Meltzer Hellrung, a leading immigration law firm, launches Voyager: a personalized immigration workflow management solution

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Immigration law firm Meltzer Hellrung today announced the rollout of a new immigration management system to better serve its roster of global businesses and clients in a multitude of sectors. With a technology-driven approach designed to track all employment immigration documents and activities, this solution provides comprehensive case-by-case insight for existing Meltzer Hellrung clients in key departments including Legal, human resources and more. The system began beta testing in late March, with full rollout beginning this week.

“In our eight years of practice, we have identified a clear need to simplify the highly complex immigration process for our clients and attorneys,” said Matthew Hellrung, partner and co-founder of Meltzer Hellrung. “With this as our guide, we leveraged our legal expertise with emerging technologies to create a streamlined, user-friendly and cost-effective platform to provide insight and transparency in this often daunting exercise – not only improving the overall experience , but also by allowing our customers to remain informed, agile and efficient throughout the process. »

Meltzer Hellrung’s new platform – developed in partnership with Vokal, the leader in growth consulting for the digital economy – is a clear and easy-to-view dashboard of a client’s immigration activities. The system allows clients to see, in real time, the status of their employee’s immigration journey, as well as the points of contact for each stage of the journey. The ease of data retrieval provides an unparalleled level of transparency, ultimately reducing the time and money spent by customers throughout the process. In addition, everyone using this platform will thus have an immigration file, which can be obtained as needed at any time.

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About Meltzer Hellrung

Meltzer Hellrung is a technology-driven immigration services firm that builds custom solutions for corporate clients looking to hire and retain global talent. Meltzer Hellrung is committed to improving the employee experience by bringing transparency and simplicity to a complex process through professional services and all-in-one immigration program management software, Voyager. Our proprietary Voyager platform delivers increased efficiency, optimized workflows, and transparency throughout the immigration process while providing seamless onboarding and management of foreign talent.