MAHLE PMU 400 contamination measurement system receives prestigious award

The new PMU 400 contamination measurement system from MAHLE Aftermarket has received the prestigious Equipment Prize awarded by the French magazine Decision Workshop. Condensation particle counting, a sophisticated and high-tech process specifically chosen by MAHLE when designing the device, was the decisive factor for the jury consisting of around 20 experts from the automotive industry and trade.

The PMU 400 came out ahead of a total of 13 competing products from well-known manufacturers in the category “Depollution and Hygiene”.

The Stuttgart-based automotive supplier developed the PMU 400 in response to the reintroduction of tailpipe particle measurement as part of the TÜV general inspection from 2023. Thanks to its ability to count condensation particles , the PMU 400 is also well equipped for future legislative changes involving tighter measurement tolerances and different engine types.

Unlike other measurement technologies on the market, this system can accurately measure individual nanoparticles in the exhaust gas stream, especially in gasoline engines and even at low concentrations. This means that the sample taken from the exhaust pipe can be attenuated with clean air by a factor of 200 to minimize the deposition of particles and dirt in the most sensitive parts of the measuring device. The PMU 400 is therefore a very reliable and low-maintenance measuring instrument with the added benefit of intuitive operation. The PMU 400 is available as a stand-alone unit or as an addition to the MAHLE EmissionPRO and BRAIN BEE Emission Line equipment series.