Ben Bedard: The Modern Republican Party Aims to Restrict Individual Liberty

So it finally happened. According to a leaked Supreme Court draft, conservative judges appointed to the bench by radical Republicans appear poised to strike down Roe.

While the Republican Party under Ronald Reagan was a party about individual responsibility, the modern Republican Party has shown its desire to deprive us of the ability to make choices about our own lives.

For the first time in my life, individual freedom has been restricted and not expanded. If this happens, we will all be less free and our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives will be forced to submit to a religious morality that is not their own.

If Roe is shot, we’ll be the generation that came back into the shadows.

There is conservatism and there is radicalism. A conservative believes in freedom and equality and the power of individual choice. A conservative is harassed by a government that tells him what he can do and what he must believe.

He’s a conservative Maine, proud and defiant. What we see in the Republican Party today is radicalism, the attempt to impose beliefs on others, to wrest freedoms from people who don’t think or pray the way we do, to enter into the most private choices of our lives and dominate us. This is not New England conservatism.

I hope we all remember what the Republican Party became when it came time to vote in November. I know I will.

Ben Bedard, Auburn

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