Macao Foreign Trade Nomenclature / Harmonized System 7th Revision will enter into force next year

MACAO, December 28 – The Macao Foreign Trade Nomenclature / Harmonized System, 7th Revision (NCEM / HS, Rev.7), approved under Executive Decree No. 57/2021, will enter into force on January 1, 2022. This the revision is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the World Customs Organization and in accordance with the regulations applicable to the import and export of chemicals under the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Rotterdam Convention, the Stockholm Convention and the ‘International Narcotics Control Board. In addition, the classification of goods is optimized in accordance with the operations of the Montreal Protocol and the Basel Convention to strictly regulate greenhouse gases and electronic waste that pollute the environment. In terms of the local context, the revised content is aimed at meeting social development needs, such as the implementation of the “Law on Traditional Chinese Pharmacies and Registration of Traditional Chinese Medicines” by the Health Bureau, the regulation of weapons by the Public Security Police and the recommendations of the Environmental Protection Bureau for the prevention and reduction of environmental pollution, etc.

With the implementation of NCEM / HS Rev.7, import and export declarations and licenses must be completed in accordance with the new product codes. To facilitate a smooth transition to NCEM / HS Rev.7, the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) has introduced a series of measures to assist import / export practitioners, including:

  • Thematic web page. Users can visit the DSEC website to download the entire document or individual chapters of NCEM / HS Rev.7, as well as correspondence tables between the old and the new version. Additionally, users can use the commodity codes from NCEM / HS Rev.6 to search for the corresponding codes from NCEM / HS Rev.7.
  • Telephone lines of inquiry. Import / export professionals can call the hotlines at 2831 4738, 2831 4650 and 2831 4710 during office hours to inquire about commodity codes. The hotlines remain open during the lunch break.
  • Email inquiry. If you have any difficulty finding a product code, please email [email protected] for assistance.
  • DSEC will contact import / export practitioners to explain the main content of this revision and provide them with the new commodity codes they frequently use.

Printed copies and correspondence tables of NCEM / HS Rev.7 are available free of charge for import / export practitioners and data users. To obtain a copy, please visit the DSEC Documentation and Information Center at Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpção, # 411-417, Dynasty Plaza, 17th Floor during office hours or call the aforementioned hotlines.