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Dave Lewis case still unsolved

In the 14 years since David Lewis’ unsolved murder, home arson and sickening body fire, Jackson County has suffered countless heartaches.

The devastation of Talent touched everyone. In the same time frame, there has been a vicious crime blitz. The individual sorrows are too numerous to list.

The deputies and Sheriff Sickler did a great job. They are receptive, educated, transparent, unwavering, courageous and sincere.

Evil survives, but love always wins. There’s a $20,000 reward for responses and arrests in Dave’s open homicide case. There are networking groups, individuals and organizations to help those who are hurting or grieving.

It’s true, we don’t walk or run alone. Support, love and kindness exist in every moment. Look for those times and those people.

Be patient, seek justice, and be kind. Be careful. Kissing, shaking hands or nudging someone. Make someone laugh. David would want joy and laughter to counter grief or hurt.

Remember those who came before us. Life is precious. Live strong and prosper.

Linda Lewis Miller


Flag at half mast

July 4 last week. We finally had a parade again, albeit smaller this year.

People out and about. Children playing, groups, stalls.

Not Democrats or Republicans today. No politics, no COVID. Life in our city seems almost normal.

Elsewhere, in a town called Highland Park, horror, chaos and death.

From a rooftop, a sick, hateful young man opened fire with an AR-15.

He killed seven innocent people and injured more than 20 as they watched an Independence Day parade. He destroyed lives and poisoned forever the 4th of July in this city.

Life in America – almost normal. Now the flag at half mast, again.

If nothing is going to change, might as well keep it that way.

Life in America.

Casey Bright