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The bottom Line
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Thread: The bottom Line

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    Exclamation The bottom Line

    "The Bottom Line" ...

    This next reported news item gives a new literal meaning to this well used financial banking term...
    It is becoming quite obvious now, that perhaps this is and has always been the ongoing banking systems real intent.



    When Bankers Win: 60% Unemployment, Poverty, Starvation

    by John Galt
    April 1, 2012

    In the nation of Greece, poverty and misery rules the day as the ideals of Eurosocialism when implemented to completion take hold. The attempt to create a hybrid version of capitalism with Marxist overtones has never been successful and there is no reason to believe that success is just around the corner as a desperate population begins to realize the failure of the globalists which have sold the nation out to participate in an international currency system which offers no benefits nor sovereignty to the citizenry...

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