Can insurance companies use private investigators against my injury claim?

Not everyone realizes that auto insurance companies sometimes hire private investigators to assess injury claims. This may be done as part of their standard investigation process or when they suspect something is wrong with your claim. In some cases, what they find may result in a personal injury claim being denied. You may not have to let that happen by discussing your case with a Jackson Insurance bad faith attorney who can help.

What do private detectives do?

Companies hire private investigators to seek information related to financial and legal issues. This often happens when someone is suspicious of someone else. If the adjuster finds a discrepancy with your auto accident claim, the insurance company can hire a private investigator.

Private investigators conduct investigations in different ways. Their investigation could involve interviewing different people involved in the accident and collecting evidence. Many private investigators search online for additional information about the person or incident.

For online surveys, this includes social media and any other public information about the person in question. This is how social media posts posted recently after the car accident can harm an accident claim. It only takes one photo on social media to be misinterpreted as if you aren’t as hurt as you claim.

Sometimes surveillance is carried out by private investigators, depending on the circumstances. However, private investigators are limited in the actions they can take since they are not police officers. There are certain lines they cannot cross and if they do, they could face legal penalties.

How can a private investigator affect my claim?

You might be concerned about how a private investigator might affect your accident claim. The way car accident investigations work with car insurance companies is that they request, collect and compare evidence. When the evidence contradicts statements you have made or other evidence, either of the steps can be followed:

  • Additional investigations are carried out, sometimes by a private detective
  • Auto accident claim denied

Your car accident claim could still be dismissed if a private investigator reveals additional conflicting evidence. It can be incredibly frustrating when you’re honest about the details of your claim. However, there might be ways out of this like:

  • Temporarily make your social media private until the claims process is complete
  • Contact the auto insurance agent to challenge their decision
  • Legal action against the insurance company

You may want to contact a Jackson accident attorney when you run into the insurance company. An experienced attorney can help you defend your car accident claim through arbitration, negotiations, or litigation. There are several legal options for obtaining compensation.

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