How Persona 5 Strikers’ bond system differs from P5’s trust system

Persona 5 attackers can serve as a sort of sequel to Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, but it has a lot of differences. The most obvious is the combat, which mimics the hack-and-slash style of Warriors of the dynasty, pitting ghost thieves against huge gangs of enemies at once in real-time action. Persona 5 attackers flourishes in this niche, finding new creative uses for the Phantom Thieves characters and signature weapons. Of course, this is not the only difference between Strikers and its predecessors; rather than reusing the Confidant system, Persona 5 attackers manifests elements of social simulation through the Bond system.


Both Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal are games longer than Persona 5 forwards, in part thanks to the Confidant system in which players build relationships with secondary characters over long periods of time. Persona 5 forwards, in contrast, takes place over a single month, which means there is no room for a large-scale Confidant system. Instead, P-Studio and Omega Force designed the Bond System, in which players earn points for spending time with the Phantom Thieves. There are many key differences between the two systems, but the backbone of the Confidant system still shines through in Persona 5 attackers“Deposit system.

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A look at the confidants of Persona 5


In Persona 5, Confidence is one of the most important ways for gamers to spend their time. Scattered around Tokyo are several NPCs that players can meet and build relationships with. The principle of the Confidant mechanic is simple: if Joker hangs out with Persona 5 characters during his free afternoons and evenings, he will get to know them better and gain strength. Persona 5 players will rank confidants faster by saying the right thing in conversation, giving confidants gifts, etc.

As players rank each confidant, they will gain a number of abilities. Every member of the Phantom Thieves is available as a Confidant, and many of them have abilities that make them more useful in battle. Other confidants, like rogue doctor Tae Takemi and former arms dealer Yakuza Munehisa Iwai, offer players a variety of other bonuses ranging from item discounts to bonus loot in combat. Not all Persona 5 The Confidant is just as powerful, but they all have unique niches that make them distinct.

The Confidant system is crucial for Persona 5, because these social outcasts remind gamers why Phantom Thieves fight. This is not entirely new, since it is an evolution of simpler social ties from Persona 3 and Persona 4, but it’s an invaluable way to make gamers care about the world they’re in. Persona 5 attackers was impractical, as the game’s plot focused very closely on phantom thieves and there was no room in the frame or timeline for confidants. The Bond system is therefore simpler than Confidants, but it is still a good representation on Personagethemes of.

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Persona 5 Strikers Binding Points and Binding Skills

Persona 5 Strikers Bonds

In Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, players earn points towards the next rank of an individual confidant, but in Persona 5 forwards, Quality time with friends instead generates a resource called Bond Points. These points represent the overall strength of Joker’s relationship with his friends, rather than any particular relationship. Players earn Bond Points by hitting certain story rhythms, defeating enemies in battle, socializing with Joker’s friends, or completing certain side quests.

Players can then spend Bonding Points on Bonding Skills, a list of 30 unlockable abilities that replace the perks provided by Confidants. Binding skills are just as diverse as Confidant’s perks, offering everything from raw stat bonuses to increased item healing, or even earning Binding Points faster. Not all bond skills can be unlocked at the start of the game; instead, multiple skills are locked until players reach certain parts of the Persona 5 attackersstory, like when players defeat the monarch in a prison. Thanks to the relationship between Bond Points and Bond Skills, players technically almost always work on a confidant.

The Bond system is certainly not the same as that of a confidant. Each confidant in Persona 5 has a unique story to tell as Joker gets to know them better, but there’s no inherent narrative attached to the connecting points. The skills and points themselves do a good job of making the mechanical side of Confidants work. Persona 5 forwards, although. If Joker doesn’t have a large group of friends to draw his strength from because he’s on a road trip, it makes sense to focus on bonding with the phantom thieves he travels with.

Persona’s Many Views on Friendship

The cast of Persona 5 is watching the red sky.

While bonds have served Persona 5 attackers well, it doesn’t seem likely that this version of PersonageSocial simulation items will be back soon. It has been specially adapted to the limitations of Persona 5 attackers‘design and story, which means it may not look as stylish if applied to another Personage spin off. After all, if there was a convenient way to have miniature confidants in The strikers, the developers probably would have opted for this instead. Bond Skills was an innovation resulting from Persona 5 attackers‘, and while its user-friendly conception of social simulation powers may inspire future mechanics, the Bond system is unlikely to be at the heart of Personality 6.

Confidants, however, will almost certainly go far. Social ties served the precedent Personage fine, but the Confidant system earned praise for making each of the protagonist’s potential friends more mechanically meaningful and distinct. Persona 6 will almost certainly have their own take on Confidants, mixing up the kind of abilities they offer and maybe even the way players go about befriending them. The Bond system will remain the hallmark of Persona 5 forwards, but that means it will always be one more thing that will do Strikers unique.

Persona 5 attackers is now available for PC, PS4, and Switch.

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