Overview of the law: Bah humbug: the grumpy Christmas becomes lippy

A Scrooge driving a big Ford pickup truck was not in the Christmas spirit when shopping in Kalispell. He insulted a woman and almost hit her with his door after being asked not to park in the employee parking lot.

A caller reported that a woman driving a Subaru Tribeca crossed a ditch and ran over a snowman before stopping at a gas station. Realizing that several people were reporting the incident, the woman left the scene. Law enforcement attempted to stop her, but she reportedly continued until she entered an alley near Conn Road. The driver was taken to hospital for a blood test.

A Christmas Eve brawl broke out in a parking lot between a motel and a pipe store. The suspects had fled the scene by the time police arrived.

The person driving a smart car was seen driving and smoking a doobie as they swerved into traffic on Main Street.

A caller was concerned about a man passed out on a bench. It was cold outside and the appellant did not want the person to freeze.

A driver worried about someone using a wheelchair as they begged near a busy intersection in Kalispell.

The person who allegedly stole a man’s cell phone was seen hanging out in the electronics section of a box store.

A man who was trying to fight was killed in a business.

A Honda Civic was seen driving south on the north lane of US 93.

A tip jar has been reported stolen from a business counter. The flight was filmed.

A woman came home to find her doorknob broken, but the deadbolt was still locked.