FFXIV Trust System Will Be Expanded To A Realm Reborn With Patch 6.1, Gradually Include Older Expansions

The recent Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Live Producer gave players a preview of several of the features planned for the rest of the Endwalker patches. The trust system will be expanded, allowing players to bring recognizable characters along dungeons in older content.

Starting with Patch 6.1, the popular Trust System feature will allow more players to adventure with notable NPCs in older content, regardless of how much progress they’ve made in the main storyline. This will allow players to complete main story dungeons and specific trials while adventuring solo and giving them the option to queue with random allies.

The current iteration of the trust system allows players to participate in specific dungeons in the Shadowbringers and Endwalker expansions with allied NPCs instead of other players. This removes the need for players to queue for dungeons needed to progress the main storyline. Many of these NPCs are characters that players know very well from their adventures in Eorzea and beyond, including Alphinaud and Alisaie.

This rollout of extended dungeons compatible with the trust system will begin with A kingdom is reborn in the 6.1 update. The following patches will implement functionality for toward the sky and Stormblood dungeons. the FFXIV The team mentioned that specific NPCs will be available in specific dungeons if they make sense in the player’s current point in the story, but the devs will provide more details in future letters from the producer.

All players can expect to use FFXIV‘s Trust System, many for the first time, alongside patch 6.1, which should be released in the coming months. Players who progressed to Shadowbringers and Endwalker extensions can use the current iteration of the trust now system before it is extended.