Instituto Geogr?fico Nacional (IGN) reported that during 9-15 November the submarine eruption continued S of El Hierro Island; mean amplitude of tremor was similar to that of the previous week. During the period, 245 seismic events were recorded, most of them located offshore to the N of the island, at depths of 16-23 km. Twenty one of these events were felt by residents at a maximum intensity value of IV-V using EMS-98 (European Macroseismic Scale). The maximum magnitude was 4.6, for an event located 2.5 km offshore to the N at 21 km depth on 11 November, and was the largest of the 11,604 total events detected since 16 July. GPS deformation analysis continued to show different behaviors between N and S stations; N stations showed deformations to the N up to the time of the M 4.6 event, when the deformation then changed to S. Stations located in the S showed deformation trends to the N.On 9 November, access to two creeks (Tacor?n and Punta Naos) in the S of the island was prohibited due to the possibility of significant concentration of volcanic gases. On 14 November, residents of La Restinga were allowed to return to their homes. That same day, many big steaming lava blocks (more than 1 m in diameter) were observed over the submarine emission center.
Source: Instituto Geogr?fico Nacional (IGN)


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