Bulldogs and Maroons highlight star listings

The rosters for the 2022 Southwest Montana High School Basketball Classic were released today.

Games will be played Tuesday, March 15 at the Montana Tech HPER Complex. The boys and girls matches will feature a total of 15 players from Butte High and Butte Central.

A committee of sportswriters, broadcasters and media personnel selected the teams after receiving nominations from coaches at participating schools.

Butte Chamber of Commerce director Stephanie Sorini said the committee was excited about the caliber of players selected for the games.

“We believe we’ve brought together some of the best high school players in the state,” Sorini said.

The event will begin at 6 p.m. with a girls’ game. The boys game will follow at 7:30 p.m. Matches will feature three-point contests at half-time. A 30-second stopwatch will also be featured.

The Classic will pit Big Sky against Treasure State. Big Sky’s boy roster includes Bulldogs Kenley Leary, Kooper Klobucar, Jace Stenson and Cameron Gurnsey and Maroons Dougie Peoples, Eric Loos, Bryson Sestrich and Kyle Holter.

Big Sky’s roster of girls includes Butte High’s Kodie Hoagland, Ashley Olson, Laura Rosenleaf and Brook McGrath starring alongside Butte Central’s Brooke Badovinac, Sofee Thatcher and Ella Moodry.

For the first time, the coaching staff will include three people who participated in the event. Britt Cooper, Alex Rouse and Quinn Peoples Carter all starred in the Classic. To comply with MHSA post-season training rules, the boys’ coaches will coach the girls’ game and the girls’ coaches will coach the boys’ game.

Tickets for the games will be available Monday, March 14 at the Butte Chamber of Commerce, 1000 George Street. They can also be purchased immediately at 2022swmtallstarclassic.eventbrite.com. They will be available on match day at the HPER Complex. The game is sponsored by the Butte Chamber of Commerce Hospitality Committee.

Athletic directors at participating schools will receive player packets by email on Tuesday, March 8 and will be asked to distribute them to players at their schools.

The game lists follow:

Big Sky Boys
Coaches: Quinn Peoples-Carter, Alex Rouse


Kenley Leary sr. high mound

Kooper Klobucar sr. high mound

Jace Stenson Jr. high mound

Cameron Gurnsey Jr. high mound

Dougie Peoples Jr. Central mound

Eric Loos jr. Central mound

Bryson Sestrich sr. Central mound

Kyle Holter Sr. Central mound

Lane Wagner sr. White Hall

Brendan Wagner sr. White Hall

Andrew Tallon Jr. Granite

Kaiden Batzler sr. Sheridan

Zach Gould Sr. West Yellowstone

Taylor Hales jr. West Yellowstone


So Cade Cathey. Sheridan

Hayden Mason sr. Granite

Treasure State Boys
Coaches: Sara Layng, Britt Cooper


Connor Curnow sr. beaver head

Jonathan Kirkley Sr. beaver head

Callahan Hoffman sr. beaver head

Caden Hansen Jr. beaver head

Gabe Galle Jr. Anaconda

Cael Mikalatos so. Anaconda

Logan Nicholson Sr. Powell Co.

Martin Ore sr. Harrisson

Kyle Homner sr. Harrisson

Caleb Parke Sr. Drummond

Brand Ostler sr. Ennis

Tyler Harrington Sr. Jefferson

Trent McMaster Sr. Jefferson

Conner Nye jr. Twin bridges


Chase Goldade sr. Drummond

Colt Parsons Jr. Drummond

Jake Genger Sr. Jefferson

Reed Johnson Jr. Twin Bridges

Chase Fitzpatrick Sr. Twin bridges

Joe Cima sr. Harrisson

Ripley Ford Jr. Powell Co.

Girls of the big sky
Coaches: Matt Pokorny, Chad Jonart


Kodie Hoagland sr. high mound

Ashley Olson sr. high mound

Laura Rosenleaf jr. high mound

Brooke McGrath sr. high mound

Brooke Badovinac Jr. Central mound

Sofee Thatcher sr. Central mound

So Ella Moody. Central mound

Maxine Hoagland jr. White Hall

Rachel Van Blaricom sr. Jefferson

Brynna Wolfe sr. Jefferson

Holly Hauptman sr. Drummond

Emmie Collins sr. West Yellowstone

Faith Larsen sr. Sheridan


Dakota Edminsten Sr. Jefferson

Cia Stuber sr. Jefferson

Brooke Grow sr. Sheridan

Katie Gronning Jr. Sheridan

Emily LaYocona therefore. Sheridan

Lindsay Briggs so. White Hall

So Grace Dawkins. West Yellowstone

Treasure State Girls
Coaches: Zach Murphy, Paul Monforton


Ainsley Shipman sr. beaver head

Lauryn Petersen sr. beaver head

Halle Fitzgerald so. beaver head

Makena Patrick so. Anaconda

Alyssa Peterson sr. Anaconda

Sami Johnson sr. Anaconda

Emma Konen so. Twin bridges

So Allie Dale. Twin bridges

Kyle Pancost so. Twin bridges

Taryn Lamb as well. Powell Co.

Asha Comings sr. Granite Co.

Reece Pitcher sr. Granite Co.

Marlyssa Ledgerwood sr. Ennis


So Ayla Janzen. Twin bridges

Lexie Stocket sr. Twin bridges

Shelbey Klein sr. Ennis

Natalie Spring sr. Powell Co.

Nia McClanahan sr. Powell Co.

Jordyn Walker sr. beaver head

Evey Hansen sr. beaver head