WIshing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Even if you’re not in the U.S. ! ;-)

Just wanted to wish you all a very happy time of Thanksgiving. Of being grateful. :pleasantry:

What I'm most grateful for, at this very moment, is a new wonderful old and charming little harp. It's made like a lyre (with the hole in the instrument like a guitar rather than in the back of a wide sound board at the end like harps). but it's called a "Celeste Harp" made by A. Shattinger in 1901.

Music is in my soul, and I LOVE playing it. Made a lovely tapestry bag for it with periwinkle cotton velvet lining. Was playing it softly lastnite as I watched a video of "The Time Traveler's Wife". That movie opens with a woman singing "Lo How A Rose" (a traditional Christmas song) in German. So I took out the lyre & played it softly in the background as I watched the movie.

Feeling like I could relate to the "Time Traveler", as my experience with harps has sort of spanned ages. My first zither-harp I got at age 15 when I was guided to go to a certain little antique store in a distant part of town. I somehow knew or got the urgent sense that there was something there "for me". After carefully looking over everything in the shop, I was SO disappointed and baffled! Nothing told me it was for me! And yet! There HAD TO BE SOMETHING there waiting for me! That was a very DEFINITE sense.

Just then a man walked in with a crumbling black box. Said it had been in his grandfather's attic for over 100 years, and I knew this was it. Watched like a hawk as the man put the box on the shop counter & opened the lid. A charming antique harp! He sold it to me for $25, which was exactly what I had in my purse! The "Time Traveler" aspect of it was that I knew that a friend in ancient Egyptian times had arranged it all. I knew we had both played the harp in Egypt, and he arranged for this man to bring that harp into that shop on that day, at that time, and for me to get the urgent sense out of the blue to go there to find it.

Anyway! I'm thankful for my most recent little harp-lyre! ;-) And thankful for the friends here.

Take care!

Cloning the Mammoth

In the UK at the weekend Channel 4 aired a program about the autopsy of a Siberian Mammoth, found frozen in the permafrost high up in Siberia.

Many experts from around the globe descended on the autopsy as this was one of the best preserved samples ever found....down to the fact that there was still liquid blood found after 41,000 odd years which was remarkable in itself.

The only negative point in my view was that the whole thing was funded by a group who are responsible for a lot of dog cloning (at $100,000 a pop no less...sorry fido).

Two techniques were discussed in the show. One scientist wants to alter the genes of an elephant to include a lot of Mammoth traits which they have had success with in the laboratory another wants a straight cloning if enough material is available to clone.

What I wondered was peoples general feelings about the whole thing.

It is not exactly Jurassic Park as these things were abundant on the planet 40,000 years ago.

From a science point of view I am fascinated by the prospect...or do you think it is meddling with nature and shouldn't be attempted.

The existence of people with “Super Powers”, as Ingo would put it

Hi! Gosh, it's been a long time since I've posted a thread here! There's something that's been so strongly on my mind for a few weeks now. I'll quickly post it here (and then I have to get back to artwork).

I'm intrigued with people who have "super powers", as Ingo would put it. Abilities to perceive and pick up information across miles etc. The subject here is Padre Pio. He's an Italian man who became a Capuchin monk, and he had many fascinating abilities. He was documented to bi-locate all the time -- sometimes appearing half a world away while he was also at that same time in his monastery in Italy. He may have even tri- or more located. And he often healed people. Sometimes they would be very close to death or hopeless cases where normal cures weren't "possible".

Other fascinating accounts are that he would appear in mid-air in front of the wind-shields of pilots in war times who were on their way to bomb Italian towns. It is documented that he turned back many planes and saved quite a few Italian towns.

Anyway! A few weeks ago a friend took me to lunch and Padre Pio came up in conversation. It brought back this string of incidents. A car accident as a child affected my optic nerves. My eyes have greatly improved over time, but back then they weren't good after the accident. Around age 11 or 12 my Dad excitedly told me that he & Mom were taking their 1st trip to Europe and they were going to take me to both Padre Pio and Lourdes to be healed. Mom, however, didn't want me to go, so I never went.

Sorry! Hope this won't get too long! Trying to be short. So anyway, within the past 15 or so recent years friends have tried to talk me into going to see a friend of their who allegedly "channels" Padre Pio. Well, I'm highly skeptical of channeling, so I never had any desire to go and never went with them -- Until a few years ago, that is. -A friend finally twisted my arm into going with her to see Padre Pio being "channeled".

So the talk turned out to be very unimpressive. Just a bunch of admonitions to be good etc. At the end there was a question and answer period. I decided to ask about this incident to see what the response would be. So I explained this missed chance to see Padre Pio and asked (without really believing that Padre Pio was being channeled) if I would have been healed. The answer was totally unexpected and surprising.

The response was . . . "I came to you as a beggar in your home town. And because you put money in my jar, I gave you special blessings."

So I'm sitting there as a skeptic, and just entertaining the unlikely idea. Scanning my mind to think of when this allegedly could have been. There was only ONE beggar in my hometown. He was a war vet. with no legs who'd sit in front of Woolworth's with a cigar box to collect donations. But that supposed meeting with Padre Pio would have been a one-time scenario . . .

THEN I remembered an incident! Around this time period of age 12 there was a time I went downtown and was surprised to see an old beggar between the double doors of Lasalle's dept. storer. This would have been 1967. (Padre Pio died the following year, in 1968.) This man looked so kind, but very out of place and in very old-looking clothes. My first thought was I was surprised that Lasalle's would allow a beggar in their store or on their property.

I put money in the jar and the moment I did this man's face lit up with an immense look of surprise. It was a look almost of recognition or something. It was such an over-reaction that everyone around me stopped and looked, wondering what was going on. I literally thought it had to be some kind of a set-up -- and it seemed everyone else wondered this too. They were filming the show "Smile You're OnCandid Camera" at the time, and I went outside expecting to see a camera crew. There was no camera crew anywhere around there, and I just went on to J.C. Penney's 2 doors away -- but something about this man had so captivated me. I turned right around and went back to LaSalle's to talk to him.

The man was gone! For years afterwards I'd go downtown looking for this old beggar, but I never saw him again. . . So after this lunch a few weeks ago and recollecting this whole incident, I did some research on Padre Pio and found that he would bi-locate all the time. One page I found on the internet was really interesting to me because it written by nuns and other monks who lived in his monastery toward the beginning of last century. Sometimes he'd tell one or the other that he had to go to bed early because he'd be going to America that nite (meaning bi-locating). So he obviously, apparently anyway, could pick up on prayers or thoughts directed to him. (This I can understand, as other sensitive types maybe can also. I often know or "see" (actually get visuals like a snapshot) if someone is thinking or talking about me. I discover that at that moment they had been thinking of me or my name came up in conversation etc.) So this man, Padre Pio, had this ability to know who was sending thoughts, prayers or pleas for his help, and THEN he could actually create another body to be in that location. And often he'd heal those he'd visit or who would come to visit him.

So this all left me wondering if or how often this type of thing could occur. From my experiences and from the experiences of interesting people I've met, this life we live is unexpectedly more complex than we realize. Ingo realized this too. It's not something that most people even consider, because they live their lives totally in the expected ways without perceiving other unusual things, clues or anomalies. It's so easy for the mind to chalk off unusual things to something ordinary -- even if we pick up on something unusual.

We live in a multi-dimensional universe. I know there are some who'd prefer to remain skeptics and just accept as truth and fact just what they can see and comprehend on the purely "ordinary" physical level, but I'm suggesting that there is much more going on here. And I wonder how often people we may meet or pass by could be very different than just ordinary people.

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