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Organic Food Industry Bought Up by Corporations Like Coca-Cola
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Thread: Organic Food Industry Bought Up by Corporations Like Coca-Cola

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    Organic Food Industry Bought Up by Corporations Like Coca-Cola

    You may be wondering why some supposedly ?healthy? and ?environmentally conscious? companies deceive unknowing consumers into purchasing products with hidden additives and fillers. Perhaps one of the main reasons is that a large number of these pseudo-organic brands are owned by their very unhealthy ?competitors?, such as Coca-Cola and General Mills. In fact, some of your favorite ?All Natural? and organic companies may be owned by a corporate giant.

    Companies like Honest Tea and Odwalla may appeal to health conscious shoppers, but they are actually owned by Coca-Cola ? the very same company that is currently fuming over the requirement to change their recipes in order to avoid a cancer warning label. Another popular ?health? brand is Kashi, owned by the Kellogg corporation. It should come as no surprise that Kashi cereals have been found to contain a copious amount of GMOs and pesticides, according to an explosive report from the Cornucopia Institute. Kashi?s ?Heart to Heart Blueberry cereal? was found to contain grains coated in the residue of many pesticides such as phosmet, carbaryl, azinphos methyl, malathion, chlorpyrifos methyl, chlorpyrifos. What?s more, the company?s products were found to oftentimes contain 100% genetically modified ingredients.
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