Paramount+ joins The Roku Channel’s line of premium subscriptions, bringing more live sports – TechCrunch

Paramount+ and all of its Movies, TV Shows, Originals, 24/7 News and Live Sports will be coming to The Roku Channel as a premium subscription later this month. The launch brings live sports from the most popular marquee leagues including the NFL on CBS and the UEFA Champions League, marking the first time that live sports content will be available to streamers in Premium subscriptions. The Roku Channel’s unified browsing and sign-up experience.

The Roku Channel has created a dedicated Live TV Guide for all Paramount+ live content, the first time Roku has created a programming guide for a premium subscription partner. The new Live TV Guide aims to make it easier for audiences to navigate the live content options offered by Paramount+.

The Roku channel will offer both Paramount’s ad-supported Essential plan, which costs $4.99 per month, and the ad-free Premium plan, $9.99 per month. Subscribers can also take advantage of a seven-day free trial.

Users can explore featured sports from Paramount+ as well as news from CBS News Network and Entertainment Tonight. Premium subscribers have access to their local CBS live station.

While subscribers have had access to live sports on The Roku Channel since 2018, a “premium” live sports offering is something they’ve never had before. In addition to new offerings, The Roku Channel carries Adventure Sports Network, COMBT GO, EDGEsport, Stadium, and Wham Network, among other lesser-known channels.

Premium subscriptions give users a single monthly bill, allowing for simple subscription management. The Roku Channel offers Premium subscriptions to more than 50 services, including the recently added Discovery+, which was the first time Roku’s Premium subscriptions supported a subscription video-on-demand service with an ad tier.

Joining a subscription platform like Roku’s isn’t a new strategy for Paramount+ — the service is also available on Amazon’s Prime Video channels and Apple TV+ channels.