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Why are DHS and ICE stockpiling ammo?
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Thread: Why are DHS and ICE stockpiling ammo?

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    Why are DHS and ICE stockpiling ammo?



    Source - Brasscheck TV

    the Department of Homeland Security has placed an order for 450
    million rounds of hollow-point .40 caliber ammunition in addition
    to quantities of rifle ammunition.

    At the time of THAT post there was really nothing in the way of
    videos on the subject, but here we are a few days later and it is
    now being discussed in the news.

    Here's how that discussion is going...


    Related article...

    The Department Of Homeland Security Is Buying 450 Million New Bullets

    by Eloise Lee
    Business Insider

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office is getting an "indefinite delivery" of an "indefinite quantity" of .40 caliber ammunition from defense contractor ATK.

    U.S. agents will receive a maximum of 450 million rounds over five years, according to a press release on the deal.

    The high performance HST bullets are designed for law enforcement and ATK says they offer "optimum penetration for terminal performance."

    This refers to the the bullet's hollow-point tip that passes through barriers and expands for a bigger impact without the rest of the bullet getting warped out of shape: "this bullet holds its jacket in the toughest conditions."

    We've also learned that the Department has an open bid for a stockpile of rifle ammo. Listed on the federal business opportunities network, they're looking for up to 175 million rounds of .223 caliber ammo to be exact. The .223 is almost exactly the same round used by NATO forces, the 5.56 x 45mm.

    The deadline for earlier this month was extended because the right contractor just hadn't come along.

    Looks like the Department of Homeland Security means business.

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    Re: Why are DHS and ICE stockpiling ammo?

    Yeah, I saw this a couple of days ago on Coast To Coast.
    Not sure really, It could just be a run of the mill ammunition purchase, maybe they put in a big order like this every 5 years or something.
    Also, I thought hollow points had been banned??
    Its possible this is just being used as another fearmongering tactic. I have been hearing about millions of FEMA coffins for about 10 years, as well as tanks, and troops amassing in the USA.
    The department of homeland security bought millions of emergency supplies last year didn't it?
    All I know is we are still hear folks, no marshal law, no Fema camps etc.


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    Re: Why are DHS and ICE stockpiling ammo?

    I would say they are likely buying it so that we cannot. If this is the case, it becomes a stealth confiscation. We can't buy ammo -- the government didn't pass any laws or make it illegal -- it's just that nobody has any in stock.

    Right now, they have the printing press set to unlimited and full speed ahead. What do they care if they print up another billion or trillion to buy all the ammunition?


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    Re: Why are DHS and ICE stockpiling ammo?

    After Huge Ammo Buy, DHS Purchases Bullet Resistant Booths

    Federal agency preparing to unveil more checkpoints

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Thursday, April 5, 2012
    After Huge Ammo Buy, DHS Purchases Bullet Resistant Booths Tsa viper csg1

    The Department of Homeland Security recently stoked concern by contracting a company to provide them with 450 million rounds of hollow point bullets. Now the federal agency is also purchasing bullet-proof checkpoint booths that include ‘stop and go’ lights.

    A press release from Shelters Direct brags about how they are providing the DHS with bullet resistant guard booths. Images of the booth from the company’s website suggest the guard shacks will be used to control checkpoints.

    “This guard building features a standing seam hip roof, a thru-wall HVAC unit, (2) UL 752 BR Level 3 sliding doors, UL 752 Bullet Resistant Level 3 glass and a Low]E coating. Other noticeable highlights of this prefabricated steel building include metal halide security lighting, decorative window grille frames, and a “Stop & Go” light with controls,” states the press release.

    The purpose behind the bullet proof booths is unknown, but the DHS has publicly announced that it plans to increase the number of unannounced checkpoints manned by TSA VIPR teams and other federal agents beyond the 9300 that were set up last year alone.

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    Re: Why are DHS and ICE stockpiling ammo?

    Quote Originally Posted by HURRITT ENYETO View Post
    All I know is we are still hear folks, no marshal law, no Fema camps etc.
    Easy for you to say because you live in Manchester. If I lived in the US I would be taking things like this very seriously. It's not just one thing, or another, it's when all things are considered as a possible coherent strategy of some sort that things look dire. I don't believe its about fear-mongering either. If stories like this disuade just one person from violent confrontation with the man (its what they want), or persuade just one person to be adequately stocked with survival supplies, then it is a good thing.

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    Re: Why are DHS and ICE stockpiling ammo?

    Sounds very odious to me. I have only trepadation about why they feel the need to be so heavily stocked up on bullets, obviously meant for serious use. Should be interesting to see what unfolds on this development. I always get the feeling like something of a bad nature is in the offing, but try not to dwell on it. Maybe the PTB just want John Q public to feel paranoid and controlled, who knows. I actually road by a stockhold of those plastic coffins just lined up for miles in Georgia and I have to say it was quite unsettling....they were big enough to hold three or four bodies stacked up easily....left me with a wormy feeling in my gut, and all the fema camps remind me of the holocaust. All these coffins are just sitting there, and one can not help but wonder WHY or what who knows is going to happen that we will be the LAST to know.

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