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UFO Caught on Hudson River Web Cam (Video)
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Thread: UFO Caught on Hudson River Web Cam (Video)

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    UFO Caught on Hudson River Web Cam (Video)

    March 26, 2012 06:15 PM EDT

    A UFO was caught on a web cam trained on lower Manhattan as it hovered in the sky before zooming out of view. What is it?

    The unidentified flying object suddenly appears at the 2:00 minute mark on the 4 minute video, casting a reflection in the waters around the Battery Park section of lower NYC. It hovers, motionless, for another minute before flying off out of camera range in the westering sky.

    While the object may be a helicopter, the enlarged image doesn't match up with that profile. Also, the object flashes multi-colored lights, some of which are not the standard running lights for aircraft flying over the city.

    The UFO suddenly appears on what looks to be a condensed, time-lapse outtake from the webcam video and seems to change shape and color as it floats in the sky. It makes for a spooky, mysterious sighting.

    Here's the video:

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