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After inducting its first class of members last October, Penn State Altoona Athletics, in conjunction with the Penn State Altoona Athletics Advisory Council, welcomes nominations of individuals and teams for the second class of the Penn State Altoona Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Famous.

The second induction into the Penn State Altoona Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame will take place on Saturday, April 29, 2023.

“Since our days as Altoona’s undergraduate center, student-athletes have excelled in competition and in their chosen professions. It will be an exciting way to honor those accomplishments,” said Penn State Altoona athletic director Brent Baird.

Membership of the Hall of Fame as a regular inductee is open to individuals and teams who, through their participation as undergraduate student-athletes in the Penn State Altoona Intercollegiate Athletics program, have performed at a level of sporting excellence that meets the high standards set. by the Athletics Advisory Board.

Additionally, induction as a Special Inductee is open to individuals who qualify through involvement and/or achievement in athletics or athletics-related fields after attending Penn State Altoona, and/or by their example, character and accomplishments in life that set standards of excellence worthy of induction. Special inductees for consideration could include Athletic Department personnel who, during their years of service to the Department, have set consistent standards of excellence through their deserving contributions, achievements, character and example. to be inducted upon completion of their employment at Penn State Altoona. .

To be eligible as a regular individual inductee, a candidate must have been separated from the University – when their eligibility for athletics expired or would have expired – for a period of at least 10 years.

The first class, inducted Oct. 16, 2021 after being delayed by the pandemic, consisted of Fredina M. Ingold (athletics administrator, 1977-2014), Jillian Klinar (women’s basketball, 2000-02), Tyler Franklin ( men’s basketball, 2003-07), Tim Wassell (men’s soccer, 2004-05; women’s soccer head coach, 2007-09), women’s volleyball team 1995-96 and Dr. Richard Miller (men’s basketball, 1966-68).

“We are delighted to welcome nominations for the Penn State Altoona Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame. Our first induction left fond memories with our inductees, alumni and staff, past and present,” said Tom Koehle, chairman of the Penn State Altoona Athletics Advisory Board. “The accomplishments of the student-athletes who laid the foundation for our current athletics department deserve recognition, honor and thanks for setting a bar for athletic and professional success.”

A maximum of five regular inductees will be selected from the pool of nominations by an independent selection committee. Nomination forms must be completed no later than Monday, October 31, 2022 for the class of 2023. The completeness of the nomination package is the responsibility of the nominators. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Nomination forms, along with more information about the Hall of Fame, can be found on the Penn State Altoona Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame webpage. Nomination forms can also be obtained at the Penn State Altoona Athletics Office in the Adler Athletic Complex, or by calling 814-949-5410.

For more information on the Hall of Fame, including the nomination process, visit the website by clicking this link.

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