LEAP presents a sports economy powered by Web3.0 and Play-2-Earn elements

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LEAP white paper is a roadmap to giving friends a financial stake in the success of young athletes offering an alternative path to stardom for young athletes and a new way to monetize their skills.

Founded in 2021 and based in Israel, LEAP is a sports discovery and monetization platform enabling young athletes around the world to develop and improve their talent through a fun online experience. On LEAP’s platform, young talents can create short videos of their real skills and use them to compete online with other talents around the world in the digital arena to be recognized by their peers and researchers. talents, while being rewarded. By leveraging blockchain technology, using NFTs and an in-app game mode, LEAP is building a digital sports community to democratize talent discovery across the globe and ensure their social inclusion.

“Our white paper serves as a manifesto and marks an important milestone for the LEAP community as it paves the way for the launch of our platform,” said Omri Lachman, CEO and co-founder of LEAP. “Our platform approaches the sports industry from a completely new and different perspective. We are diligently building the framework to host a global network of sports talent as well as talent scouts, agents and fans in a fun and interactive way that uses Web3.0 technology to help level the sports playing field for all , while delivering the Web3 .0 visionary promise of individual ownership over data, content and digital assets.

Around the world, children growing up in disadvantaged communities dream of turning their passion for sport into a rewarding professional career. In the United States, which is home to many of the world’s largest sports associations as well as a high-level university and youth sports infrastructure, only one in 16,000 high school athletes turn professional. In regions like Latin America and Africa, where sports are just as popular but resources are more limited, chances are even lower. However, many athletes strive for a secondary path to stardom, the one achieved by becoming a digital creator and influencer.

Through LEAP, young athletes can showcase their skills in short videos uploaded to the platform. Working specifically with young athletes from poor and isolated communities, LEAP brings together a digital community of young sporting talent and talent scouts to help athletes not only gain recognition, but also be rewarded according to their levels of competence and their continued commitment to the sport. Activities. The app features a custom video maker, LEAP Studio, with specific filters, sticks, and add-ons to help talent better showcase their individual skills based on their sport. Talents can use the videos to challenge each other in LEAP DARE battles, where the community votes for who they think has done the skill the best, and winning will increase the value and rarity of users’ NFT Player Card.

The release of LEAP’s white paper signals the upcoming launch of its platform, detailing the token creation process (ERC-20), partnerships with exchanges, prototype launch, and more. In the whitepaper, LEAP chronicles the potential of the utility token $LEAP to facilitate the economy of the entire platform and support a global community connecting young athletes with talent scouts. An athlete using LEAP receives a unique digital player card, backed by an NFT after completing certain milestones when engaging with the platform.

Player card NFTs improve as the athlete’s score and ranking on LEAP’s gaming platform increases. Talent seekers, fans, professional athletes, and others who join the athlete’s “Fan Clan” can acquire their NFT Player Card and become active endorsers with a direct impact on the athlete’s growth. This provides an engaging way to reward and motivate digital native next-gen athletes and those who support them early on.

You can find more information about LEAP at here and here.

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