View Full Version : 4/19/2011 -- Dead fish wash ashore north of Los Angeles

19th April 2011, 12:13

19th April 2011, 13:43
When I was searching through the articles on google i found a bit on this, but theres alot going on with the oceans, im not saying this is the case.

Dead zone (ecology)

19th April 2011, 14:06
My own opinion is that if marine biomass is affected by pre-Earthquake ocean floor activity, then a much larger fish kill (and significant loss of other marine life) would be observed. This incident appears to be localized; IMHO, this points to man-made activity (e.g. toxic dumps; HAARP; species-specific bioweapon usage to create fear-mongering in concert with end-of-world scenarios, etc.) I think we're way beyond the question of why, now ... with Agenda 21, Georgia Guidestones, Codex Alimentarius, etc.