Nielsen and Experian expand agreement for digital identity system

Nielsen and Experian said they have expanded their collaboration to improve Nielsen’s identity system for digital measurement of the open web.

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Experian’s marketing asset will provide persistent identifiers for the Nielsen identity system, giving it more coverage and interoperability, the companies said.

Nielsen said the move will help its measurement be consistent and comparable across all screens and devices, a goal as it builds Nielsen One, its new cross-platform audience system.

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As consumers have more choices about how they view content and the new devices they can do so with, Nielsen, long the dominant measurement company, is under pressure from media and advertising to update. its systems and methodologies. The current Nielsen television measurement system has lost its accreditation with the Media Rating Council and more and more media companies are testing alternatives to Nielsen that they can use when buying and selling advertising.

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At the same time, Google and other digital companies are getting rid of cookies, which have been used to track individuals online, so new consumer identification systems are being developed.

“This expanded agreement with Experian immediately enriches Nielsen’s identity system in the United States and illustrates our commitment to independent measurement and market interoperability,” said Mainak Mazumdar, director of data and research at Nielsen. “This is an important milestone as we continue to evolve our technologies and methodologies as we move towards Nielsen One, supporting a strong digital measurement capability that contributes to the vision of a true cross-platform that measures across all screens.”

Nielsen said integrating Experian’s marketing data assets into the Nielsen ID system will strengthen Nielsen’s ability to match person-level data to devices. This is supposed to give advertisers and publishers more confidence in Nielsen’s digital ad ratings.

“Experian’s goal is to enable privacy identity in the marketing ecosystem, helping brands build smarter audience strategies and providing more robust cross-platform metrics,” said Aimee Irwin, VP Senior President of Strategy and Partnerships at Experian Marketing Services. “We are excited to extend our longstanding strategic partnership with Nielsen, bringing addressability at scale through connectivity and interoperability in an ever-changing identity landscape.” ■