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UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact ☞ full length VIDEO
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Thread: UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact ☞ full length VIDEO

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    UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact ☞ full length VIDEO

    This video explores the secrecy surrounding the greatest cover-up of all time, presenting a comprehensive overview of the UFO phenomenon, abductions, disclosure, hyperdimensional realities as well as ancient history and esoteric significance relating to the ?topic of all topics?.

    Based on the article ?UFOs, Aliens and the Question of Contact?

    Length: 1hr 50min

    Produced by Bernhard Guenther & Humberto Braga: TimeOfTransition

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    Re: UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact ☞ full length VIDEO

    Dr. Karla Turner must have been on to something.
    I will definitelly read her books now. Died of a unusually fast growing cancer?

    The greys are not very healthy and they want our DNA. I believe it.
    Someone I once met told me that they are somewhat pirates that
    have destroyed their own planet and every since they are moving
    to other planets, rob it of their resouces and detroy it as well only
    to move on to the next planet.
    I have no proof for his theory.

    What is strange is the abductee report of the different alien races in one room.
    I always like to hope at least some of them will be good. If they are all in
    bed with each other we are literally screwed.

    The idea that aliens feed off bad energy would explain why there is a force
    that wants us to stay in a state of anger and fear. There are researches that
    say that UFOS are often seen close to battle. That would make sense. And it would
    also point to the fact that the government is a tool of the aliens and they want
    the wars to continue.

    Good stuff. Thanks K!

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    Re: UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact ☞ full length VIDEO

    Quote Originally Posted by Raven View Post
    The greys are not very healthy and they want our DNA
    There is a spiritual story to this as well as the space pirate one. Which, if either, is true, I have no idea. It's the basis of Devolution theory. It's very simple.

    We started off as 'god' or oneness that was non-physical. 'God' wanted to experience itself so created the physical realm and split some of its essence in to the first physical beings. These would be what people call 'The Ancients'. As the first beings they were still very close to the god state so had many of the creative powers of god as well as being physical. When people talk about what it'd be like for us to be in the fourth dimension they could simply be recalling ancient memories of this first state of being in physical form.

    Devolution theory is based on the idea that each successive generation of being gets farther away from the original god state and their amount of 'spirit' decreases. Or, the longer your peice of spirit has spent in the physical the more physical and less 'god' you become. This supports the idea that Crystals are the oldest form of life, then plants then animals. It also suggests that Animals truly are our ancestors but not in the way the false doctrine of evolution teaches. We humans are still very young and way down in the order of things, not at the top as we're taught.

    The greys/reptilians represent a very old line that now has either very little or none of the original spirit left in them, depending on who you listen to. Their genetic pursuits are an attempt to clone new bodies that will allow them to regain this connection with 'god' or spirit and essentially save their souls.
    They use artificial means to hold off entropy and hold their physical forms that are degrading rapidly hence all the cloning and odd appearance of the greys. We're experiencing this now ourselves as the trend towards trans-humanism, implants, cosmetic surgery etc.

    This theory is the esoteric theory behind the exoteric theory of space pirates.

    Harmony is the highest natural state, so anyone opposing it must fail.

    Though I do have my first few grey beard hairs, I'm not quite White Gandalf, yet.

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