Could Sunday mark Russell Wilson’s last home game in Seattle?

Russell wilson had one of the worst singular seasons of his career in 2021.

It has been a calamitous campaign for the eight-time Pro Bowler.

He was sidelined and missed three games after sustaining a right middle finger injury that required surgery. He was individually lower, registering the third lowest touchdown percentage of his career (5.2% of his throws out of six). He has just 112 assists on the first down with two games to go (his career low is 153 in his rookie season).

On top of that, the Seattle Seahawks have been appalling as a unit amid their quarterback’s struggles.

The team will miss the playoffs for only the second time in Wilson’s career (2017), and 2021 will also mark the second time that a Wilson-led regime has failed to reach the 10-win threshold (the team has won nine victories in 2017).

Their 305.2 yards per game are the fourth shortest in the league, and defensively, the Seahawks are allowing 385.5 yards per game, the second most in the NFL.

After being plunged into the center of the rumor mill of the past offseason following reports of dissatisfaction with the project and Seattle’s business priorities, Wilson’s name has once again surfaced to the forefront of the cycle. Of actuality.

Last year he crushed rumors that he wanted to be traded. This season, his voice has been relatively low-key in the media.

But this week Wilson gave a glimpse of his mental state as he prepares for the team’s final home game of the season.

“I know about me personally, I hope this is not my last game [in Seattle], but at the same time, I know it won’t be my last game in the NFL. So I’m just focused on today and improving today. This is my goal and this is my goal. I love this city and I love this moment. I love these guys. We need to make sure we are doing better today. It’s the only thing that matters.”

With their season almost over, is it possible that Wilson is indeed about to come out? And if he wanted to stay, where did this unsolicited soliloquy come from?

For Chris Broussard, it’s because Wilson’s statement couldn’t have been further from the truth.

“I don’t believe him when he says, ‘I hope this isn’t my last game in Seattle,'” Broussard said Friday on “First Things First.”

“Why did you even bring him up? We know all three teams are there – the Broncos, Saints and Giants – that he would be waiving his no-trade clause for. It had to come from his agent. Lots of people. think Seattle would want to move Russ. I think he’s dishonest. “

Broussard also said that if Wilson wanted a fresh start, it might be better for him to pursue him in Seattle, if management is ready to make a few changes on the sidelines.

Chris Broussard: If it’s Russell Wilson or Pete Carroll, I’m going with Russ I FIRST THINGS FIRST

Chris Broussard: If it's Russell Wilson or Pete Carroll, I'm going with Russ I FIRST THINGS FIRST

Chris Broussard opens up about Russell Wilson’s future in Seattle after the Seahawks quarterback said he’s not sure Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions will be his last game in Seattle.

Nick Wright agreed with Broussard regarding Wilson’s statements.

“He answers a totally different question, then comes back and says, ‘By the way, I hope this isn’t my last game in Seattle.’ It’s a ridiculous thing to say because it totally depends on what you want. Russell Wilson has a no-trade clause.

“Unless it’s completely wrong, which I think is a possibility, then that should be the end.”

If Wilson were to leave Seattle at the end of the season, the Seahawks would officially be in rebuild mode, while another NFL team would reach their wagon at a future Hall of Fame.

You know what they say (in the Pacific Northwest): when it rains, it rains.

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