Protection of individual liberty and freedom of expression most important in democracy, says Home Secretary Amit Shah

Democracy is not just elections, but the protection of individual liberty and freedom of expression that the police ensure by maintaining public order, Interior Minister Amit Shah said on Saturday. He was speaking at a reception held to commemorate the 51st day of the founding of the Office of Police Research and Development (OPI & D).

“Democracy is not just elections. In a democracy, the most important thing is the protection of individual liberty and freedom of expression. It is the idea that India’s 130 million people should be able to realize their potential according to their abilities. Its cumulative profit goes to the country. If law and order are not appropriate, democracy cannot be successful. The law must protect the rights of individuals granted by the Constitution. This will lead to the progress of the country, ”Shah said, stressing that it is the police who provide this protection.

The minister said democracy did not come to India in 1950, but was part of the nature of the nation. “When I see the debate on democracy, people mention parliament, the judiciary and other institutions, but I get the impression that it was the constable beat that made democracy successful. But for some reason there has been a campaign to slander the police. Only the bad news is covered, while the good work done by the police is ignored, ”he said, adding that the OPI & D must work to improve the image of the police.

At the event, Shah also congratulated Tokyo Olympics weightlifter and silver medalist Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, who was present in her capacity as additional police superintendent in Manipur. “When I heard that you took truck drivers (for training), I realized how much more we need to do for the sport,” Shah said.

The minister said that police officers have the hardest job and that when people celebrate festivals, cops go out of their way to maintain law and order. “There should be documentation of all the good work and sacrifices made by the police. Documentaries should be made and shown to children by the OPI & D. More than 35,000 police officers have sacrificed their lives for the country over these 75 years. This is our job and the OPI & D should do it, ”Shah said.

The Home Secretary said that without the BPR & D there could not be good police services. Public order is a matter of state. “All states have different political exemptions, with different ideas and thoughts. Different states have different laws and different challenges due to their geography. BPR & D is the link that unites all police forces among themselves. If this link does not exist, the law and order of the land will fall apart, ”Shah said.

He advised the organization not to get stuck in the routine, but to reinvent itself based on emerging challenges. “Cyber ​​attacks and drone attacks are the biggest challenges today, along with drugs and hawala rackets. We need to study best practices around the world and prepare our police forces. Sharpen yourself. Speed ​​up, ”he said.

Reminding officers of the new challenges at the border, Shah said the OPI & D must work to modernize the central armed police forces and improve their efficiency. He called on the agency to come up with an institutionalized system to ensure that police reforms reach the ground.

Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla, who was also present at the ceremony, said the police needed to learn a lot to meet people’s expectations. “When the force is great, there are all kinds of people there. This is where leadership matters. We need to shape public relations in a way that improves perception, ”he said. The CCTNS has been implemented in 16,276 police stations across the country and all kinds of data from the police to the justice system are added to it, Bhalla added.