The ultimate trick, the ultimate lie

I think the devil (a spiritual being, some sort of light particles containing matter, we are the opposite) is in the business of deceiving the world.
His ultimate lie will be to twist the truth of one of the physical gifts we get from God, that gift being inheritance/rule in Gods kingdom; the details of which may be very fantastic:

The bible says that the stars are for us, Christ said He would give us the morning star, in
relation to us ruling nations with a rod of iron - Revelation 2:26-28, also Job 38:31-33 hints
at dominion of the stars being established on earth. Perhaps the ultimate kingdom of God is
one over all of existence, the entire cosmos, with the humans who choose to be with God being
set up (by God) as rulers/Lords in that kingdom, Matthew 25:34, we each ruling over a star,
and therefore the planets and beings associated with said star.
(Psalms 102:25, Psalms 8:3-6, John 10:2 then John 10:9, Rev 3:20-22, Rev 21:7-8, Rev 22:3-5)

Earth being the physical headquarters/palace. Those other beings perhaps do not even begin
existing until the kingdom is established.

So, if any real aliens have come here, it is to try and disrupt the establishment of Gods
kingdom, or just out of pure curiosity, but most likely they do so in opposition to Gods will.

But, a prevailing theory is that 'they' (the masons etc...)
will stage (fake) an alien invasion to persuade the world to unite under one government, and
that area 51 has always been a place where the technology and planning for this mock invasion
has been created and thought out. {Daniel 2:43, 2nd Thess 2:11, Rev 13:6}

Ultimately I think it will lead to a humanoid alien (total lies/tricks) coming down in a
spaceship to 'save' us from the 'bad' 'aliens', calling himself, "Jesus Christ"
(or Maitreya, whomever, claiming to be the Messiah/God), but he,
really is the anti-Christ. Paul hinted at this in the bible in 2nd Thessalonians 2:3-11 - also
Christ in Matthew 24:24-26.

God created everything, even the invisible things Rev 4:11, Col 1:14-20, even the concepts of things; Proverbs 8.
So, God can Not be just an alien from outer-space, God created outer-space.