EDITORIAL: Support local law enforcement

There have been several stories in your Clarksdale Press Register last year reports on crime.

We believe that no other current event has an impact on people’s lives like being the victim of a crime. We also believe that the first duty of local government is public safety.

And we didn’t always feel safe in 2021.

Home burglaries, muggings, car break-ins and reports of gunfire grabbed headlines throughout the year. And then we had the death of a 7 year old child at the hands of men shooting another man.

We have seen our council of mayors and commissioners fund police in 2020 and the number of police on the streets of Clarksdale has plummeted. Then these same city leaders gave themselves increases in 2021. We still have to understand why they did this and what could have been their logic.

And while law enforcement is the first line of defense in the fight against crime, we hope our community realizes that law enforcement needs your eyes and ears to stop crime. .

Too often, citizens rave and rave about calling the police or the sheriff’s department about a crime is pointless. We agree that there may not be an immediate arrest and the appellant may not see someone charged with this particular crime, but not calling guarantees nothing will be done.

We are a nation of laws and law enforcement uses those laws, information and evidence to build a case and make an arrest. This newspaper urges every lawyer in this county to always take their time and ensure that the right person is arrested, charged and – if the courts demand it – convicted and sentenced.

But their work usually begins with a phone call from a citizen.

Suspicious vehicles with burglars inside can be stopped by the police, if someone calls.

Drug dealers can be wiped out of our community and kept away from our children, if parents call and report suspected drug activity in their neighborhood or at school.

The truth is, crooks realize it quickly, when a community is alert and willing to call the cops, and it’s time to move on and look for easier choices.

Again, it all starts with a phone call.

So pick up the phone. Call a tip. Let’s make 2022 the year we make Clarksdale safe again.