Lost Ark Report System Guide

Lost Ark is a complex MMO with many subsystems; One of them is the reporting system. In this Lost Ark Rapport guide, we’ll give you all the details about this system, including the best NPCs, gifts, and the perks of increasing the Rapport.

Lost Ark Reporting System

It is essential for players to understand the Lost Ark reporting system as it yields some very good rewards. So what is the reporting system in Lost Ark?

What is Report?

Report in Lost Ark works like a friendship or romance meter that is attached to different NPCs you find in Lost Ark. Players can increase the report level by playing songs, giving gifts, completing side quests, and using specific emotes.

This level of ratio may not seem advantageous at the beginning of the game, but once you progress through the game, you will come to know its importance. So it is better to upgrade it from the beginning.

Not all characters in Lost Ark have a report bar, so you need to check which characters have it by going to the report tab. There you get the names of the characters and the reward they can also give you.

How does the relationship system work in Lost Ark?

As we mentioned before, Ratio is basically a measure of how much an NPC likes you. You will find different levels of them in Lost Ark like Amicable, Friendly and Trusted.

But for a few NPCs, you can take it to the level called Affection which is beyond trust level. Reaching the next level will not only strengthen your friendship with the NPC, but also give you new quests and rewards.

But before that, you will need to meet the virtue requirements of the NPCs. The requirements are charisma, wisdom, kindness and courage. Once these virtue requirements are met, you can increase the report level. It will take a lot of effort and time to reach the highest level of the reporting system, so be patient.

Benefits of Increasing Report Rank

  • You will get different quests in which you will discover different stories and personalities.
  • Each Rapport NPC will give you rewards after reaching a higher Rapport rank with them.
  • NPCs with hearts in the Report menu can reward you with some very useful items like cash, maps, gold, and rare items.

How to increase rapport with NPCs in Lost Ark

There are various ways to increase the relationship with NPCs, such as playing instruments, emote, and offering.

Each NPC has gifts, instruments, and emotes that they like and respond well to. If you give them what they like, the relationship level will increase.

However, there are also limits to this. You can only give them 99 gifts, 5 emotes, and 5 instruments per day. For more gifts, you have to wait a day.

Best NPCs to Prioritize for Rapport

You can build relationships with any NPC, but some have more benefits than others. Here we are going to tell you about the best NPCs that respond very well to this system and can be very useful to you.

The three best NPCs are Sasha, Beatriceand Captain Cavery. Indeed, once they reach the high gear level, they can get you a giant heart.

Best Relationship Gifts

The best gifts you can give to the three NPCs listed above, to increase your relationship with them in Lost Ark, are also listed. Giving these gifts to Sasha, Beatrice, and Captain Cavery will help you quickly increase the level of Rapport.

Sasha: Stern scrap

Beatrice: fragrant peach

Captain Cavery: valiant cage