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Thread: Update on Dr Pete Peterson

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    Update on Dr Pete Peterson

    I'm simply quoting a post from another forum that was listed today just to keep interested people up to date with him and this topic.

    - Robert

    The Saga of Dr. Pete Peterson
    I can see that it has been months since there has been activity on this thread. I personally know Pete Peterson and we exchanged visits to one another (separated by a couple of thousand miles) some years ago. Yes, Pete is a mystery to many. Everybody wants to know about past activities and the so many "why's", "how's", and "when's". Based on the background in pictures you posted, Pete gave his interview to Camelot in the same vicinity where I visited him and his reasons for being there are exactly as he states in the interview. I truly have no curiosity as to what led to the development Dr. Pete Peterson. I care only about the potential loss of so many things that he can offer. I do know of and can vouch for his expertise in electromagnetics and the RF spectrum. Pete was long ago developing solutions that are presently being talked about as future technologies in the medical and telecommunications fields.

    I have not been in direct contact with Pete for several years but was presented with wireless communications technology about which I spoke with Pete long ago by an individual who has always claimed to be associated in one way or another with indistinct government entities. An individual that years ago met Pete because of me. The companies mentioned in this thread also figure prominently in this individual's presentations as does Pete Peterson. After two years of hyperbole and basically having been driven to near bankruptcy I have cut off this individual and any associated companies or groups. I was told not to let Dr. Peterson know of activities where his technology was being used. Now I am threatened with lawsuits if I do not continue to take part in their projects. That's how that particular sector seems to work. Looks like I will have to make a trip to find my friend Pete to give him a heads up and to reestablish communication.

    This scenario is typical and the reason that Pete Peterson falls into unfavorable light at times. Individuals who never truly identify themselves but infer links to either the government or powerful groups manipulate information. A person as open as Pete Peterson (despite appearances to the contrary) becomes a tool benefitting others while deriving no benefit for himself. There is something that all of these Pete Peterson "exploiters" share: they do not allow access to Pete and will hinder efforts to this effect.

    Anyone can misinterpret body language or read a person incorrectly. Pete was probably nervous during the interview but I am certain that his intent was not to ignore anyone. He was simply concentrating on the camera. He is a very likable person and extremely easygoing. Pete may be many things but he is not a professional interview candidate. There are many views and opinions that I differ on with Pete but, on the whole, I stand by him. We don't need to fear the Pete Petersons that show up on the radar. It is the many blips that seem to spontaneously generate on the screen around individuals like Pete that we need to be wary of. Sadly, in the end, what seems to be a common trait these "blips" share is the $$$ factor and how to milk Dr. Peterson and his concepts or to suppress them if they feel theatened. I want to make it clear that I do not espouse any conspiracy theories. In my opinion Pete is subject to manipulation for profit by many individuals and companies. These may or may not have government ties. Bottom line is that greed is the greatest hindrance to getting Pete's ideas to the public.

    I commend Project Camelot for seeking out and wrangling an interview out of Dr. Peterson. I hope he is reading this thread for he will recognize the initials. I know his wife, Michelle, passed away since his interview but know that she would have wanted him to keep up the fight. A great lady and a huge loss. Go for it Project Camelot! Go for it Pete! Give'm hell!!! They certainly deserve it.

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    Re: Update on Dr Pete Peterson

    How do you know about Michelle? That is some what alarming to me. I won't say my relation but I was unaware that, that information was easily accessible.

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    Re: Update on Dr Pete Peterson

    Dear guest, the member who posted this thread 3.5 years ago has not been active here in a long time and was quoting from an external source.

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    Re: Update on Dr Pete Peterson

    Hi, Dr. Peterson says he lectures and does survival classes or something simiral.. does anyone know where or how I can find this info??


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