what her surname is now. Is there still a way she could be traced or my son?

Our Response:

Yes, if your husband wishes to apply for contact, he can fill in a C100 form and a C4 form which is application for an order for disclosure of a child’s whereabouts. This means the court will put a trace on his child to allow him to apply for contact.

SeparatedDads - 11-Sep-17 @ 4:26 PM

Hi my husband has not seen his son since 6 months old his ex has moved twice and re married so we do not have a clue what her surname is now. Is there still a way she could be traced or my son?

Ruthie - 9-Sep-17 @ 8:10 PM

Absolutely brilliant article and advice, thank you.We had new address in 7 hours :-)Using an online people search agency as advised above.It cost £75 but it was worth it.

Hazel - 8-Sep-17 @ 6:56 PM

Good day Can someone please help me find my daughter??? Or advise me??? Her mother's name Leila she lives in Sheffield!!! I'll reward anyone who finds them for me please!!! I'm in bits over this!!! My daughter is my world!!!

Jaida's dad - 8-Sep-17 @ 5:19 PM

I live in KY. My daughter's mother has kept my child from me since December 2016. I bought her a tablet for her birthday in February still haven't gotten to give it to her, she recently changed her number, and im finding out as much as possible thru family of hers but its very little since they lie for her except one person. She took off to NC, took my child and I don't know where to start...

Nikki - 25-Aug-17 @ 12:20 PM

Hay,ive just stumble on this site,im desperate to find my 3 boys... I havnt seen them for nearly 4yrs,affcass say i dnt need an arrangement order but denied me in court...I dnt want my ex l want to b a dad,shemoved on and moved and told so many lies bout me...Im no angle but im no woman beater or rapist either,she knw all the things that happened to me as a child and knws my boys are my life... She took them away from me cos she found a new bf... I need hlp...

TaZ MaN - 14-Aug-17 @ 11:48 PM

Raymond- Your Question:

I have never met my daughter not even at birth its a very long story I have tried for 26 years. I even still have there home phone tattoo in my head her mom has always told me I don't know where she is and about 6 years ago they change there number vie drove myself crazy looking for here to where now I'm lost and scared to see and her I don't know how to

Our Response:

Have you tried social media?

SeparatedDads - 5-May-17 @ 12:40 PM

I have never met my daughter not even at birth its a very long story I have tried for 26 years. I even still have there home phone tattoo in my head her mom has always told me I don't know where she is and about 6 years ago they change there number vie drove myself crazy looking for here to where now I'm lost and scared to see and her I don't know how to

Raymond - 4-May-17 @ 3:35 PM

Hi everyone, If you have concerns over your partner’s fidelity, improving your credit score, grade change or doubt your employee’s sincerity I am certain deephacking17 can help you get direct access into their phones and computers easily without their knowledge and within a specified time frame. This team of certified grayhat hackers helped me when I desperately needed to get evidence of my cheating husband’s extra-marital affairs. I was tired of being lied to and wanted a divorce, all thanks to them for their reliable services else I would never have been able to confront him with proof of his escapades If you need help don’t hesitate to reach them through their email (deephacking17-at-gmail-com)

Fenty - 30-Apr-17 @ 5:46 PM

Crystal- Your Question:

Hey, I read your artical a while back and I thought I would give it ago, as my fiancè has been denied access to his child and she moved address. We wanted to go through mediation and court (as we know she won't turn up to mediation) and we couldn't get her address. We looked for a tracing service to find her address, purely for court purposes. We found a agent that cost £34 no find no fee. They got back to us in 6 hours with her address. They were brilliant. Thank you so much for the advice!

Our Response:

We are glad this worked for you. It will give others encouragement that all is not lost.

SeparatedDads - 24-Mar-17 @ 12:15 PM

Hey, I read your artical a while back and I thought I would give it ago, as my fiancè has been denied access to his child and she moved address. We wanted to go through mediation and court (as we know she won't turn up to mediation) and we couldn't get her address. We looked for a tracing service to find her address, purely for court purposes. We found a agent that cost £34 no find no fee. They got back to us in 6 hours with her address. They were brilliant. Thank you so much for the advice!

Crystal - 23-Mar-17 @ 8:57 PM

How- Your Question:

I left my ex husband as he beat me to an inch of my life when pregnant, it when through the courts and I live in secret after spending 7 months in a women's refuge to escape him as he threatened to kill my son, I've herd he is still trying to track me 2 years on! Please tell me for the sake of my 2 1/2 year old your service would not help him find me. he would kill me

Our Response:

If your ex attempts to try to find you though the courts i.e if he wishes to apply for contact to your child. You can ask the courts to withhold your address and the courts will not divulge it. If he attempts to find you via private means, then you would have to alert the police if and when you think he has located your address and if you fear you are in danger.

SeparatedDads - 23-Mar-17 @ 2:08 PM

I left my ex husband as he beat me to an inch of my life when pregnant, it when through the courts and I live in secret after spending 7 months in a women's refuge to escape him as he threatened to kill my son, I've herd he is still trying to track me 2 years on! Please tell me for the sake of my 2 1/2 year old your service would not help him find me.. he would kill me

How - 22-Mar-17 @ 10:52 PM

Hi I have a son that I've never seen. The mum said I can see him soon bit every time I went to see him she made excuses up like he's at he's nansand then she moved away with him. I have been told that she as now placed him in temporarily Foster care but don't know how to find him. Any help would be appreciated

Mac - 23-Jan-17 @ 7:36 AM

I contacted cyberlaser55 gmail com and he hacked into my husband's phone in less than 24hours. He's into all sort of hacking related services, so he can get the job done quick At first I wasn't sure so he gave me hack proof first and I was amazed, then I paid him and got the password truly amazing. Drop him a text or call "+1 917-563-8226". Tell him i referred you. Goodluck

kim - 21-Jan-17 @ 1:05 PM

Hi I am upset about this article about tracing agents, how dose this article protect people who have families and have fled domestic abuse? Tracing agents do not give protection to dv families.

Jim - 10-Jan-17 @ 6:46 PM

missingmybabies - Your Question:

I spent 17 years with a woman who abused me a lot in the relationship and cheated on me. She finally kicked me out 8 months ago. Since I moved on with my life, she has moved from her address, and changed jobs. I have four kids. They are in Alabama as I am back home in Oklahoma. I know where she works but do not know her addy or phone. my son is 13 and even he doesn't talk to me much on fb nor will he give me their address. I spoke to my kids last month (first time in 5 months and my youngest, she's five, said she has a new daddy. I was a very interactive dad to my three girls and son. I never missed a game for my son in football and played tea time with my girls. My ex girlfriend was cheating and decided she needed me gone to do what she wanted. Her mom and family have slowly deleted me off social media and KNOW the story. They even used to feel mann sucht behinderte frau badly for me because of the way she treated me. Yet, they have all left my side. I really don't know what to do from state to state. I have no car, no nothing to even drive to Alabama. Wondering how long it would take to search her. There ought to be some way on theinternet to pay for a tracer service.

Our Response:

I am sorry to hear this, but unfortunately we cannot help you, as we are a UK-based service. I can only suggest you do some research online for search agencies, or seek some professional legal advice regarding this matter.

SeparatedDads - 20-Dec-16 @ 11:55 AM

I spent 17 years with a woman who abused me a lot in the relationship and cheated on me.She finally kicked me out 8 months ago.Since i moved on with my life, she has moved from her address, and changed jobs.. i have four kids.. They are in Alabama as i am back home in Oklahoma.I know where she works but do not know her addy or phone.. my son is 13 and even he doesn't talk to me much on fb nor will he give me their address.I spoke to my kids last month (first time in 5 months and my youngest, she's five, said she has a new daddy.I was a very interactive dad to my three girls and son.I never missed a game for my son in football and played tea time with my girls.My ex girlfriend was cheating and decided she needed me gone to do what she wanted.Her mom and family have slowly deleted me off social media and KNOW the story.They even used to feel badly for me because of the way she treated me.Yet, they have all left my side.I really don't know what to do from state to state.I have no car, no nothing to even drive to Alabama.Wondering how long it would take to search her.There ought to be some way on theinternet to payfor a tracer service.

missingmybabies - 19-Dec-16 @ 10:01 PM


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- E-novel: The story of a beautiful but snooty teenager who is blackmailed into an abusive relationship with an older neighbor man. (Mdom/f-teen, F/f-teen, nc)

- Kyle's dad throws a party for him with five muscular black rapists. (M+/b, ped, MM, inc, nc, intr, rp, huml, v, ws, tor, extreme)

- Poor Senior High jock Kyle needs an A from his German teacher to graduate. Mr. Hinkle is going to make Kyle really work for that A. (MM/m-teen, ped, nc, inc, oral, anal, huml) - - -

- Raped by her brother and his friends - Kylie was in the 10th grade at Castle Hill High School in Sydney, Australia. She was quite good looking, with well developed breasts and a rather hard body from lots of exercise. Kylie was a swimmer, and a very good one, with the talent to make the Olympics, if she would just try hard enough. It was mid winter and the days were getting really hot, so Kylie was in the pool going through her paces as usual. (mmmf, teens, rp, inc)

- A racist college freshman who has belittled black people her entire life meets her cruel fate. (MMF, nc, rp, oral, anal, intr, bd, preg)

- A story written to order. Jenny is living in a shared house and the Landlord is an old man and totally perverted. When Mark brings Jenny home totally drunk, he goes in search of a receptacle for her to throw up in but, upon his return, he finds her being stripped and fucked by the old man. Like any self respecting boyfriend would do, he stands and watches until the old man has had his way. (MMF, nc, voy, alcohol)

- Nicole though that she could put-up with the old pervert for an hour for so. Especially if he was going to give her free rent for 3 months rental. (MMF, nc, rp, bd)

- Ella siempre venнa al club sola. Ella era una puta. Ella consiguiу lo que ella mereciу esa noche. Translation: I went to this club and one night there was this one slutty bitch there that got what she deserved. (MMF, rp, mexican)

- Lara was 28 and it had been four years since her life was changed forever. At 24, she was babysitting when the most dramatic thing happened to her. Even four years later, the event was still in her everyday thinking. (FFm, nc, 1st, mc, orgy)

- The idea for this story about the gulf war came from a news story I heard that day on National Public Radio. The story was about a group of Japanese soldiers who had written a book in which they documented their involvement in torturing prisoners of war during World War II. (MM, nc, v, intr, military)

- Doris, her husband and some friends went to a nightclub to celebrate and Doris and her girlfriends danced all night and then she was confronted by a man who wanted to have sex with her. She thought by going to the washroom that she would get away from the man, but she was wrong. (M+/F, nc, oral, mc, orgy)

- This story was inspired by the Canadian end-time film "Last Night" where it was the last day of the world and we see what six different individuals do with their last moments, before they die. (m-teen/F, nc, rp, v, anal, bd, intr, asian)

- Two staff members of an art museum are left to close together after a cocktail reception. The only problem is that the female boss has no idea how out of control her male employee's obsession with her has become. This story is written in two parts - one from her perspective, and one from his. (MF, nc, rp, v)

- A beautiful young Botanist discovers a new species of flower in the Amazon Jungle. She brings it back to civilization to study it, only to find out how strange life forms can be. (F/plant, preg, mc, nc)

- "Miss Glass. Can you tell me anything about what happened?" The doctor's clipboard already wore some chicken scratches and her pen was poised for more. "Please. Anything at all would help us help you." Alice stared at the floor where the seed running down her legs started to drip from her toes in a steady even beat. She still felt their hands on her pinning her down. She parted her split lip and whimpered, "I just wanted to get home." (MMF, nc, rp, anal, v)

- Another Wiley story, about rape and mayhem. (MMF, rp, v, teen)

- I was naked, lying on a bed. Each of my hands were handcuffed to the wall behind. I tugged hard but it was to no avail. (MF, nc, rp, drugs)

- A boy at an all boy's summer camp is attacked over and over again by tough boys. They're bigger than him and they like to use him like they would a girl if there had been any in camp. (MM-teens, nc, rp, huml)

- A beautiful girl is caught wearing tights and sentenced to a very painful execution - to have her legs sawed off. (MF, nc, rp, v, bd, tor, mutil, sn)

- A rich society lawyer and her spoiled daughter are abducted by her ex-husband, and find the sins of their past have come back to haunt them in life-changing ways – accompanied by the scent of Lavender Morning perfume. (MF, mF, mf-teens, underage, inc, nc, tg, bd, preg)

- This story is based on the characters from the show "Law and Order", which is a personal favorite of mine. The main character in this story is Claire Kincaid, the young assistant district attorney played, until this year, by Jill Hennessey. Unfortunately, Claire's character died at the end of last season, but this is a retrospective to an earlier time. (FF, nc, v, spank, parody)

- A tender story of woe, set in a fictitious mansion, of unbelievable size, in the fictitious mountains of S Carolina. The wealthiest man on earth, and what happens to his young daughter at the hands of a wicked aunt, a long time member of the secret sorority of: Pi Loda Cum. (FF, nc, exh, bd) - - - - - - -

- Andy, who is 16 years old, meets a retired headmaster in the public library while researching for an essay on Corporal Punishment in Schools. He's invited to the retired headmaster's house where he and his wife take advantage of young Andy. (MF/m-teen, ped, nc, d/s, spank)

- A virgin bride she was supposed to be - there were many reasons she wasn't, but did her groom know he wasn't her first? (MF, nc, rp, bd, inc, 1st, rom, bd, preg)

- A very strange and violent parody of the 1950's television show called "Leave It To Beaver". (m, animal, v, nc)

- After watching a little girl getting raped by two young boys in the woods, a man scares them off so he can have her for himself. (Mbb/g, extreme-ped, nc, rp, bd)

- The thirteen-year old daughter of a lesbian couple experiences several firsts on a camping trip with her mothers. (FF, FFf, Mf, ped, nc, 1st, mast, oral, voy, ws)

- John did not like to think of himself as a rapist. When you think about it, it really wasn't his fault. Susan Johnson must accept the lion's share of the blame. If it wasn't for her there are a lot of young lesbian women who would never have been raped. (MF, nc, rp)

- A teacher is caught having an affair with one of her students and, finds herself at the mercy of her peers. (FFm, nc, orgy, oral, mast)

- Tyler's brother, Mark, just turned fifteen, and his parents are renting him a secluded cabin in Colorado. Tyler is worried about his brother, however - specifically, worried about his sex skills. Nobody's taught the kids the moves of the real world, and their all-guys boarding-school education isn't exactly providing them with a lot of learning experiences. So Tyler and his friend Carl take it upon themselves to 'procure' some hands-on teaching supplies. (mf-teens, youths, nc, rp, 1st, v, bd, oral, anal, ws)

- by means of a very detailed letter to her psychiatrist, a young girl describes how she became sex addict- with some guidance from her family, her brothers friends, and some dogs. After being repeatedly raped, she learned to eventually like it through her father's manipulation. (Mm+/g, ped, nc, rp, inc, asian, beast, ws)

- Older sister left in charge of brother and his friends, finds herself on the receiving end. (m+/F, nc, inc)

- This is a letter I wrote to my best friend after an incredible night of "parking" with my "boyfriend" and then meeting two strange men. (MF, wife-cheat, reluc)

- A dark fantasy about a lying bastard who contracted AIDs and without compunction, spread his condition to unsuspecting females far and wide. (M/F+, nc, huml, revenge, extreme, death?)

- This librarian really turned me on. Things would have been fine if she wouldn't have threatened to call the cops on me. (MF, nc, sn)

- A chaste conservative librarian is forced into being a man's cockslave and enjoys it in the end. (Mdm/F, nc, rp, spank)

- Deborah, a sixteen year old girl, has been out with some friends during the evening. The next morning, she wakes up in someone's bed. She's naked, handcuffed, legcuffed, collared, and chained to the wall. She can't remember how she has ended up here, or what happened during the night, but she understands that she's in serious trouble frauen kennenlernen wo und wie now. (M/F-teen, underage, nc, rp, oral, anal, bd, drugs)

- A guy stays with a friend after graduating from high school, only to be taken advantage of. (MM, nc, drugs, tg)

- David and Jo take a walk in the ruins of ancient Egypt. When they enter a secret chamber, it is not the mummies they have to be worried about. (MMF, nc, bi, oral, anal, swing)

- A young woman makes the mistake of coming on to a guy at a night club, and gets taught a harsh and humiliating lesson in the ladies room by the guy's girlfriend. (Fdom/F, catfight, ws, nc, v)

- A horny teenager takes advantage of his mother and aunt when they get so drunk that they pass out. (m-teen/FF, nc, inc, alcohol)

- Brad asks Dad what to do on his first date, and Dad demonstrates on his daughter, Christy. Then she suggests that her brother might want to practice, and by the time they get done he's somehow not all that interested in the other girls any more. (M/f, mf-teens, nc, inc, 1st, preg)

- This story recounts the events leading up to my sleeping with a mother and her daughter. Pamela was a true MILF, and her daughter. Well, I fucked her daughter Julia at a tender age of seventeen. (MFF-teen, nc, preg)

- Hank, Mike and Amos quietly enjoy forcing their attentions on gentle, silent little Lila. (MM/f, MM, reluc, anal, oral, ped)

- A tragedy leads to taboo sexual discoveries when a cop takes his work home with him. (Mf, reluc, ped, oral, anal

- A man is obsessed by his sexy Chinese secretary. But she's married and very traditional. He comes up with the plan... (MF, v, rp)

- If you are offended by "politically incorrect" language you might want to bypass this story and go on to another. It is the story of a little black girl who is used and abused, first by her parents and then by an old man who she calls "massa". That said, proceed at your own risk. (Mg, ped, nc, rp, v, intr, bd, tor)

- A rich, dominate, and spoiled young female takes her two prize studs up to the house to play. She wears an outfit to get them aroused and make sure they stay that way. Along the way, she humiliates them in front of a field hand. (FFM, exh, reluc, hum)

- A frustrated husband decides to drug his wife and her family and use them all in his sex games. (M+F+, nc, bi, inc, oral, anal, drugs)

- Lisa finds a lonely ice cream girl to play with. (FF, nc, exh) -

- Lisa starts reading erotic stories and finds them very stimulating. She fantasizes about sex with a young man who is dating her daughter and then she finds out that fantasy quickly becomes reality. (MF, nc, 1st, oral, mc)

- Lisa is an African-American woman traveling in Georgia when she is kidnapped, sold into slavery, and used as a breeder and "milk cow." (MMF, rp, v, beast, d/s, intr)

- An 18 year old boy who's not been allowed to grow up (except in one obvious way) is repeatedly 'treated' - first by his stepmom, then by a variety of 'medical' methods. (FFM, nc, mast)

- This is the first sequel to Little Debbie, School Entrepreneur. Debbie, now twelve years old, is a seventh grader in Middle School. Still suffering from a low self-esteem, from being poor, she uses her sexual knowledge and skills to try to become popular. (mmff-teens, youths, nc, bi, 1st, mast, oral)

- This is the second sequel to Little Debbie, School Entrepreneur. Debbie, now fourteen years old, is a Freshman in High School. Debbie learns that sex alone, is not enough to keep her popularity going in High School. She must also maintain a certain level economic/social status. To achieve this, Debbie resorts to turning tricks at the local truck stop after school and at night. (M/f-teen, mf-teens, ped, nc, 1st, oral)

- My little sister Liz and her friend Bobby were playing in the back yard. When I looked out the window I saw them going in the shed at the back of the yard. I went out to see what they were up to and when I opened the door to the shed I found them nude and Liz had Bobby’s dick in her mouth. (M/bg, extreme-ped, inc, nc, bd, anal, oral, spank)

- Nine-year-old Lisa meets a monster who enjoys her little body in more ways than one. (M/g, ped, nc, sn, fantasy)

- Mr. Stevens is in the kitchen while his nine year old daughter April and her ten year old friend Nicole were playing. Suddenly a crash came from the room. He ran in to find something expensive broken and he decides to punish the guilty girl. (M/g, extreme-ped, nc, rp, 1st)

- An updated adult version of the old favorite. (Mg, ped, nc, inc, 1st, beast, fantasy)

- I know what they say about it not being your fault; that you are the victim and are in no way responsible when someone forces you to have sex. Still... I would still be a virgin if only I had not taunted him so. (m+/f, teens, inc, blkmail, nc, rp, 1st, oral, unsafe-sex)

- Boy molests then rapes his younger sister in unconscious state. (bgg, ped, inc, rp, 1st)

- My little sister in-law needs a rubdown. (M/f-teen, ped, nc)

- Wife is a hypochondriac and drives husband to extreme lengths that quickly become a money making proposition. (M+/F, wife, nc, drugs)

- This story is for Tommy who told me of some similar horrors he was forced to endure until he was well into college. (MF, Fdom/b, fb, nc, v, ped, huml, cast)

- The capture of a mother and daughter brings a rare chance to indulge a couple of my deeper and more sordid fantasies. (MFf, ped, nc, rp, 1st, bd)

- Lizzie McQuire has a rough time with sex. Her first dating experience was boring. The next one becomes a wrestling match. The next day she is raped by a dog and nearly raped by two young boys. It only gets worse until she meets the dogs owner, Doctor Hanson. (M+/f, ped, nc, rp, 1st, mast, oral, anal, beast)

- A young woman is dating a powerful older man who invites her on a trip out of town. She's not too happy when they show up at the expensive hotel and the staff treat her like she'd his whore for the weekend. It soon becomes obvious that he usually does hire a hooker when he comes to town. And when she inadvertently gets locked out of her room while her boyfriend is away, and in naked to boot, things really go haywire. (M+/F, gangbang, reluc, prostitution)

- Fourteen year old Billy, who is in a wheelchair, and moved to a new nursing home, discovers the joys of sexuality in a most unusual way. (MF/m-teen, nc, ped, bi, 1st, mast)

- Pete has lusted for Sally, his best friend's wife, for years. Circumstances bring them alone together high in the Rockies when Sally's flirtations drive Pete to act on his fantasies over her objections. (MF, nc, rp, anal)

- After falling into the clutches of a powerful former lover, a betrayed skydiver soon finds himself facing a terrible and inescapable fate. (FFM, nc, bd, tor)

- Traditional vampire story with two young female victims. (MFF, nc, rp, v, 1st, bi, mc, bd, vampire)

- LOTR theme with Arwen's sexual encounter with Golumn. Unatural Sex theme. (Mf, nc, bd, mc, tor, fantasy)

- Lori was a mother with two lovely children who lived in a quiet neighborhood. The one day she found out just how devious her next-door neighbor Ken could be and had to make a difficult decision when he blackmailed her. It would be one that Ken and his two teenage sons would relish for the rest of their days. (MFmf+, ped, nc, voy, orgy, blkmail) - - - - - - - - - - -

- A 15 year old boy plays games with his young cousin. when she visits again he takes advantage and rapes her. (mf-teens, youths, nc, rp, inc)

- Will Robinson is captured by aliens for nefarious purposes. (mm, nc, sci-fi, parody)

- A nasty story loosely based on stories from the Bible (no shit, there is some freaky stuff in Genesis). (MF, bi, inc, ped, nc, v, ws, beast, sacrilegious)

- It was her first day on the job and Lovey Kravsit (yeah yeah I know) reported to the warden's office as his newest officer at the state prison. She was all of 21 and newly graduated from the academy and had in fact graduated at the head of her class making her none to popular with all the macho men in her class. (M+/F, reluc, blkml, inc, preg)

- A story about a man's obsession with asphyxia and the girl who falls into his clutches. (MF, v, sn)

- Fraternal twins switch bodies during incestual lovemaking and are discovered by their mother. She explains that "sex swapping" is a family trait and helps the twins recover their original bodies. The twins switch frequently as they mature, sharing numerous lovers. The sex scenes are extremely graphic and explicit with overtones of lesbianism, lactation fantasies, and psychopathology. (Fm, Ff, ped, nc, rp, inc, mast, oral, orgy, breasts, lac, rom)

- I have to admit, even now, I really feel no guilt or shame at raping my mom. Not when I was as horny as I was then, and still am, and she was just so available. (M-teen/F, nc, rp, inc, drugs)

- A story of incest and Demonic possession within a family through occult practice and arcane sex magic. (MFFm, ped, family-inc, nc, v, mast, oral, anal, voy)

- Prudish wife is slipped a little something to make her more compliant, if only she knew. (MMF, nc, voy, wife, mc, drugs)

- A typical night for a prison bitch who goes about her nightly task of satisfying her three men. (MM, nc, ora, anal)

- New to the company and desperate to keep her job, Lucy Janner discovers that she must endure a terrible ordeal to satisfy her dominant female boss... whether she wants to or not. (FF, dom, nc, rp, bd, work)

- Two young gay guys discover they both get turned on by seducing drunk straight men. This story explores how they found out about their fetish in the first place. (MM/M, nc, alcohol, oral, anal, voy)

- A bit of girl-on-girl rape with some extra surprises. (ff-teens, nc, rp, 1st-lesbian-expr)

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- A gang of black guys take the school librarian against her will only to find hidden lust buried deep inside her. (M-teens+/F, nc, rp, v, gb, intr)

- This is a fictional story about a teenage student - Lydia Playfoot. She is a religious fanatic who hates Sex, Muslims, Gays and Lesbians. But she has gone too far in her actions and views - its up to the Lesbian Prefects to sort her out! (FF-teens, nc, 1st-lesbian-expr, voy, mast, oral, anal, religion)

- I'm tricked by Lynn into role-playing with her girlfriend Monica, thinking that she knew were where just role-playing... When apparently, we were not! (MF, nc, oral, anal, intr, bd, sitcom-parody)

- A dark story written for a friend who has built his own guillotine for play, two young girls going off for a night of hard play with a stranger they met online who promises them a night of excitement in which they will be the stars of the show. It ends a little sooner than they expect. (Mdom/FF, nc, anal, exh, s/m, bd, sn, extreme)

- Being a military man can be a hard life, but if you can control your direct superior, well, that makes life a little easier. And if that direct superior happens to be an attractive female, well, that's just the icing on the cake. (M+/FF, bi, nc, rp, drugs, oral, anal, bd, intr, asian, tor, fisting, mc, military)

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- Two teenage boys abduct a preteen girl to have their way with her. Low and behold she ends up liking it and becomes one of the boy's steady girlfriend. (mmf-teens, nc, rp, 1st)

My friends and I are disgusted that the police do nothing to catch a rapist praying on women. So we set out to get men joggers for a change and the police attitude soon changes. (MF, nc, rp, v, cast)

- Young Chinese women looks back how a good traditional girl became such an open cock tease and a secret slut. (MFf, ped, nc, rp, anal, inc, asian)

- At dawn Christina was roused from a sleepless night. Her mind was in a whirl after her shocking abduction. It was all so swift and smooth -- the men had come at dusk when she was alone in her secluded home, and had grabbed her and handcuffed her. (Mdom-F, nc, slave, intr)

- Taking advantage of another man's wife. With a twist. (MF, nc, inc, orgy, alcohol, preg)

- A young single mother turns to the wrong person in her time of need. (MF, nc, blkmail)

- Malcolm Wilkerson had been looking forward to a Memorial Day camping trip with his Dad and his brothers, Francis, Reese, and Dewey. After getting an F in Math, Malcolm's Mom, tells him that he's grounded and can't go on the trip. A Memorial Day Weekend to remember is the result. (F/m, inc, rp, sitcom-parody)

- "I spot her in the mall, the cutest little girl I think I've ever seen in her shorts and T-shirt. I'd guess 12 or 13, average size, no obvious fat. Dark brown hair and eyes, sweet little mouth. Undeveloped flat chest straight down to her waist and hips. Legs slender, no real curves. She's gorgeous! And it appears she's either here alone or has separated from someone. I follow her as she moves down the central core, her little ass swaying." (Mf, rape, v)

- Spoiled brat Mandie get sent away to get an attitude adjustment. The cousin she's sent to will make sure that Mandie learns to treat people better, whether she likes it or not! (MF/f-teen, ped, nc, inc, bi, beast)

- A guy finds a unique way to start an affair with a new woman at work. (MF, nc, mc, work)

- I like riding the Greyhound. It gives me the chance to sit next to women and feel them up. Especially the heavy ones with big pechos. (MF, nc)

- I am a single white male as you call it. I am 37 now, and work in a small computer shop in a small Pennsylvania town. I don't know what moved me to write this story. Maybe I do it just because there is nothing worth reading on {ASS} at the moment. Or maybe because I'm sick and tired of watching all those news reports about some stupid county in Florida where the fate of the presidency is being decided. So I turned off my TV and started reminiscing about what happened to me 6 years ago. (MF, rp, v)

- Taken roughly against her will? By a man in a ski mask. (MF, nc?)

- An innocent teenage girl decides to walk on the wild side one afternoon while home along sunbathing in the back yard. She masturbates in the breezy afternoon and is apparently spied on doing so, by the man next door. A man who decided to take advantage of her with the pictures he took of her doing it. (M/f-teen, underage, nc, rp, oral, anal, huml, blkmail, toys)

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- A man is being plagued by nightmares for weeks on end. Every night again and again. It drains him from his energy. His doctor doesn't know what to do, as he appears healthy, and therapy doesn't work. Eventually he ends up looking into old European folklore for a remedy. He tries some of the suggestions he finds, and goes to bed. The following day he finds a surprise such as he could never have suspected. (Mf, nc, rp, 1st)

- Neighbor is fascinated by a mother and daughter with exceedingly long hair. They live right next door and his fascination becomes an obsession. (MFF, nc, rp, bd, v)

- A pretty young teacher tries modeling and unwillingly ends up a porn star and a sex slave. (MMF, nc, exh)

- Maria invited me over for what seemed to end up as an exploration between us. But what it really ended up being was a trap. A trap to help her boyfriend live out his rape fantasy. She is not my friend anymore, she's a fucking bitch. This is a true story, and took place in May 1999. (FF, MF, rp, latina)

- This is a story of a Mexican girl who because of her inability to set limits finds herself getting in more trouble then she can imagine. (M+/F, teens, nc, hum, dom, latina)

- This is one of the first stories I ever wrote, so you'll find a few grammar errors. It's still one of my favorites, though. It concerns a young woman who joins the US Marines, only to discover that all females allowed into the USMC are actually trained as whores and used to ease the stress of senior officers - like it or not. (M+/F, nc, s&m, military)

- Verbal banter becomes a challenge for her son. (F/m-teen, nc, inc)

- A PE teacher gets a little carried away with her students in the locker room. (Ffff, reluc)

- Ivan is a most unusual Marriage Guidance Counsellor. He uses hypnosis to solve the marriage problems of young wives while using them for his own pleasure. (MFF, nc, anal, hypno, mc)

- Marta Fernandez was a 22 year old, Colombian student finds that things in the sates aren't quite what she thought they were. She also finds out that she has urges that are uncontrollable when men pay special attention to her. (MFdom+F, inc, nc, spank, preg, intr, huml)

- Marti is 25, married and hoping that she and Jerry, her husband of three years, have determined it is time to start a family. Then she finds herself tied to a bed and unable to understand why. Her screams should wake the dead, but no one comes to her rescue, until her nightmare turns even worse. Her twelve hour ordeal leaves her troubled. (MMF, nc, rp, rom, preg)

- Martina was unsure why she had decided to take up running about at night dressed up as batgirl. Perhaps it gave her a thrill that professional tennis no longer did, perhaps it was just another way of seeking attention. But she knew one thing; she was enjoying herself. (MF, rp, oral, celeb)

- A sexual harassment story - "Mary had been working for me for three weeks and she was driving me crazy. She's a petite little thing with a fantastic figure and full, mouth-watering tits. Since I had hired Mary as my secrectary all I could think about was fucking her in that perfect little ass." (MF, rp)

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- Mary Richards wants a week off to take a trip with Rhoda to Florida and feels that Mr. Grant should let her take some time off. Mr. Grant has other ideas. (m+/f, gb, nc)

- A pesky girl gets something from the object of her attention, something she never thought she'd get. (mf-teens, youths, nc, preg?)

- A co-worker decides to dip his wick into his supervisor's pretty wife. (MF, nc, rp, alcohol, asian)

- The night belongs to unseen creatures who have mastered its darkness, waiting quietly and patiently for those who would recklessly venture into their unforgiving domain. Violate their space if you dare, but be advised that you may pay the ultimate price for your foolishness. (MF, nc, v, murd)

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- Some schoolgirls get away with telling little fibs. Matilda didn't! (m+/f-yteens, nc, rp, drugs)

- Kim returns to work a few motnhs after having had a baby and gets thrown into a new role. Her boss, Tanya, gets her involved in looking after some students and Kim gets more than she bargained for. (MMF, nc, intr)

- Wife wants husband to eat her after he cums in her but he is reluctant. The solution is to MAKE him do it. (F+/M, forced-MM, nc, anal, bd, creampie)

- A rather sexually confused guy ends up sharing his drunken girlfriend with a couple of German business men while on holiday. (MF, MM, alcohol, nc)

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- This one's about Opie Taylor and his fathers girlfriend Helen Crump, and yes there really is a peach pie involved. Oh yeah, lets not forget Thelma Lou, she's in this story too. (ff, mf, nc, ped, blkmail)

- The difficulties of fucking my wife. (MF, nc, alcohol, drugs, toys)

- Bobby and his best friend get caught masturbating together by his frustrated and angry Mother. She decides to teach both 15 year-olds a lesson they won't soon forget. (Fdom/mm, inc, reluc)

- This story is a fantasy, which I wrote to exorcise a few of my demons. I in no way condone any of the actions portrayed within; in fact, I think that anyone who rapes a girl is a sick bastard. This is a fantasy - if you can't separate fantasy from reality, please don't read it. I don't want your actions on my conscience. (M/Ff, rp, v)

- A married couple decide to try a threeway. The wife enjoys it a lot, but the husband is forced to suck cock. (MF, dom/sub, nc, rp, forced-bi, v, oral, anal)

- A young man's life is changed forever when he is found "beating his meat" in the bathroom. (F,F-teen/b, nc, v)

- A black boss tricks a white employee's wife into having sex with him to save her husband's job. (MF, nc, wife, forced, intr)

- I'm fresh out of school for summer and things turn bleak. When my mother doesn't show up to pick me up from school, I choose to walk the few miles to home, when suddenly I am kidnapped and raped by a black man and his dogs. (MMf-teen, nc, rp, intr, beast, huml, foot-fetish) -

- If you have an e-mail account password protect it really well-or your husband might rape you-take pictures, and then send them to me... (MF, wife, voy, exh, rp)

- "For some time I have had the good fortune to be employed in a job which gave me ample time and scope to pursue my interests. I am interested in women and girls so it will not surprise you to learn that as a Caretaker of a girl's secondary school I was in my element. The pupils were between the ages of eleven and eighteen and all the staff was female. Things could not have been better planned if I had written the script myself!" (Mff, ff, nc, hum)

- An autobiographical account of how my life was changed and how Master trained me to be the bitch I am today. (MF, nc, rp, f/beast, bd)

- Melissa gets in trouble when she tries to help her friend. (MF, FF, rp, celeb)

- Amanda and Allison had been on-again, off-again enemies throughout their careers at the ad agency, there was no denying that. However, Amanda couldn't help but admit, to herself, that there was a strong underlying sexual tension that seemed to raise it's head whenever they argued. Amanda had had these feelings since her senior year of college, where she experimented briefly with a timid first year student she had met at orientation. (Fdom/F, nc, celeb)

- A husband and wife decides to visit the husband friend in New Mexico only to learn his wife dominates him and wants to enslave them also. They are just to easy. Longer than most of my stories and may be continued. (MMF, exh, nc, mexican, orgy, bd)

- A business trip across the Mexican border goes wrong and a young American man ends up spending the night in jail. (M+/M, nc, rp, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal)

- A man meets Michelle in a hotel in Chicago during a vulnerable time in her life and takes advantage of his opportunity. (MF, ws, rp, spank, celeb)

- The moment they landed, things went badly for Rodney and Michelle. Unwittingly they had become pawns in a devious plan to gain international certification for the upcoming sham elections in an African Republic. What would Rodney do? What would Michelle do? (M+/F, nc, wife, voy, intr, blkmail, mc, orgy)

- Michelle falls under the control of a gangster and is totally degraded. (MMf, ped, exh, nc) - - - - - Part 7 Missing - -

- The life of a female in a world where men rule. (MF, nc, rp, ped, sn, v)

- A psychopath likes to prey on women. This is a story about one of his adventures. (MF, nc, voy, sn)

- A man arrives home and as he was entering his house at midnight, a gun was pressed to his neck. Once inside, the intruder had him strip to his briefs and took him up to his bedroom at gun point. There after handcuffing him got him on his knees and then blindfolded him, although he could peek a little... it suddenly became apparent that this wasn't a normal robbery. (MM, nc, bd, shave)

- Before she knew it Miley's body was covered in hands. Hands caressing her hair and face, hands stroking her arms and shoulders while they pulled her bra straps down, hands pulling off her transparent shirt and rubbing her back, and hands caressing her legs and thighs as they pulled down her shorts. Miley felt her body become putty in those hands as they freed her from her clothes and stroked and massaged her aching body. (M+/F, nc, gb, celeb-parody)

- Sandra gets lost on the way home and inadvertently pulls out in front of a police van and is given a caution she'll never forget. (MMF, nc, strip-search)

- A young and very pregnant woman is in the wrong place at the wrong time when she'd accosted in a parking garage by a gang of ruffians and made to be play the part of a whore for their enjoyment. (M+/F, breasts, intr, preg, rp, gb)

- A late visit to a new dentist gets an unusual treatment for a busy woman. (MF, mc, drugs, lac, nc)

- A husband is abused by his wife's girlfriends. (F+/M, d/s M/beast, anal, nc, husband, huml)

- Billy is picked on his whole life, until a freak accident gives him mind controlling powers. Then the fun begins. (MMf, ped, inc, nc, rp, 1st, orgy, mc, beast)

- Twelve-year-old Mindy has a crush on one of her teachers, but when a second teacher finds out, he cleverly traps the 'smitten' pair into a blackmail session of perversion and degradation. (Mdom/mf, ped, nc) - -

- I went to a gay beach in Minneapolis for a little casual sex while my wife and family were out of town. I got a lot more than I bargained for, ending up as another man's sexual slave toy. (MMm, nc, rp, anal, bd, sm, ws, huml)

- This is a story about sexual tension. The protagonist is an 18 year old college freshman who is still a virgin, and an ultra hot, brown haired girl he can't stand named Miranda. He's a freshman, and she's a junior; although she feels a powerful sexual attraction towards him, she makes it a point to repress it and never act on it. The end result is constant anger with no outlet because, well, that energy has to go somewhere. (MF, nc, 1st, rom)

- Miranda is a new employee of a special law firm - a law firm that hires only sexy, attractive women. Miranda's job will include being the law firm slut and having rough, nasty sex with her boss and other lawyers in the firm. Chapter one includes her interview with her new boss and chapter two includes a most explicit staff meeting with the other horny lawyers. More chapters to come in the future! (MF, rp, slut)

- A very dark night at a county fair for a very unlucky and unfortunate teenager. This story is not for the faint of heart or those who read pornographic erotica for the lovey dovey stuff. (M+/m-teen, underage, nc, rp, tor, v, mast, oral, anal, intr, voy)

- My slut assistant gets more abuse against her will, from some nice German men. (M+/F, voy, nc, v)

- A parody of the television show Mission Impossible. "The mission is to safeguard the identities of our eastern agents, and recover or destroy the list of operatives and prevent the enemy from getting the decryption cipher codes from a friendly agent. As usual, should any of the IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will of course disavow any knowledge of their actions. (mf, nc)

- A parody of the television show Mission Impossible. "The mission is to safeguard the identities of our eastern agents, and recover or destroy the list of operatives and prevent the enemy from getting the decryption cipher codes from a friendly agent. As usual, should any of the IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will of course disavow any knowledge of their actions. (mf, nc)

- An X-rated science fiction story. Debbie and Brian are two explorers from Earth sent to an alien planet to recover a crashed surveillance satellite. On the surface live the Longtons, a humanoid, pre-industrial revolution culture where the women are subservient to the males. Debbie soon discovers why the women willingly allow themselves to be subservient, and in the end she wants to stay. (Mdom/F, size, exh, bd, forced, sci-fi)
- - -

- A business man who controls a slavery ring is visited by a super rich woman he use to work for. She knows about the ring and he must find someway to please her to keep her quiet. At least he thinks so. (MMF, nc, voy, bd, orgy)

- A missionary's daughter is kidnapped and forced, only to end up "going native" for at least a little while. Who could blame her, after all she was under duress. (Mdom/F, nc, intr, 1st, oral, anal, huml)

- My ESL teacher was really sweet and perky, but one Saturday things got out of hand. (MF, rp, school) (MF)

- What happens when identical twins with very different sexual experiences get mixed up. Well, for one thing, the virgin of the two gets a first rate education in sex. (fMMM, ped, nc, bi, org, beast)

- It's a BDSM Story set in the year 2525. The United States now extends north to Canada and down all the way to South America. The country has elected its first woman president and capital punishment and outright on-the-spot executions are prevalent. (MF, bd, nc)

- Cora has found herself married to a powerful mobster who demands everything from her. He's not opposed to letting others use her for their pleasure and demands that she obey his every perverted wish. She wants to fight back against the depraved acts but knows she cannot and sometimes will not as her body demands attention. (MF, nc, mast, oral, anal, voy, beast)

- The Photographer, the Photographer's Assistant and a fourteen year old beauty. Hmm, what could possibly happen? Pretty well anything, as it turns out. (MFf, nc, ped, 1st, oral)

- Jerry's 15 year old sister is a famous model, following in her older sister's footsteps. Tired of taking the backseat to his sisters, Jerry is filled with thoughts of revenge. When the fraternity he wants to get into suggests something, he rises to the occasion. Many times, actually. (M+ff-teens, ped, inc, orgy, ws, nc, v, mast, oral, bi, beast)

- I watched her swimming, in her tiny bathing suit, that while much more covering than the tiny bikinis the older girls wore still left little to the imagination. I must have stood in the water just staring at her for more than an hour. I couldn't help it, the mere sight of her made me as stiff as a rock. (Mg, ped, nc, rp, v, sn)

- A grown up son returns home after his divorce and finds his strict mom hasn't forgotten how she caught him sniffing her panties when he was a teen living at home. A confession leads to son and mom indulging in a powerful sexual adventure as he submits to the power of her pussy. (MF, nc, inc, voy, mast, oral, ws)

- A daughter finds out about her mother's BDSM affair with the neighbor and decides it is time to take control of the household as well as taking care of the neighbor. (Fdom/FF, nc, v, bd, spank)

- [PART 1 & 2] A mother is blackmailed by her fourteen year old son and his friend. When Michael shows her a picture of herself, naked and with a cock in her mouth she is surprised, but then she notices that the cock in her mouth is her sons. (F/m+-teens, FF, ped, nc, bi, drugs, blkmail) - -

- A woman's boyfriend likes to take videos of her being "raped" by other men. But this time he sets the scene with her two sons. (mmf, inc, exh, nc?)

- A mother blames her daughter for the break-up of her marriage and decides it's time the young girl started taking on some extra chores. (Ff, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr, inc, nc, rp)

- Invaders turn a hair salon into their private play pen. (M+/F+, orgy, voy, forced)

- In Drunk Mom (Directory 53) I told how I lost my virginity to my mother who was really very drunk. Now she's a grandma and over for a visit and I want her again! (m-teen/F, nc, inc, oral, anal, drugs)

- Mom dominates my mother-in-law easily and gets carried away with her new found power. (FFM, nc, bi, dom)

- I was going to be raped by a monster. I had implants in my brain so that I would not only feel the pain and horror of what was to come, but I would also know, if not feel what the thing that would be violating me felt and thought. (MF, rp, v, sci-fi)

- Fourteen year old Morgan gives her 50 year old neighbor a gift of his lifetime when he finds that her webcam is 'inadvertently' turned on. (MMf-teen, ped, exh, voy, nc, mast)

- Morgan uses her nubile fourteen year old figure to tease her best friend's father. She then feigns a drugged stupor and finds just how far her neighbor will go when he thinks he has free access to her body. For more stories about Morganrunner14, check out directories 31 and 35. (Mf, ped, nc, rp, voy)

- This story may be fictional or true. You decide. I've always had three major turn-ons. Girl's panties, an inhalant drug called Rush, and little girls. This is a story about all three. (M/f-teen, ped, nc, exh, mast, drugs)

- "She lay, spread-eagled, naked apart from knee-length white socks; hands roughly handcuffed to the iron bedstead above her head, ankles tied apart. She was on her back on the grimy mattress looking up at the single light bulb, waiting; waiting for the show to start, but it had already begun for the ten men gathered on Formica chairs around the bed. This was a live show, Moscow -style, 1999; private, by invitation only, and payment in dollars or marks. (mf, Mf, voy, exh, nc)

- Mo my best friend, has a hot mother. One night she has a fight with her boyfriend and decides to drown her sorrows in alcohol. (m-teen/F, nc, alcohol)

- We were staying overnight at a motel on our way home from Florida. It was a college town and I was woken in the night by the noise outside our room. (wife-exh, nc, voy, mast)

- Mom has phone sex with a boy, who turns out her own son. (FM, inc, nc, anal)

- A mother with a mental illness has her kids taken away for a time. She finally gets them back once she is declared psychologically stable again, but when she stops taking her medications, the entire family is drawn into her kinky web of sexual perversions. Her 12 year old daughter seems to be taking the brunt of it, so what's a little girl to do? (MMF/g, bg, ped, nc, rp, inc, bi, 1st, gb, mc, bd, voy, ws, v, huml, tor)

- Largely because of the scandal caused by the Navy's 1991 "Tailhook" convention, the ban on women flying U.S. combat aircraft was lifted on 28 April, 1993. This story is a "what-if" look at what might have happened if "Tailhook" had happened before the 1991 Gulf War and as a result women had flown combat aircraft during that war. (M+/F, nc, rp, bi, intr, oral, anal, bd, tor, huml, military)

- A 38 year old mother finds sexual release from her sexless marriage through an erotic forum. With lust clouding her mind, she gives out more information than she should and finds herself and her daughter at the mercy of her black digital lover and his friends. (M+/Ff-teen, ped, nc, inter, preg)

- Donna and Mike are out riding bikes and stop in the countryside for some outdoor sex. After they finish they realize a group of bikers has been watching them and want more. (MF, MM, forced, nc)

- A high school teacher is raped by an old student. (MF, wife, nc, rp)

- A new friend invites me on a trip in his motor home with four other couples. (M+/F, nc, rp, orgy)

- Avid hiker Kelly and her gay friend Tom spend a hot summer day scaling a mountain near their home town. When they reach the top, Tom shows his true colors and teaches Kelly a serious lesson. (MF, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, tor, ws)

- All control was taken away from me. They prepared my body completely before taking me. The more I squirmed, the more friction, the more friction and I triggered another orgasm. They all watched me as I came each palming a breast and twisting a nipple and leering at me. (M+/F, nc, intr, v, orgy) - - -

- Based on a true story. A young woman meets a young man on a European bus tour. After dining on Mount Tivoli, they return to his hotel room, where the young woman consents to some kinky bondage sex. (MF, nc, rp, v, tor, oral, anal, bd, ws)

- A teenage girl moves from the countryside into a big city where getting caught up in the new pace of things proves to be quite overwhelming. (M+/f-teen, underage, nc, alcohol, gb)

- A young woman excitedly awaits her wedding day. As she's finishing up the packing of her old apartment and is just about ready to lock the place up and drive over to her best friend's house to stay the night before her wedding, she hears a noise coming from the bedroom. (mf, virgin, rp)

- A beautiful movie star wanted to experience prison life for an upcoming movie. It seemed like such a simple idea, but her agent picks the wrong sheriff to help out. He has other ideas. (MMF, voy, nc, oral, prison)

- Mr. Black is making Bobby a video star. Its very hard work. (M+/b, ped, nc, v, tor, orgy)

- Mr. Black pays a surprise visit to a boy who is younger than he pretends to be. (Mb, ped, nc, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal, huml, blkmail, ws)

- Teenager Mark plays on the internet until Mr. Black shows up at his door to make his fantasies real. (M/m-teen, ped, exh, inc, rp, v, tort, huml, 1st-gay-expr, forced-nudity)

- Bill visits Mr. Black to arrange the gang rape of his daughter. (M+/f, ped, nc, rp, v, mast, oral, anal, intr, gb, beast) -

- Mr. Black conducts some research in cum control with a teenage boy. (Mm, ped, nc, rp, v, bd, huml)

- Mr. Black plots the rape of his niece. (M+/g, ped, nc, rp, v, inc, bi, huml, beast, preg) - - -

- A damaged demented man rapes women and humiliates them for his own excitement and satisfaction. Then during one of his crimes he meets Mr. Poe who facilitates his urges and increases his demented passions. (M/F+, nc, rp, v, huml, mc)

- A typical morning in the life of the world's most gullible woman. (MF, nc, oral)

- Mum has a drinking problem. Son stops by one day and finds her passed out on the couch, nothing unusual there. But what he finds looking through a photo album that had fallen to the floor, sheds a different light on his mum entirely. (MF, nc, inc, alcohol)

- A beautiful slave girl insults a warrior's free companion and gets her punishment. (MF, nc, bd, anal, mc, sci-fi)

- A man gets the dad he always wanted. (MM, nc, rp, inc, d/s, mast, oral)

- My parents go on a 6 week holiday while I stay with my sexy aunt June. I find it easy to hypnotize her to get what I want from her. (m/F, inc, 1st, nc, ws, mc) -

- An intense non-consensual meeting of strangers. (MF, nc)

- A young black boy goes over to his friend's house to pick up his video game player. He finds his best friend's Mother drunk and passed out on the couch. (b/F, intr, nc, alcohol)

- A woman decides to try sex with her dog and ends up in trouble. (F/beast, nc, anal)

- A High school boy dominates and controls two young brothers and a girl. (m/mmf-teens, nc, rp, dom, v, bd, bi, mc, huml)

- What happened at the wedding and how we were all kidnapped. (MF, nc, inc, anal)

- A husband's problems start when he and his wife want children. It's found that his sperm count is very low, and his family scheme behind his back to get his wife pregnant by another member of the family. The reason is so that the child's genes will be from the same gene pool as the rest of the family. (mf, hum, bi, cuckold, preg)

- "I should've realized what was going to happen, but I refused to see it. I couldn't believe that such evil existed, and by denying it, I ruined the rest of my life. I can never forget what happened to me, no matter how much I might wish to..." (Mf, inc, rape, preg)

- A Georgia "Peach" beauty queen marries the ideal man, and has a picture perfect wedding and honeymoon. But then things take a turn toward the weird side. He handsome loving husband has to go away for a time to Germany because his military unit is transferred there on temporary duty. And his brothers move in for the kill. (MMF, forced, blkmail)

- John wasn't very good at playing five card stud or at least not as good as he though he was. (MF, nc, wife, husb-voy, preg)

- At a family picnic, I'm looking for my cousin Dagmar. Finally I find her by the water's edge. She's sunbathing, nude. And she's fallen asleep. I cannot control myself and have my way with her, and from there everything goes from bad to worse. (Mf, nc, rp, inc, 1st)

- Hello, my name is Susan. I have a big problem, well two really. I have been keeping a secret for a long time. You see my father is an asshole-but nobody knows it. Here is my other problem, my boyfriend told me he loved me for the first time last night. Good news right? Wrong! It was fine when we were just friends. I dated a lot, and he knew all about it. I'd suck their dicks, while they played with my heavy tits. I even let guys fuck and cum in my ass. It was not a secret, everyone knew I was a slut. (MF, rom, voy, inc, rp, v, ped, 1st)

- These are part of my true diaries that I haven't read for ages. I've been sending them to a guy I met in a chat room and he wanted to know how I became a slut at such a young age. (MMf-teen, ped, nc, rp, 1st, oral, anal, intr, gb, bi) - - -

- A 37 year old man cannot resist his sexual needs and finally decides to rape his sixteen year old daughter. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, nc, rp, v, bd, drugs)

- A gay bar is invaded by some rough men who force one of the patron's of the bar to pleasure them. (MM, s&m, nc, orgy)

- My wife accompanied me to watch my favorite team play football. Sweaty, swarthy and horny men were everywhere. So when my drunk wife wanted to relieve her bladder, I made the terrible mistake of taking her into the nearby male restroom and although she managed to get rid of her piss, she got a pussyful of dirty sperm. (MMF, nc, exh, forced-bi, oral, wife, intr, creampie, alcohol)

- This was written in memory of a girl I once went to school with, a long time ago. It is very painful. The events are true, the words are mine. No real names have been used. (M/F-teen, nc, rp, inc, sn)

- After I had such wonderful feedback from my previous story, 'Sophie's Story', I decided to write another story, based entirely on one of my most prevalent sexual memories. (MMg, ped, nc, rp, inc)

- Two men dining in a restaurant, follow a beautiful woman to the toilets, where they proceed to enjoy a very memorable dessert. (MMF, rp, nc, v, ws, oral)

- A case of mistaken identity at a gloryhole gives young David the thrill of his life. (Fm, nc, 1st, school, mexican)

- It all began one night near the end of my junior year in high school. Our school was predominantly Hispanic and I was in the minority being white. I was fairly popular at school, but I was nothing compared to my friend Tanya. She was a senior, and she was easily the best looking, and most popular, girl in the school. Everywhere she went the best looking guys in school flocked to hang on her every word. (f/fdom-teens, nc)

- After dating my girlfriend for a year I moved in with her and her daughter. Everything goes normally until my girlfriend came home one day and caught her daughter masturbating. (MF/f-teen, ped, nc, rp, 1st, preg?)

- A guy gets the idea to trick his girlfriend into having sex with his dog. (F/beast, nc, bd)

- A view of a teenage male's desire to control the two women closest to him and learn the ways of the female body from a non-consenting sister and a lonely mom. Mom is only too eager to teach her son when the opportunity presents itself. (m-teen/Ff-teen, nc, rp, inc, 1st, drugs, preg)

- Just before I got married some of my friends kept urging me I should "go black". Then, on my hen night, just before the wedding, they spiked my drink, got me really drunk, and arranged for me to be gangbanged by some black guys. I should have been angry, but I soon realised that it was the best thing that could have ever happen to a white bride-to-be. (M+/F, nc, alcohol, orgy, intr, gb)

- My story begins in 1958, I was 18 years old and was going out with only my second real boyfriend, Jimmy, it progresses with my rape by Jimmy who took my virginity by force, and on through the birth of my two children, and my total humiliation at the hands of Jimmy, now my husband, and his friend Moses, a black man whom Jimmy brought home one night and allowed to rape me. (MMF, nc, rp, v, 1st, intr) -

- Debi shows up at Janet's door, intent on getting revenge for having her man stolen from her. (MMF, nc, rp, bd, mc, tor, huml, preg)

- At 19 years old, I forcefully took the virginity of my youngest brother's best friend, she was 13 at the time, and she had no clue what was happening to her or why. I saw her the other day and I realized that it's about time that I came out with the truth. (Mf, teens, nc, rp, v, 1st)

- I was 15 when it happened. She was only 7. I can still feel those puffy moist lips of her sex as they spread for my eager cock, the soft sweet velvetiness of it as it yielded to the hard piece of meat impaling her. (m-teen/g, ped, extreme, inc, nc, rp, 1st)

- After Emma's mother is raped and abused, it is the young 14 year old virgin's turn to suffer, while her mother looks on. (MFf-teen, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, tor)

- I carefully lowered the thin, transparent fishing line through the pinhole in the floor, Mariko's ceiling. Ever so slowly, fearing that the least noise would disturb the sleeping girl in bed on the next floor down. (Mf, ped, rp, drugs)

- A pretty young Latina girl has car trouble on a deserted stretch of road. Along comes a rapist to help her. (MF, latino, rp, v)

- Only a few short weeks ago, if anyone had told me that I would be in the situation that I now find myself, I would have been outraged. But that was before I met Maria. I am thirty-nine years old, a widow, and very well off financially. My name often appears in the local society pages, usually in connection with my fund-raising activities for charities. I needed a maid to help out at one of my many dinners, so I called an agency. The agency sent over Maria. (Fdom/F)

- A 15 year-old girl is forced to make love to her mother by two women. (F+/f, inc, nc, fs)

- Jeffrey has Cerebral Palsy and is confined to a nursing home for complete care. However, he soon finds that he is not as lonely as he had been before. (MM/m-teen, ped, nc, rp, mast)

- A young woman who has messed up her life is kidnapped and taken up into the mountains to serve as a slave to her kidnapper and his family and some of the neighbors. (MFmm/F, Ff-bi, nc, exh, beast)

- My wife told me she wanted to have a lover or a divorce. I chose letting her have a lover, but I got much more then I had bargained for. (MMF, bi, nc, v, intr, oral, anal, creampie, cuck)

- A young daughter witnesses her parents parties while growing up. When she is older one of her parent's friends takes a liking to her growing teenage body and over steps his bounds. (Mf-teen, ped, nc, rp, preg)

- I live in a boring farming community, but the action heats up when the hot blonde downstairs gets some uninvited company and I come to investigate. (MMF, rp, voy, bd, v)

- I know that I wouldn't really want to be raped. No woman would. But I can't help fantasizing about it, a lot. I can't tell you how many times I've substituted a rapist for the man I'm making love to in my imagination. (MF, nc, rp, rom)

- A young wife is raped one afternoon when she goes shopping. Her rapist likes her so much he keeps coming back for more. (M+/F, nc, rp, wife, M-dom, bd, exh, ws)

- A young couple are dominated by his new boss, a man who had been his rival all through his childhood. (Mm+/F, nc, rp, blkmail, intr, cuck)

- Two college girls rent a house together to save expenses. The father of one of the girls helps out around the place, that is until one day good old dad decides to help himself to his daughter's roommate. (MF, rp)

- Like most people, I grew up believing that the trick to getting ahead in life is to go to college and get an education. Well, I got an education, all right, but it wasn't in any classroom. As it turned out, I learned my biggest lesson right in my own damn apartment. (MF, voy, nc)

- My name is Mary Masterson and up until recently I was a psychiatrist and head of department for the National Mental Health Organization. My main job was administrative but I always had a few projects running to keep the little gray cells pliant. Actually one of those projects is the subject of my story tonight. (Mdom/F, rp, v)

- A man slips his wife and daughter ground-up sleeping pills before bed. When his wife falls asleep he makes his move on his 14 year old daughter. (M/f-teen, ped, nc, rp, inc, drugs)

- A very horny brother forces his attentions on his sister. (mf-teens, nc, inc-sort-of)

- A big brother teaches his nuisance little sister a stern lesson using the family dog as the teacher. (Mdom, F/dog, forced)

- Linda's sister, Sydney is getting married. After having morning sex with her dad, she goes on to giving the police officer a blowjob, pleasuring all the men in the wedding in a bathroom, and unwillingly raped by the minister. And she pleasures the groom as her sister, the wife, is being gangbanged in the backyard by the groom's buddies. (MMF, exh, inc, nc, rp, v)

- A Kind Dad brings a new boyfriend home for his son. The new boyfriend happens to be a filthy street bum forty years older than the boy, but hey, no relationship is perfect. (MMm, exh, inc, nc, oral, mast, dirt, odor, raunch, huml)

- When my teenage son Danny moved his girlfriend Lisa in to live with us, I knew there would be problems. Problems like now I'm supporting two teenage dropouts and continuously running off mobs of kids with armfuls of beer. (M+/f-teen, nc, beast, ws)

- A Father does his best to control the raging hormones of his two teenage sons. (M+/mm-teens, ped, exh, orgy, inc, nc, mc)

- A Father's formula for how to deal with a faggot son. Dirk is turned into a whore by his own Dad. (MMm, ped, exh, voy, inc, rp, nc, bd, tort, huml, beast, ws)

- Stepmother and stepson find common ground after years of animosity. (MF, inc, nc, rp)

- A married man wants to be used by other men. He eventually lives out his fantasy, only to find that it becomes his nightmare. (M+/M, rp, cd, bd, ws)

- The experience I had on my last summer vacation still makes me shake when I think of it. (M+/F, wife, F/M-husb, nc, rp, oral, anal, gb, rough, v, size, cuck)

- Grant and Tori test the ultimate myth on Kari. (MMF, nc, rp, v, huml, ws, sn, tv-parody)

- Thirteen year old Kristy goes on the road with her Granddad which ends in her molesting him. him molesting her. And ending in a gangbang then raped by a tramp. (M+/f, ped, nc, rp, inc, drugs, v, intr)

- Jane goes for a walk and meets a hunter and his dog. She is bound over for some fun. (MF, nc, beast)

- A man gets intimidated into sharing his pretty wife with his boss. It's either that or he gets fired and blackballed in his industry. She agrees to bail her husband out of his trouble. (MF, wife, nc, voy, work)

- A husband bets a large sum of money in a card game and loses and can't pay. So he tells the black drug dealer he'll fix him up with his beautiful sister who is really his wife. (MMF, nc, voy, intr) -

- A husband and his everyday wife have a vivid fantasy life, but she has chosen to never cross the line into sharing with other partners. The husband's best friend has long been her favorite fantasy lover and things change when the friend has to move in with them for a while. (MMF, voy, nc, wife)

- When his wife insists on spending beyond their income, he decides she needs a punishment she won't forget. (M+/F, nc, wife, oral, anal)

- A man is discovered by two others as he sunbathes in a secluded area. (MM/M, nc, 1st-gay expr)

- Nancy shows up at Tonya Harding's home bearing an olive branch. She says that she is tired of always having the press asking her about their feud. She wants to kiss and make up so that the media will stop making such a big deal out of the whole thing. Tonya's ecstatic about the idea and when Nancy offers to give her, her silver medal as a peace offering, Tonya can't believe it. But when she wakes up tied to her bed wondering what the hell happened, she becomes suspicious of Nancy's intentions. (ff, m+/f, nc, rp, celeb)

- Daddy tries to help his daughter when she hurts her leg but the sight of her ass makes him go nuts. (Mf, ped, inc, rp)

- JAPAN - A young virgin Japanese world class athlete has serious trouble at school. (mf, teens, rp)

- Daddy's spoilt boys keep it in the family. (MMf, ped, inc, nc, bd)

- A graduate student uses a time machine to quantum leap through history. But with a lustful professor choosing her assignments she sometimes has trouble finding anything to wear. (MF, nc, bdsm, sci-fi)

- A highly respected local television anchor comes home to find her condominium has been broken into by a hot looking young stud. Although he forces her to have sex without her consent, she quickly learns to love his sexual prowess and discovers a side of her personality she tried to repress. (MMF, exh, nc, orgy)

- Peter comes up with a unique idea for a new reality show. It's the daily life of a lost native tribe in the Amazon jungle. Only this reality show involves an unsuspecting white woman in the main plot. (MF, nc, exh, preg)

- A woman marries a Sailor only to find that he's away more than he's home. She's horny as hell and misses the sex terribly. That is, until her no good drunken brother comes home one night and takes her against her will. The story escalates when her brother brings his friend by for some more fun in the sack with his sister. (M+/F, sister-turns-slut, inc, nc?)

- Danielle joined the Navy to make money for college and to see the world in the progress. She made it past boot camp with her virginity, but that wouldn't last long. (MM/F-teen, nc, rp, 1st, oral, anal, orgy, military)

- This story is about young ladies being taken advantage of. (M+/F, military, nc)

- A potential basketball star learns that, "no he can't do whatever he wants and get away with it," not when Mrs. Fisher has any say about it. (MF, nc, bd, sm, intr, tor, mutilation)

- A woman's journey into darkness and violence all for the love of a man. (MMF, nc, rp, v, sn, nec, extreme)

- Kristen had been on some odd dates before, but this one took the cake. That was the price she accepted for using that voice-mail dating service she'd seen advertised during Oprah. She'd talked to some real losers, and had gone out with the few that seemed, at the very least, normal. Then she met Will. (MF, alien, rp, v, sn)

- High school bullies have a unique punishment for a kid and his mom. She has ten minutes to make her son cum, without touching him. Otherwise - castration. A prim mother must learn - fast - to strip and talk dirty - for her son. (F/m-teen, nc, v, forced, exh)

- Ashley goes to visit her friend Katie, only to find Katie's older brother and his friends. The boys give her quite a welcome. (M+/f, youths, nc, rp, 1st, oral, anal, gangbang, blkmail)

- A neighbor and her son decide to dominate their next door neighbor and her daughter. (FFM, nc, exh, bd)

- An E-novel about a guy who gets his own back after his newly-wed wife is raped by a black gang and a dog. (MF, tv, bi, beast, rp, v)

- This story deals with a submissive Mexican girl who is manipulated, and then blackmailed into having sex. Ultimately, she discovers that she enjoys being put into con-consensual sexual situations and being humiliated, although she tries hard to be the moral, God fearing Catholic she was brought up to be. (Fdom/M+/F, nc, blkmail, inc, beast, hum)

- It was late Oct of last year when I moved into my new apartment. My first week there was spent unpacking and laying awake in bed till all hours trying to get used to all the new noises, creaks, and such. By the middle of the next week I was feeling a little stir-crazy. I had only left the apartment to go to work and to do some shopping. It was a Wednesday night when I finally had enough. I got up a little courage and knocked on my neighbor's door. (Mdom/F, rp, bond)

- A girl attending a local college is blackmailed by a millionaire's son for sex. (MF, nc, rp, oral, blkmail)

- Michael and his co-workers had a pretty sweet operation going before Ms. Wilson showed up. They were able to forge timesheets, sales records, skim a little off the top every once in while, but then the company hired Ms. Peggy Wilson. Ms. Wilson started by "cleaning house" as she called it. Four of Michael's friends were fired within her first week. Michael suffered a formal counseling and cut in pay for lack of productivity. Ms. Wilson required daily morning meetings and criticized the men in the office about everything, including their appearance. (M+/F, nc, bdsm, gangrape, v, work)

- Cindy climaxed with a cry of release, shuddered and spasmed for what seemed minutes as a series of pulses shot through her and then fell full length on me beneath her, limber and loose-limbed. I patted her back. "You on the pill?" (MF, rom, preg)

- A young man learns the hard way that things aren't always what they seem. He answers a swinger ad looking to take part in a gangbang but ends up being gang raped by four rough hicks. (MMMM/M, nc, rp, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal)

- This story explores some of my thoughts on the nature of life in a situation that would be confusing for me to experience. The basic sex act imagined here is a rape by several black thugs committed against me just because. (MMF, ped, nc, intr, preg)

- The new girl at work gets hypnotized and fucked by one of her unscrupulous co-workers. (Mdom/F, mc)

- A young boy finds that his new stepsister can take care of his needs. (bb/g, b/g-toddler, inc, nc, voy)

- New teen intern learns what her REAL job duties consist of on her first day. (Mf-teen, nc, rp, anal, blkmail)

- A young girl meets her new landlord for the first time who turns out to be an old man that immediately "impresses" himself on her and forces her to sign a new lease with "extra privileges". (M/ff-teens, ped, nc, preg)

- A young wife is violently forced to fuck a black visitor during a storm. (MF, nc, rp, v, intr, wife, mast, oral, affair)

- An issueless docile Moslem heiress, wife of an oil rich sultan, cuckolds her husband into watching her impregnate herself with the help of a limbless young teenage boy, a young amputee stud... with the help of a female doctor. (Fm, exh, ws, rp, v, ped)

- A kinky family finds a town that is just right for them. (Mf, family, ped, inc, nc, bi, beast)

- Laurie wakes up the morning after and can't remember what happened at the office New Year's Eve party. (MF, nc, alcohol)

- I seduce a teenage boy in New York and then offer him to my black friend. (MM/b, nc, rp, ped, 1st, intr)

- It was only last week that I found out what New York is really all about. I am a 22 year old college graduate from Iowa State and hold a BA degree in marketing. Being an only child and the daughter of rather conservative, religious parents, I was raised to believe that people are the same all over the world. I was taught that if I treated others with kindness and understanding, others would treat me the same. Boy! Was I WRONG! Gang rape on a New York Subway. (M+/F, gang-rape)

- A guy is forced to show his gay side in front of his girlfriend. But that's not were the story ends, she gets a little ride also. (MMF-teens, nc, oral, anal, ws, huml)

- The pretty girl next door makes a mistake when she tries to improve her tan. (mm/f-teens, nc)

- Nicole Kidman is featured on a show about ghostly encounters with famous people and shares her horrifying experience. (MF, nc, rp, ghost, fantasy, celeb-parody)

- The nightclub is an underground attraction where horny men can find young girls to satisfy every taste. (M/gg, nc, rp, ped, v, tor, huml)

- A short, stupid, generic, cliche rape story. A man breaks into the family house and rapes a woman in her bed, at knifepoint. (MF, nc, rp, v, bd)

- A young night duty nurse is overpowered my escaped mental patients bent of satisfying their lusts and sating their psychotic need for revenge against any symbol of authority. She never had a chance. (M+/F, nc, rp, v)

- An old man confesses what he did the night his gorgeous neighbor was murdered. (MMF, nc, sn, mast, oral, anal, nec)

- A man meets a young woman, talks with her and then secretly follows her home and together with a friend, both with masks, rape her. He meets her the next day. She does not know that he was her rapist, and a relationship develops between them... But he is a closet sadist. (MMF, nc, rp, bd)

- Two teenage girls lie to the parents so they can go out with boys only to have sex forced on them. They quickly learn that they should have paid attention to their parent's warning. (mf-teens, nc, rp, v)

- Cleo's was no ordinary escort agency, it maintained an exclusive clientele which would forever be beyond the reach of the average man on the street. Over the years is the contacts have been top celebrities, royalty, the CEOs of huge companies, oil tycoons, ministers, people whose names and faces appear in Forbes and Fortune magazine. (MMF, nc, bd, orgy, beast, aliens, sci-fi)

- Nubia re-lives her past. In this episode she is roughly introduced to sex by an ex-boyfriend and his buddies. (MMMF-teens, nc, rp, 1st, intr, oral, anal)

- Frank makes a mistake with the Blade's street gang and Lisa and Ann pay the price. (M+/F, nc, rp, v, wife, oral, anal, gb, preg)

- Daddy and a friend rape his daughter and of course she doesn't resist. (M+/g, ped, nc, rp, oral)

- Set in a mental hospital, the night nurses amuse themselves by sexually violating their patients. Although this is bound to only traumatize the poor inmates more! Contains graphic rape scenes. (MF, nc, v)

- Some of Marshall Jones' female employees decide to teach him a lesson. They're tired of his condescending male chauvinistic ways. (MF, MM, nc, forced-gay, oral, anal, huml, bd)

- His workmates think he's a pervert. Their wives find out he is much more than that. (M/F+, nc, rom, preg)

- The Spanish Inquisition kidnaps, tortures and sexually molests Isabella Punani. (MFFFg, ped, nc, rp, v, tor, fist, huml, beast, ws)

- Son catches his mother fucking his friend. Little does he know that things aren't what they seem. (Fm, ped, nc, rp, inc, mast, oral, anal, alcohol)

- In her mind's eye, she saw him as a magnificent warrior in glittering armor and burgundy robes. She cried out her need to him: Oh, to bask in your gaze, to die in your arms... (MF, FF, gothic, nc, rape, sm)

- This is a blackmail story. I've always wanted to write such a story so I decided to go for it. (MMF, reluc, blkmail)

- A parody of the television show Living With Fran in which Josh finally snaps and wreaks havoc upon his family. (MFff, ped, nc, rp, bi, inc, 1st, oral, bd, humor, v, sn, parody)

- Friend at work gets fucked. (MF, nc, work)

- College undergraduate duped into a most humiliating performance, by a sexy coed, he mistakenly thought cared for him. (FFM, exh, rp, bdsm, huml) - -

- Jason's mom accidentally drops a plate of spaghetti on one of Jason's friend's lap. What happens after that starts out innocently enough, until she finds herself at the mercy of a group of 16-year old boys that are no longer hungry for just spaghetti. (M+-teens/F-adult, nc, inc, MILF, blkmail, exh, 1st, oral, anal, beast)

- Candy was a charming and lovely girl who had turned 18, and loved life and boys. Her young brother, Bruce, was always giving her fits. That wasn't all he gave her. (MF-teens, nc, inc, 1st, preg)

- A girl finds out that traveling across the Australian outback in 1955 was certainly not a journey to be undertaken lightly by a lone woman traveler. (MMF, nc)

- Five guys enjoy a poker night once a month but tonight the game is cut short when they catch some teenage girls robbing one of their cars. (M+/FF-teens, nc, bi, inc, orgy)

- A hot looking woman likes to be watched while at the beach. She's proud of her body and enjoys the looks of envy from the other women and the looks of appreciation from the men. That is until one day a big well-endowed black guy decides she's nothing but a cock-tease and teaches her a lesson. (MF, nc, forced, mast, voy, size, d/s, intr)

- She thought she would get a little tan but she ended up getting a lot more. (M/f-teen, ped, nc, father/daughter-rape, inc)

- The boys are having their monthly poker night when they catch a young girl robbing from one of their cars. They hold the girl as hostage and wind up getting her older sister to take her place. That's when poor Jasmine finds out that sexual favors can pay for bad debts. (MMF, nc, oral, bi, orgy, mc)

- After the Japanese overrun a military hospital during WW2, they massacre most of the personnel. Then they have some fun raping, torturing and executing a few specially selected captive nurses. (M+/FF, nc, rp, v, sn, bd, tor, asian)

- A man let's his wife be taken by a soldier who is staying with them for a brief time, against her will. (MF, wife, nc, rp, voy, intr, preg)

- This is a true happening... I am a Puerto Rican and black mixed female. I have a lover who is ethnic Chinese. We were at one time to the point of breakup because of outside negative influences. He invited me to his apartment one night to talk... (MF, asian/latina, intr, rp)

- My wife got a new job as a receptionist and at her first Christmas office party she ended up being gangbanged and I couldn't do anything to stop it. (M+/F, wife, nc, rp, dp, gb, drugs, voy, xsmas, preg)

- One mistake leads to another and another and another and one big lesbian orgy. (FF, nc, blkmail, toys, orgy)

- A young male office worker is turned into a sex slave by six sadistic women. (F+/M-teen, nc, rp, bi, orgy, huml)

- A secretary who is jealous of fellow employee and is excited when that employee is sent to her office for punishment or firing. (M+/FF, nc, bi, dom, exh, bd, spank, oral, anal-play)

- A story of how a straight adult male through a series of events became a homosexual sex slave to a group of teenagers. (M/m+, teens, nc, rp, v, exh, ws, bd)

- When 12 year old Lisa is invited to a school dance by an older boy she never imagined that he had in mind. (mm-teens/g, MF, ped, nc, rp, v, tor, sm, intr)

- A son takes advantage of his mother's drunken condition. (Fm-teen, nc, rp, inc, alcohol, preg)

- Did he let the cat out of the bag or was it the pussy? (MmF, ped, rp)

- Jake had a past - not one anybody would be particularly interested in hearing about. For Caleb and Jessie however, this might have been regarded as "need to know" information! (M/F-teen, nc, v, mast, bd)

- Old Jake told me this story of rape and revenge at a commando training camp in the North of England back in 1943. When he and his mates took their revenge on a group of prick teasing female soldiers one night in their hut. (FFM, nc, rp, v, oral, bd, spank)

- The Olsen girls find out that their fame and fortune doesn't prevent them from paying a high price for being snobs. Their teacher and two fellow classmates force them to have sex. (Mm+/ff, celeb, ped, rp, v)

- A mortician crosses the line at work. A strange and unsettling story about celebrity violation and necrophilia. (M/f-teen, rp, celeb, nec)

- Alicia Reyes, from Austin, Texas, was fourth generation Mexican-American, she was 18 years old. Krista Malone, from Fresno, California, stood 4 foot nine and weighed 80 pounds. She looked like she was twelve, but was 17 years old. Jane Dancing, from Los Angeles, California, was 16 year old and the media thought she'd was the up and coming star of U.S. women's gymnastics. Together they accounted for 90% of the talent of the American Olympic Team. (M/f+, cons, nc, ped, mc)

- A fantasy about the Olympic Gymnastic Team. This story involves the girl's coach dominating them and taking sexual advantage of them through intimidation, blackmail and through physical force. (M/f+, ff, dom, v, ped, celeb)

- Everyone in the arena stood and applauded as the beautiful Ms. Robin Mills stepped up onto the top podium to receive the gold medal she had won. Her grace and speed on the snow of the downhill slopes had her easily outdistancing her opponents and in the process, Robin shattered the existing world and Olympic records. Peering through a high-powered binoculars, in the stands, was a leering and lusting fanatical fan. He had watched her in competition many times... (MF, intr, rp, v)

- This is the story of how I once mistakenly wandered into a gay leather bar and was forced to learn how women can give each other pleasure. (FF+/F, nc, rp, 1st-lesbian-exptr)

- The exploits of a serial rapist over a three-day weekend. (MF, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, bd)

- A man thinks he has pulled a gorgeous girl in a Thai nightclub, but discovers instead a dominant ladyboy intent on creating a little bitch. (MM, asian, nc, oral, anal, bd, tv)

- This isn't a stroke story, so if you're looking for a sexual high look elsewhere. This one's about a teenage girl and a home invader. It's a justice - vengeance story, no actual sex. (Mf-teen, rp, v, oral, gun)

- A one night stand with a wet surprise. (MF, nc, alcohol)

- Many fathers dream, others act on their fantasies. Stephanie's father bought himself a ticket to the end of the line. (Mf, ped, nc, rp, inc)

- While a young couple on Safari are camped by a nice little lake. They get some company from locals. (M+/F, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, intr, voy)

- A girl is fondled against her will on a crowded bus, then she is led off and raped. (MFf, nc, hum, rp)

- A thirteen year old boy finds his sister passed out on the couch minus her panties. (mf-yteens, nc, inc, 1st)

- In order to reduce overcrowding in a girl's prison, members of the public are invited to come and torture and even execute the prisoners in anyway they like. (MF, FF, nc, rp, v, sn)

- The experience I had on my last summer vacation still makes me shake when I think of it. My wife of 23 and I (25) were making a cross-country trip in our brand new custom van. We had started from our home in Virginia and were just taking our time seeing the sights of this great land as we headed west for California. Raped by a motorcycle gang - (M+/F, gang, rp)

- Our hero meets a young married woman on the road, adventures ensue. (MF, nc, rp, v, rom)

- The telling of a modern day vampire, who lures teenage virgins to his special plant, which lives off their blood. Plant/female horror story. Written for Halloween. (M/F-teen, nc, rp, 1st, bd, drugs, fantasy)

- The first chapter of my diary, linking all my stories. The hiring of a pretty new P.A. (MF, rom, reluc)

- Three men want justice for the pain and suffering caused a family member when a reporter smeared their family name only to find out that she was mistaken. (MMM/F, nc, bd, forced-orgasms, public, exh)

- Maureen's son suffers from Split-Personality Syndrome. One side of his personality is a loving dutiful son, the other side a dark bestial rapist who has no feelings for his mother other than brutal lust. (M-teen/F, nc, rp, inc)

- Having a drink at the local town pub might be the last thing handsome young teenage guys who have just broken up with their girlfriends should do. (MM/M-teen, nc, rp, oral, anal)

- Since my wife and I married very young, (18 & 17 years old) after 13 years of marriage in many ways we are still rather innocent. We married due to a pregnancy fear, which turned out as a miscarriage. As a result of the ensuing surgery Vicky could no longer have any children. I guess that is the reason we became so attached to her older brother's daughter, Lacy. (M+F, FF, intr, nc, v)

- A young couple buy their first new home and are forced through the use of an experimental drug to become sex slaves to the couple next door, and a lot of other people too. (MF, nc, drugs, mc, exh, oral, anal, bi, orgy)

- A newlywed couple are enjoying their honeymoon south of the border when one night they run into a Mexican Military road block and 4 young Mexican soldiers with a chip on their shoulders. (M+/F, MM-reluc)

- A man buys the house next door and stumbles upon information which he uses to blackmail sixteen year old Lisa and her lovely mother into sexual servitude. (Mm+/Ff, dom/sub, nc, orgy, bi, inc, 1st)

- A teenage girl is out partying with friends when the narcotics in her young body gang up to deposit her in sticky predicament. (m+/f, youths, nc, drugs, gb, huml, anon-sex)

- She had never felt uncomfortable in this part of Atlanta before, and really had no reason to be now. She looked ahead at the sign, $1.48 per gallon for regular, Linda had always been a bit hard-headed when it came to being overcharged, and it was only about 4 miles back to the main drag where she could save at least twenty cents per gallon. Then about three blocks on down, her blazer began to loose power, giving her no option but to coast into the first drive on her right. (M+/F, rp)

- A guy gets it from a sorority house - "Strange place Rutgers is. The other night I was walking down College Avenue to a Frat party, and these two beautiful sorority sisters walked up to me on the sidewalk and asked if I'd rather go party with them. Being a little tipsy at the time anyway, I said I'd love to." (MF, orgy, rape)

- Old girlfriend/landlady is dealt a payback; ex settles old score. (MF, latina, rp, tort, v)

- A young wife is cornered in a restroom by her black boss only to give into all his demands. (MF, wife, nc, rp, intr, preg)

- A young man finds himself struggling to pay his debts. (MM, nc, v, ax-play, bd)

- A friend I loaned money to offers me a sweet young redhead as payment on the debt. (M/F-teen, nc, blkmail)

- This story is about a man who is kidnapped while on his way home from work. He's taken to a place where he is tied up by a group of men. They who force him to have sex with animal and watch, betting on how long he'll last. (M+/M, beast rp, v)

- Bringing friends over to help my mother finish the basement leads to some fun and her submission. (MMM-teens/F-adult, nc, rp, inc, voy, gb, orgy)

- After high school newspaper editor is subjected to a stripping and humiliation by the Latina Queenz gang, he becomes Pants-Boy and leaves Trouser City villanesses hanging by their bra and panties. (FFm, nc, sci-fi)

- Discipline, pervert style, when Principal Myers loses it with one of his pretty teenage students. (M/f-teen, ped, nc, anal, d/s)

- While out on a recce patrol, our panzer unit captured a small patrol of Russian women soldiers in a barn. (MMF, nc, rp, v, bd, tor, ws, sn)

- This is a story I was requested to write for a good friend of mine. It is about a high school rebel. Her two teachers have had the eye for her and she runs into school late at night after parents evening. The two teachers finally get what they want. (MM/f-teen, nc, rp, v, 1st, tor, bd, sn)

- Never walk by yourself into a dimly lit parking garage after hours; it just isn't a safe place for a woman alone. (MF, nc, rp, v)

- A woman goes out on a date with a guy she really likes, but because he's trying to be so macho, they both get into trouble over their heads. (M+/F, rp, intr, v)

- A gal is taken in a parking lot. Is it rape, or is it something else? (MF, nc?)

- A parody of the Partridge Family 1960's Sit-com. This story is about Keith Partridge's frustration with working with all the kids in the family Band. Also he is attracted to his mother Shirley Partridge. One thing leads to another. (mdom/F, inc, rape, celeb)

- At a party, a young man decides to take advantage of a girl after getting her drunk and drugged and totally out of it. (MF, nc, rp, oral, anal, alcohol, drugs)

- A story about a 15-year-old boy roped into baby-sitting for the kid of a single mom on New Years Eve. He's reluctant at first, but when Miss Gordon comes home after midnight very drunk he has the time of his life. (F/b, alcohol, 1st time, nc)

- A couple of vigilantes are patrolling the Southern California border when they catch two teenage girls sneaking into the country. They realize that the girls will be the perfect entertainment for a friend's upcoming bachelor party. Beware, this is a rough story. (M+/ff-teens, nc, rp, v, bd, oral, anal, rough, beast, mexican)

- A husband takes his pretty young wife to a friend's party. He knows that she has a low tolerance to alcohol and watches over her to make sure she doesn't get carried away. The problem is that the "Punch" that she's been drinking has a liberal amount of sparkling wine included, and neither of them know it. Wife gets drunk and has to go upstairs to sleep it off. That's when the trouble really begins. (M+/F, wife, alcohol, nc)

- I saw her for the second time at a party. I knew who she was because she'd gone out for a while with a friend of mine; she didn't know me. She didn't know anybody at the party, actually - she was so smashed she could hardly stand up. Her eyes were bleary, she was so pissed. (MF, nc, bd, alcohol)

- Husband and wife take advantage of a female friend when she drinks too much during a night out partying. (MFF, nc, alcohol, ws)

- A beautiful teenage Latina has a difficult time saying no. She wants to maintain personal control, but is thwarted by her repressed needs and desires. (mdom/f-teens, exh, nc, latina, hum)

- Pat walked out of the trendy clothing store with her shopping bags and her purse over her right shoulder. She wore a red tank top and white shorts and white tennis shoes. She walked across the parking lot to her cream colored Lexus, the warm evening breeze moving her shoulder length brown hair lightly. She opened the trunk and put her packages inside then moved to the driver's door and put the key in the lock. Before she could open the door she was pinned against the side of the car a gun stuck in her ribs. A hand grabbed the hair and pulled her head back. He moved close, "Do what I say or die," he hissed. (MF, nc, rape, oral, celeb)

- The story about a twisted relationship between an alcoholic wife and her husband and why it was the way it was. (M+/F, wife, intr, nc?)

- Paul is primarily a mind control story. A young man of seventeen awakens after months of being on life support to find he has the unique ability to give people commands they must obey. He soon comes to find his ability is not as unique as he hoped and that he is being hunted by two organizations who wish either to recruit him or kill him. (mf-teens, nc, rp, 1st, anal, orgy, mc) -

- Some revenge on the ex-wife and her family. (MMF, nc, rp, inc)

- A 14 year old Puerto Rican girl's mother Maria, meets a man named Joe and lives with him. He turns her mother mentally unstable and is waiting for her to turn sixteen before going after her. (Mdom/f, ff-teens, nc, 1st, oral, sn)

- A man finds his wife having sex with another man and arranges a payback for her, and discovers a new reward for himself. (M+/F, wife, nc, bi, voy, oral, anal, orgy, alcohol)

- A teenage guy gets taught a lesson at the zoo. (Mbeast/M, MM, nc, rp)

- What was just another night at work turns really nasty. (MM, nc, v, bd, fist)

- A woman needs help and thinks she's getting some, only to find out that help has a price, one she might not be willing to pay. (MF, huml, rp, nc, voy)

- Woman borrows some money from a neighbor but is unable to repay him. He decides on other collection methods. (MF, nc, rp, v, oral, bd, blkmail)

- I never wanted to hurt her. I just couldn't hack never knowing what it felt like. (Mg, extreme-ped, nc, rp, 1st)

- Joey peeks at his sister and her friends and finds out about his sister's new tattoo. He gets caught with a boner and the girls want to see it. Turnaround is fair play, but when the girls get bare, Joey can't control himself and he takes them all. (mf-teens, youths, nc, rp, inc, 1st, voy, rough sex, preg)

- A teenaged peeping tom is caught by a nasty, fat woman and is sexually humiliated. (MF, nc, tor)

- My first experience with sex was to be raped by my prom date. (MF, teens, nc, rp, v, 1st)

- During the day as I was working I gradually drew some personal history from Peter and it became more and more interesting. While we were having afternoon tea he confided shyly under my questioning that he had been married for eighteen months. (Mdom/MF, MM, nc, hum)

- Wendy and her brothers go with Peter Pan to Never Never Land for a romantic adventure, where she discovers that Peter enjoys sexual games with the Mermaids and Indian Princesses. Tinkerbell, Peter's tiny little fairy, not only is jealous of other girls who Peter is friendly with, she plays her own erotic games with Wendy's brother John. (mf-teens, youths, m/fairy, nc, v, voy, mast, 1st, rom, movie-parody, fant, bd)

- A 30 year old woman is crippled in an accident and, completely helpless to do anything about it, is forced to endure the sick lusts and perversions of her husband. She soon finds herself forced to watch as her husband begins to sexually abuse and violate their drugged 3 year old daughter. (M+/F, toddler, extreme-ped, inc, nc, rp, drugs, bd, tor, ws)

- Wasn't she just the sweetest princess, sleeping so soundly without a care in the world? She was so trusting, so devoted to her husband, such a good friend and neighbor to everyone. (MF, nc, wife, drugs)

- This is a story about a young white woman being raped in a phone booth at a busy nightclub by a large black man. (MF, nc, rp, intr)

- A husband surreptitiously spies on his wife's Gynecological exam, with suspicion. (MMF, wife, nc, husb-voy)

- A flashing wife gets more than she bargained for when boys photograph her asleep and naked. (F/m-teens, nc, voy, blkmail, wife, gb)

- This is one physical exam that Max will never forget. (F+/M, nc, bd, fist, huml)

- Five female celebrities are abducted, tortured and dismembered by a sadistic stranger. (M/F+, nc, rp, v, tor, sn)

- We were alone on this island just enjoying the sun and surf together. Paula was lying on a beach towel, next to the shore and had removed her top to sun those beautiful melons of hers. I got the idea to take some pictures of her to sort of capture the moment. (M+/F, rp)

- Meet my Pig. He's an eighteen year old boy who I work with and train every day. (M+/M-teen, nc, rp, v, bd, huml)

- The team's equipment manager gets an attitude adjustment. (M+/M, nc)

- Lady Tessa and her maid Isabella become captives of a soon-to-be-retiring group of lust-filled pirates, the women's ordeal will be long and their lives forever changed. (MMF, nc, rp, tor, v, exh, orgy, bd, preg)

- A young wife agrees to do anything the soldiers demand to save her life. (M+/F, nc, v)

- Army captain and his comrades loot and rape the poor country they have invaded. (M+/Ff+, ped, nc, rp, v, tor, sn, military)

- Two brothers discover that their supposedly innocent little sister is actually internet porn-star Christine Young. (MMF, nc, inc, oral, anal)

- As Aria awoke from her slumber, she opened her eyes and realized she was no longer in the greenhouse. She tried to get-up and realized her arms were tied above her in shackles and she was stretched out on a medical examination table in a room filled with plants. (F/plant, nc, bd, drugs, sci-fi)

- Many men and a fertile ovulating young woman. (M+/F, voy, nc, rp, bd, orgy, preg)

- Laura and Maggie go to an area of Birminggam that is mainly inhabited by coloured people. There they fall victim to spiked drinks and then are forced to smoke dope. They are used and abused by a large number of black men with the result that one of them becomes pregnant, while the other becomes the target of sexual abuse by her father. (M+/ff-teens, ped, nc, rp, drugs, inc, orgy, intr, preg)

- A whimpy husband owes money and it's his wife that pays for him, at a cost to him. (MMF, wife, intr, voy, nc, cuck)

- He took her when she was twelve. That was the same year that pretty little blonde was taken in Utah. That girl was all over the national news, this little thing only made the locals. He thought she was much prettier though. And she might turn out to be just as twisted as he is. (Mg, extreme-ped, nc, rp, ws, kidnap)

- Charlene is an attractive 17-year old high school senior who has serious doubts about the new man in her divorced mother's life. (MF/F-teen, underage, nc, rp, inc, anal, 1st-lesbian-expr, voy, ws, scat)

- This is the story of how playing hooky from school led to me being Raped and changed my life forever. (M+/g, nc, rp)

- True story: I fell in love with a Thai bargirl who I intend to marry. She carries on working in a bar while waiting for my return. Please visit her. She needs money! (MMF, nc, wife, intr, prost, cuck, asian) - A Dad does everything to please his bully of a son, but it's still not good enough. (m-teen/M, nc, inc, bi, huml, v, ws)

- Sean Larson shares the horror of his college fraternity pledging days. He is sexually abused and humiliated and degraded. (M+/M, nc, mast, oral, bd, huml)

- The humiliation of college Fraternity hazing. (MF/M, nc, bi, voy, huml) -

- The humiliation of a pledge gets serious when he is forced to pay respect to a frat boy's cock. (M+F+/M, nc, bi, huml, alcohol, voy, college) - - - - - - - - -

- A woman is abducted by two men and used and abused by them and some dogs. (MMF, nc, kidnap, beast, huml)

- Be careful what you bump in to when you're in the woods. (M+/ff-teens, rp, v, abduction, preg?)

- Such a lot of depravity in so few words. And why not try a story in verse? (mf-teens, inc, nc, 1st)

- Joe, a waiter in a coffee bar, befriends a naive young student named Alison by listening to her poetry. But Joe has designs on the sexy teenager that have nothing to do with her sensitive soul. When Alison accepts an invitation to his house, she finds herself the only female guest. (MM/F-teen, rp, tor, v, oral, nc)

- Christie bitches about Chet's poker night and pays the price. (MMF, nc, rp, v, anal, bd)

- A young, blonde Policewoman is abducted during a jewellery heist. She is taken to a warehouse where she is repeatedly raped by criminals. (MMF, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, bd)

- A wife left tied up to the diving board of their back yard pool by her husband, who is unexpectedly called away. Left helpless, she is raped by two black youths. (b+/F, wife, ped, intr, rp, bdsm)

- Poor Emily was finally doing what she thought was right. She was entering a nunnery to become, you guessed it, a nun. To understand why she was becoming a nun, a little history is called for. So this is her story, before and after. (fF, fM, fist, nc, intr, ped)

- Miss Sara Ellsworth is a wealthy woman who teaches at Porterville High School. No one can understand why someone as wealthy and attractive as Sara wants to teach high school. But three teenage boys know why. Sara's a nymphomaniac. And now one of the girls in her class knows about Miss Sara too. (Mm+Ff, voy, rp, blkmail, v)

- Pretty Amy Sanders is the most popular girl in school. Geeky Achilles Brown worships her from afar with no real chance of ever having her. That is until Amy's boyfriend commits a criminal act and pulls Amy into his troubles. Guess caught it all on film? (Mm+Ff, voy, rp, blkmail, v)

- Jim the black janitor confronts Miss Sara with the knowledge of her little after-school antics. His demands don't shock her, she only hopes that he knows how to use his awesome equipment to satisfy her burning need. (Mm+Ff, voy, rp, blkmail, v)

- Achilles Brown forces Amy Sanders to accompany him on a picnic in the park where he had feeds her. Achilles goal is to humiliate the girl, and control her to the point that she will do anything he commands. (Mm+Ff, voy, rp, blkmail, v)

- Achilles Brown gets introduced to hot sex by his friend Jim, who has blackmailed an attractive young high school teacher into doing whatever he wants. Achilles takes away many new ideas from that nights experiences. He finds that he now wants to discipline his reluctant girlfriend, and does. (Mm+Ff, voy, rp, blkmail, v)

- Jim decides it's time to teach Sara Ellsworth how to become a true submissive. He and Achilles beat her up pretty bad. The thing is -- While Sara is experiencing the pain she has the best orgasm she's ever had in her life. (Mm+Ff, voy, rp, blkmail, v)

- Jim and Achilles returned the next day to Sara's house. This time she made sure she was prepared, with two steak dinners ready and $500 cash sitting next to each plate. She wore only and apron and made sure to say "master" and "thank you" at the right times, and spoke only when spoken to. It was, she thought, singularly humiliating, but she didn't think she could take two days in a row of punishments, punishments which she both dreaded and desired. (Mm+Ff, voy, rp, blkmail, v)

- Achilles decides to take what he's learned from Jim and Sara and try it out on Amy Sanders. Amy is the most popular girl in school, and Achilles knows that if he didn't have blackmail hanging over her head she'd dump him in an instant. He wants to dominate her so that no matter what happens in the future she will obey him. So it's time to discipline Amy. (Mm+Ff, voy, rp, blkmail, v)

- Pretty Amy Sanders is broken to her master's will and becomes Achilles fucktoy. She becomes used to her maters touch and begins to enjoy the experiences. (Mm+Ff, voy, rp, blkmail, v)

- Jim turn's Sara's rape victim lose on her. It's terrible to see what Maria does to the pretty blonde in revenge for being set up to be raped by those three football players. Now it's Maria's turn to enjoy the moment, while Jim, Achilles and Amy watch. (Mm+Ff, voy, rp, blkmail, v)

- All the girls get into the last act of this 11 part series about male domination and mind control. Lots of sucking and fucking in this final chapter. (Mm+Ff, voy, rp, blkmail, v)

- It's the 1800's and a beautiful young lady finds that she's restless. She's tired of needlepoint, and reading all day. Finally she takes a stroll down to the docks to see how the riffraff live. She meets a handsome young man, then finds that she is blackmailed into an affair with him. (MF, 1st, reluc)

- If you're a young handsome teenager and very, very drunk, be extremely careful who you accept a lift from when staggering along on a lonely empty road late at night. (Mm, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, tor)

- A father writes a letter to his son during the war and invites him to rape and kill civilians with him. (M+/Fg+, extreme-ped, nc, v, rp, extreme-sn, military, ws)

- When Carole Sheckady found out her brother was a sub she used it to her advantage. But Carole wasn't satisfied, power had gone to her head and she wanted more. By one means or another she finally gets more and more people under her control. (fdom/m/MF, ped, nc, d/s, family-inc, anal, orgy)

- A modern day horror story: An 8-year-old girl is kidnapped by two men. However the kidnappers are arrested by the local police and things become twisted into an even more sick direction. (MMg, ped, nc, rp, v, tor, inc, ws, bd)

- Not quite what the title suggests. This is about a young gay guy who craves sex with absolutely straight men and this story covers four of his encounters. (MM, nc, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal, alcohol)

- Some female friends compare note about their boyfriends and realize that they are all being treated like sex objects and nothing more by them. They come up with an idea to teach their boyfriends some r-e-s-p-e-c-t. (MF, cpls, bd, nc, anal, alcohol, huml)

- Two beautiful young American girls vacation in Thailand, only to find themselves on the wrong side of the law when one of them tries to shoplift something in the marketplace. The law was never like this back in the states. (M+/FF, asian, rp)

- A bunch of seniors decide pretty boy Chris needs to be taught a lesson. (mm-teens, nc, rp, v, bd, tor, ws, huml)

- A young guy helps a pretty jogger in distress. (MF, voy, nc, v, oral, lingerie)

- Pretty Soccer moms know that men have lustful fantasies about them. But do they know that some of the men that show up at the school soccer games aren't all Soccer dads? These men are there to play another kind of game. And if the Soccer mom is especially pretty and especially well endowed, they just might make a visit to her home and invite themselves' in. (MMF, nc, v)

- To pay some tass debt a Mage is forced to sell his apprentice to some rather shady characters who then moves on to have their way with their new possession. (MMF, nc, oral, anal, bd, sci-fi, tor)

- Our hero enjoys the fruits of his victory before considering a good offer. (Mf, underage, nc, rp, v)

- A father is woken up in the middle of the night by a phone call from his grown daughter asking him to collect her from a nightclub. Half asleep, he arrives at the club to find her gone. The area is deserted, except for some lights in a nearby warehouse. He goes over to investigate. (M+/MF, nc, bi, inc, oral, anal, orgy)

- A cult called the Primal Man capture women they have stalked over time and decided would be right for their needs. Once captured dozens of men use her in a breeding ceremony to insure her pregnancy. (M+/F, nc, bd, gb, preg)

- A business man looking for a specific woman. And he was willing to pay well for the right to fuck her. (MMF, nc, bi, voy, oral, orgy)

- Once the eldest princess had her first woman's cycle, she must give her body up to the people to ensure the birth of the next female heir. Once she conceived and bore this heir, she was the rightful ruler for the rest of her days, or until she decided to give power to her daughter. Until then, she would be fucked day in and day out, until one man's seed took root. (MMf, nc, rp, inc, 1st, bd, fantasy)

- Two young American girls traveling overseas end up in prison when they pick up a couple of hitch hikers and get stopped at a road block. (FF, nc)

- A convicted sex offender escapes from prison and is on the run. (Mgg, nc, extreme-ped, v, rp, sn)

- A misshape creates a situation that is scary and life altering for a young girl on a visit to her father in prison. (M+/g, extreme-ped, intr, nc, extreme-rp, tor)

- A Private Investigator uses his subliminal tricks on his new secretary and has great results. (MF, nc)

- Amy attends a private school, and is careless about her grades. One day her teacher tells her she's going to fail if she doesn't pull herself together. He offers to help, and then offers for something else. (mmf, mc, blkmail, ped)

- A young bride gets the shock of her life when she's raped during her wedding. (MMF, nc, rp, inc, orgy)

- Captured to fight for the entertainment of alien species, or is "fight" quite the right word? (MG, nc, sci-fi)

- Deep in another time and place, two young people make a terrible mistake. (M+/f, ped, nc, rp, v)

- A man helps his thirteen-year-old son find out if he is gay. (Mm-teen, ped, nc, 1st, anal)

- An American pedophile travels to a Central American republic to join the People's Army to strike at the children of "Enemies of the People." (Contact author for more parts to this story, or wait until he posts more here.) (Mf, rp, v, ped) -

- Babysitters are traditionally the focal point of many a male fantasy. For Bob and his equally inebriated cohort David however, it was just a case of "Let the games begin!" Shame young Emma had never expected to be doing this much overtime! (MM/f-teen, ped, nc, rp, 1st, mast, anal)

- A program that teaches teens about safe sex, the hard way. (F+/M-teens, nc, enemas, oral, anal, bd, voy)

- A young girl is taught to respect others. (m-dom/f, teens, youths only, nc, tor, spank, bd)

- Natalie is rude. Her father decides to punish her with the author's help. (Mdom/f-teen, nc, spank) -

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Zahra Doejune 2, 2017
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Zahra Doejune 2, 2017
Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.
Zahra Doejune 2, 2017
Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.

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