Local law enforcement agencies in the Triangle area hold National Night Out events

CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina — The towns and villages of the region invite you to a national evening.

Chapel Hill Law Enforcement will be hosting four different block parties for the event.

The national event is widely celebrated on the first Tuesday of August every year.

In the past, families have told us that this is a great opportunity to get to know your Neighborhood Officer by name and feel really safe knowing they are working to protect them.

In Chapel Hill, people have a choice of 4 locations. Hargraves Center, Bright Sun Place, the Oakwood neighborhood and the Ridgefield neighborhood.

There are also events taking place throughout Fayetteville.

For specific locations, see the interactive map on the police department’s website.

And there are several events in Raleigh, details on these venues are on the city’s website.

Raleigh Police are also asking you to keep your porch light on tonight between 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. in observance of National Night Out.

A Durham man says National Night Out and affordable housing go hand in hand.

Larry Coleman is a local VFW leader and is giving residents the opportunity to review new housing plans at their NNO event tonight.

“If you really talk to people, housing is one of the issues that drives the other crime issues in Bragtown, so you can’t, you hear the mayor say, you hear other council members say we have to find housing for people,” he said.

The event begins tonight at the VFW at 6 p.m. Coleman says he will present the plans to city council within the next month.