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waring single bottle wine chiller

waring single bottle wine chiller One of the dating portal berlin kostenlos most difficult challenges facing a wine lover is holding a wine at the proper temperature when preparing to serve it. To some palates, a variation of a single degree can change the taste of a wine, often to its detriment. One solution is to purchase a. With so many products offered within the niche, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to add a wine chiller and warmer to your kitchen appliances, followed by a few of the benefits and issues with the Waring Pro Brushed Stainless Steel Wine Chiller and Warmer.

A Chiller… Okay. But Why a Warmer?

Many wines, especially reds, are meant to be consumed at a certain temperature. At the same time, these wines need to be stored at colder temperatures to ensure that they are not damaged during long-term storage. Adding a wine chiller and warmer allows to have more versatility in your drinking habits as well as the ability to achieve precise serving temperatures.

The Waring Pro RPC175WS

The Waring Pro, also known as model number RPC175WS, is a single bottle chiller/warmer that fits nicely onto any counter top. It is compact and nicely finished in a brushed stainless steel that easily fits into the most modern of decors or a more traditional kitchen. The unit features a large variety of temperature pre-sets for easy chilling or warming of your wines.

Waring introduced America to the first blender in 1937 and has been producing reliable kitchen appliances ever since. With over more than 75 years of experience, the company can offer an outstanding warranty without worry.

Benefits of the Waring Pro Brushed Stainless Steel Wine Chiller and Warmer

The Waring Pro offers a plethora of benefits to casual wine drinkers and serious aficionados, alike. Here are several of the key benefits of the RPC175WS.

  • Presets: this unit offers 33 dating portal berlin kostenlos preset temperatures. The 33 temperature settings cover a full range of red, white and sparkling wines. No matter your drinking preference, the RPC175WS puts the perfect serving temperature at your fingertips.
  • Capacity: this is a single bottle unit, but it will accommodate bottles that are up to 3.5 inches in diameter.
  • Viewing window: the lighted viewing window allows your guests to see what wine is about to be served, adding to the anticipation at your party.
  • Temperature control: the unit has a dedicated CPU for temperature control.
  • Display screen: the backlit display screen shows which preset you have selected, the desired temperature, and what temperature the wine is currently at. The display screen can be toggled between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Warranty: Waring offers a limited five year warranty on the motor of this unit.

Some Issues

The Waring Pro sounds like an awesome product, but there are some issues that owners have stated. Here are a few of the most common.

  • Works too slowly: many buyers complain that this unit does not ”instantly” reach the desired temperature. That is true, but how long you wait for a wine depends on how you stored that wine. You can not take a wine from room temperature or refrigerator temperature to the right setting quickly. Wines that have been properly stored reach precise drinking temperatures in an acceptable amount of time.
  • Noise: the fan on this unit is comparatively loud and the fan runs the entire time the unit is trying to achieve a temperature. The only way to cut down on the noise is to properly store your wines prior to placing them in the unit.
  • Open top: many users believe that the unit wastes a lot of energy because of its open top design, where other units feature a form fitting top.

The Verdict

This unit is known as a reliable way to hold a wine at a precise temperature. It is not an instant chilling device. If that is what you are looking for, a bucket of ice is your best alternative as no other unit on the market today will chill your wines any faster. The few people who have had units fail on them, say that customer service from Waring is outstanding and the warranty is great.


Wine chillers/warmers are available over a wide price spectrum and the Waring Pro Brushed Stainless Steel Wine Chiller and Warmer is a mid-range option. You can find it on Amazon for around $65, making this a fairly good value if you find the features are right for you.

If you enjoy drinking wine and don’t have a, then having a wine chiller at home is a must. Let’s take a look at the best single bottle wine chiller brands and models on the market right now:

BlizeTec Wine Bottle Cooler Stick – #1 Recommendation

wine cooler stickI finally gave in and purchased a wine cooler stick. I’ve heard from friends and other wine lovers that they are the best way to chill wine and I really didn’t believe it was possible. Boy was I wrong.

These sticks are amazing. They are very inexpensive, sleek in design, easy to store and work great. The one I purchased was the BlizeTec wine cooler stick. It comes with a BPA free stopper and has a built in aerator to your wine to breath while it chills.

All you have to do is store the stick in your freezer for at least 2 hours. Once you do that, it is ready to use. For the best results, open your wine and let it aerate for around 15 minutes. After that, you will need to pour a bit of wine out to allow room for the wine chiller stick. Once it is inserted you are ready to enjoy a glass of wine. Pour slowly and the wine will chill automatically.

It really is a remarkable little device. It is easy to clean and for under $20 you really can’t go wrong.

Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller, Brushed-Silver

Cooper CoolerWhen guests arrive unexpectedly, most people panic because too often, they wouldn’t have a bottle of wine chilled enough to serve. If you’re one of these people, the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller is for you. This rapid wine chiller can do the job for a bottle of wine or six cans of other beverages for you.

In a minute, wine chiller can chill a beer or soda can from 43°F tp 34°F (a bottle of wine is chilled in six minutes).

Two ice trays of ice cubes, water, beverage containers and you’re done with just a single button push. It can also warm drinks like baby formula.

This is nothing short of an instant wine chiller that has beverage containers rotating horizontally as ice water jets them for cooling.

This process is around 40 times faster than if you chill the beverages in your freezer, without carbonated drinks fizzing or exploding after you open them.


This chiller has an automatic touch pad with extra-chill setting, an indicator light for adding ice, and preset times. It has a removable lid to accommodate bottles with long necks. It has an automatic off mechanism and an option for no spin. Your beverages rotate horizontally while ice water spray chills them and, as mentioned, you can use this Cooper model to heat baby formula bottles.

Its non-slip feet keep bottles or cans firmly in place while being cooled so there’s no bottle breakage or can denting. The revolutionary technology used by the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller will not affect the taste or composition of the beverage being cooled; it won’t cause fizzling and explosion of either bottle or can upon opening so it’s ideal as a beer bottle chiller, too.

Product Specifications

Pros and Cons of the Cooper Cooler Rapid Wine Chiller


This electric wine chiller is able to get bottles or cans cold quickly so there’s no waiting time. Even with its compact size, this Cooper model can not only accommodate beer and wine bottles,, and juice or milk bottles, it can also do the job for odd-shaped items such as juice boxes which you prefer not to spin.

The various settings allow you cooling or heating options and both processes will not submerge your beverages under ice water like other similar products; this makes it convenient for you not to have to dredge your hand in icy water to get your drink. It doesn’t use any liners which require an 8-hour freezing time because it use ice cubes.


It can get loud when in operation with no slow roll mechanism as an option. Paper labels get a beating so you end up with paper bits after the bottles they were on are cooled; it can be unsightly to some. Draining the water after the cooling process is done can be inconvenient. It requires an electricity source for plug in, meaning it’s not portable.

What Customers Say

More than half of the 68 wine chiller reviews gave this Cooper model a 4.5 Amazon star rating. The “pros” far outweigh the “cons” for this product, mainly because its convenient features more than make up for the minor flaws it has such as noise emission, paper bits, and having to plug it in to be operational. A majority of the customers found the product to be reasonably-priced as well.

If you entertain or host frequently with a few people in attendance like a weekly book club, parties twice a month, and the like, the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller will be ideal for you. Not only is it budget-friendly, it’s very handy as well to have in dorms and office pantries or break rooms. You can always plug it in a portable battery and take it on picnics and road trips.

 to see availability and pricing information on the Cooper Cooler.

Cooper Cooler HC01-A Rapid Beverage Chiller, White and Grey

Cooper Cooler 2Like its brushed silver sibling, the Cooper Cooler HC01-A Rapid Beverage Chiller has the same exceptional features designed by a revolutionary technology that chills bottles of wines or cans of soda, juice, beer, and other beverages in a jiffy. This bottle chiller just needs some water and ice and a selection of beverage container setting and you’re all done.

Cooper’s patented process is able to chill a beverage can of 12 ounces from 77°°F down to 43°F in, more or less, a minute and it even has an additional chill setting so your beverages can get extra cool to 34°F. This is one chiller that won’t alter the taste or composition of your beverages and won’t cause your carbonated drink to explode or fizz upon opening.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions (after assembly): 8” (height) by 10.7” (width) by 15.8” (depth)
  • Weight: 5.05 pounds
  • Warranty: one year


The chilling process is done by spraying rotating beverages with ice cold water with a no-spin option to stop. This drink chiller has a patented engineering design to cool beverages faster and, in the case of canned drinks like soda or beer, guarantee a safe way to open them without fizz or foam or even explosion upon opening them.

The HC01-A has the basic features of the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Cooler. Both can provide you with “just the right coldness” for drinks that you want chilled on demand with convenience. The only difference is the product’s body color, with the former in gray and white and the other in black. So you get the same excellent features with either one.

Pros and Cons of the Cooper Cooler HC01-A Rapid Beverage Chiller


One of the less mentioned “pro” of the Cooper Cooler HC01-A Rapid Beverage Chiller, like the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverafge Chiller is how handy it is for when you have no time to chill a bottle of wine immediately as in unexpected guests ring your doorbell. Another is when you buy beer and it takes forever for them to chill when you put them in the refrigerator.

And if you put them in the freezer longer than usual, you open your freezer door to beer cans that have exploded right inside. These scenarios will not happen with this beer bottle chiller because of the Peltier principle-based technology it uses to rapidly chill beer cans as well as wine bottles. According to customer reviews, this is a most convenient small household appliance to have.

Compact as well as lightweight, the Cooper Cooler HC01-A Rapid Beverage Chiller can sit prettily on any table- or countertop and then stored in a small space in a kitchen cabinet or pantry closet.

This Cooper model can chill beverages 90 times quicker than your standard refrigerator. You just push the button interface and specific what kind of bottle you want chilled and that’s it.

As mentioned, the no-spin option is for chilling your more delicate types of wine and accommodation of bottles that are non-cylindrical in shape. As to ease of use, the HC01-A needs two trays of ice cubes and two cups of water to get going.


If you want cooler-than-usual drinks, you have to load bild de partnersuche kostenlos more ice. Much as it is convenient, the no-spin mode doubles chilling time. The spin mode, however, tends to destroy bottle labels which can result in unsightly-looking wines. Although ergonomically designed to accommodate wine bottles and canned beverages, some customers reported difficulty in putting them into the unit.

The question is, should you buy it? If you:

  • Have unexpected guests most of the time
  • Like to have chilled wine on quick notice
  • Drink wine occasionally and don’t need a cellar to keep your spirits
  • Don’t mind loading ice and water into it
  • Want to have canned or bottled beverages chilled frequently
  • Wouldn’t want to go splurge on an expensive wine cooler

If you answered “yes” to more than two of those conditions, then you should buy the Cooper Cooler HC01-A Rapid Beverage Chiller. Under those conditions, it would, indeed, be the best wine chiller for your needs.

to see pricing and availability for the Cooper Cooler at Amazon.

Waring Pro Wine Chiller, PC100 Black

The finest of wines should be served at their appropriate temperatures in order for them to release their aroma and flavor. What better way to have them chilled in their right consistency than to serve them in a PC100 Wine Chiller. Every wine aficionado worth his or her grape should own this professional tabletop electric wine chiller.


Waring Pro Wine ChillerThis single bottle wine chiller uses the scientific for its module, which means it is thermo-electric for constant and consistent temperature operated by a CPU control. It has a display screen illuminated by blue backlighting, a professionally-engineered body that has been streamlined to sit firmly and attractively atop any counter- or tabletop surface.

This instant wine chiller has a remarkable internal database in its microprocessor for white and red wines and champagne. Temperatures can be preprogrammed for 33 different varieties of wine. The chiller is ideal for bottles with 3.5 inches or less in diameter. It also comes with a five year limited motor warranty.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 9 inches (height) by 8 inches (width) by 5 inches (depth)
  • Weight: 4 pounds

Pros and Cons


  • There is no need for additional water or ice to chill wine because it can maintain cold temperatures consistently.
  • Should the temperature drop for more than three to five degrees, the unit recycles and gets cooler until the appropriate temperature is obtained.
  • The product is very affordable for its class and can double as a beer bottle chiller.


  • The unit emits a bit of noise like a desk fan set on low.
  • It doesn’t chill as fast as expected.

What Customers Say

According to other reviews, most consumers who purchased the product were not too satisfied with the way it performs. Most said it doesn’t chill as fast as expected, a “con” for this particular Waring model. However, some reviews countered this observation with their own. These customers reported that no device of this size can chill anything instantaneously.

A “pro” which customers observed with this product is the way it recycles back to its original setting whenever the temperature drops. This seems to be the redeeming factor of this wine chiller. Another thing going for this particular Waring model is it maintains the desired temperature once it reaches the programmed setting.

If you drink wine only occasionally and buy less than three bottles at a time, this bottle chiller is an ideal choice since you don’t have to buy a large wine cooler to accommodate more than that number. The Waring Pro Chiller is also convenient for travellers who enjoy wine with their meals but want it consistently chilled to their preference and within reach.

Our Recommendation

If you are going to purchase a single bottle wine cooler and want one that is going to do the job, last a long time and not break the bank then the only one you should be considering is the Cooper Cooler wine chiller.

 for more information about the Cooper Cooler.


Chill Wine Quickly

A single bottle wine cooler comes handy when you need chilled wine quickly. When you have unexpected guests just place a bottle of wine in the single bottle cooler and you’ll have finely cooled wine in about 20-30 minutes.
Without an electric chiller you can put the wine in the freezer to accelerate cooling but you might forget about it and the wine will be too cold for drinking.

Another solution was to place the bottle in a bucket of ice.

But the cooling tends to be slow and it’s a lot messier than chilling wine with the elegant and practical single bottle coolers.

They’re small using the Peltier effect as cooling technology.

Single bottle wine chillerdating portal berlin kostenlos />There’s a an aluminium container 3.5 inch in diameter where you place the bottle of wine.

You set the temperature you want the wine to be cooled down at and go about preparing the dinner or chatting with your guests. A LED display indicates the temeperature.

A single bottle wine cooler operates silently and uses only 65-70 watts electricity.

Depending on the brand you can get a single bottle wine cooler for US$ 30 – 60.

They’re nice gifts for wine lovers.

Manucaturers usually give 1 year warranty on single bottle coolers.

Another benefit of a single bottle wine cooler is that you can take it with you on vacation. They’ll usually come with a 12 Volt car charger so you can take it with you on the road and have a bottle of your favourite chilled by the time you arrive.

How about arriving at a party wiht a perfectly chilled wine? Far more convenient than messing with heaps of melting ice.

Besides the ability to chill wine fast single bottle wine coolers have the added benefit of looking elegant and stylish on the dining table.

Recommended Single Bottle Wine Coolers

Electric, single-bottle wine chillers become more and more popular as they’re practical appliances in any wine lovers’ household and they’re nice gifts for wine-appreciating family members and friends.

All of these chillers use thermoelectric cooling systems based on the Peltier scientific principle.

Koolatron WC02G-CA 1-Bottle Wine Chiller

This chiller has an aluminium housing with 3.5 ” diameter and utilizes the thermoelectric cooling ensuring silent operation. The Koolatron single bottle cooler chills wine down to 40°F in about 30 minutes.

It comes with a 12V adapter so you can take it along with you on the road.


  • Height: 12 “
  • Width: 8 “
  • Depth: 7 “

Price: cc. US$ 50 -72.

With the Koolatron single bottle wine cooler you can set 8 different temperatures.

Read about

Danby Maitre’D Single Bottle Wine Chiller

Danby’s single bottle, tabletop chiler key features include:

  • 10 pre-set temperatures
  • electronic thermostat for temperature setting in the range of 37°F – 122°F
  • LED display
  • removable air filte

Price: cc. US$ 50.

Maytag Handy Chiller Wine Cooler US$ 60

Maytag Handy Beverage ChillerBesides wines you can chill canned soft drinks, beer and othe rbottled drinks with less than 1 litre capacity. It really cools fast because it chills a 0.33 can in 1 minute, a bottle of wine in 3.5 minutes.

The device comes with 2 containers in which you have to put water and place it in the freezer to make ice.

If you already have ice cubes at hand you can use them too instead of waiting for the water in the container to freeze. The chiller can take about 20-30 ice cubes.

Once the ice is placed in the container you have to pour water over it so that the water level is above the minimum level mark.

The chiller is ready to use. Press the appropriate buttons on the control panel on the front of the cooler.

Maytag Handy Wine and Beverage ChillerYou can select from:

  • bottle,
  • can, wine,
  • no spin, and
  • extra which chills the drink to a super cold tempearture but it’ll take twice as much time than with the regular settings.

The chiller will rotate and pump iced water over the inserted drink and cools it to the set temperature. If you don’t want the drink to be spinned simply press the No-Spin button.

With 30 ice cubes you can chill around a couple of bottles of wine or 5-6 cans. The cooler will signal if more ice is needed to add though the cold water will still cool the drink without ice but at a slower speed.

The Maytag Handy Wine chiller is available in silver and black finishes and it’s a really useful addition to any modern kitchen since it chills your favourite drinks much faster than the fridge.

Price of the Maytag Handy Beverage Chiller: GBP 55 – 60 (cc. US$ 60).

It carries a 12-month warranty. It comes with a user-friendly manual that contains step-by-step instructions with photos on how to use the appliance.

NScessity NSBC 867T Wine Cooler & Warmer – US$ 60

NScessity Wine Chiller and WarmerThis comapct device allows you to chill whites or warm up reds to the desired drinking temperature. It doesn’t require ice for the chilling because it uses the fairly new (also known as Peltier technology).

The device cools a bottle of room temperature wine to 7ºC in 2 hours but if you pre-cool the bottle in the fridge you can reach the desired drinking temperature faster.

It comes with pre-programmed temperature settings for different grape varieties and all you have to do is select the type of wine you want to cool/warm from the digital display. T

he aluminium canister is wide enough that you can place and cool champagne in it.


  • Height: 22.5 cm/li>
  • Width: 13 cm
  • Depth: 17.5

Due to the chiller’s compact size you can conveniently place it on the kitchen counter or the dining table. It’s availbale in silver and titanium finishes.

Price of the NScessity NSBC 867T Wine Chiller & Warmer: cc. US$ 60.

Waring Pro Single Bottle Wine Chillers – PC 100 and PC150 models

Waring Pro PC 100 single bottle wine chiller

These sleek tabletop chillers look attractive with the black outer case and the blue LCD screen.

You can place and chill (or warm) a standard-sized, room-temperature wine bottle in the 3.5-diameter cooling area. With the push button controls you can choose from the pre-programmed temperatures.

The Waring Pro 100 chillers coolest feature is the database including cooling temperatures of 33 types of red wines, white wines, and champagnes.

The PC 100 Waring Pro model’s same database contains temperature data of 26 wine varieties.

Reviews: many users of this chiller have complained on its inability to chill the wine to the selected temperature and that it takes much longer than 15 minutes (this cooling time is stated in the unit’s manual) to reach the set temperature.

The problem can be that the thermometer of the cooler senses the temperature of the bottle or the air around it.

Also if you place a 70°F-wine bottle in the chiller expect to wait 1-1.30 hours to chill it down to about 45-48°F. (To reduce chiiling time place the bottle in the freezer for 25-20 minutes)

One consumer have noted that the chiller is rather noisy that can disturb conversation around the table.

Another problem is that only a few types of champagne bottles fit into the unit.

TIP: Some had very good experiences when chilling red wines in the Waring Pro chiller. Whites, and sparkling wines need more time to reach their recommended drinking temperatures.

So the Waring Pro wine chillers seem to best suited for red wines. In case of whites or sparkling wines put them in the fridge for a while before chilling them in the single bottle wine cooler.

In order not to get disappointed keep in mind that these chillers are for chilling or warming room temperature wines to the desired temperature.

The device needs mimimum 15 minutes to bring a wine from 70°F to 64°F and at least 2 minutes/degree to continue with chilling. However in lower temperature ranges (40 – 50°F) it requires 5 minutes/degree for further cooling.

Price: cc. US$ 100.

Other Single Bottle Wine Chillers

The main inconvenience with this type of chillers is that you to have to put ice and water in them, but they do a good job of cooling wine to the desired serving temperature.

Cooper 1-Bottle Wine Coolers

Cooper single bottle wine chillerCooper beverage chillers work by rotating the bottle or can while contimuously sprinkling it with iced water. A Cooper cooler chills a 12 oz. can from 77°F to 43°F in about 1-2 minutes.

Yeap, they’re indeed fast! But to achieve rapid cooling put as much ice in it as much you can.

Cooper HC01 Rapid Beverage Chiller


  • You can’t turn off the device only if you unplug it. In standby mode the flashing light in the front can be rather annyoying.
  • The paper labels on bottles come off or become torn.
  • Operates rather noisy even in the “no-spin” mode.
  • To get rid off the water from inside the unit you have to unplug it then take it to the sink to pour out water. (After pouring out the water leave the chiller to dry or wipe it out with a soft cloth.)

Price: cc. US$ 60.

If you wish to chill two different types of wines at the same time consider buying a.

TIP: The preserves and keeps chilled 2 bottles of wine for up to 10 days.

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Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.
Zahra Doejune 2, 2017
Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.

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