R-Biopharm launches commercialization of the fully automated RIDA®UNITY system for real-time PCR in molecular diagnostic laboratories

Darmstadt, July 19, 2022 – As a fully integrated solution, the new fully automated RIDA®UNITY system combines sample extraction, PCR setup, real-time PCR and result evaluation in a common workflow. Biotechnology company R-Biopharm AG announced today that it has received CE marking and will begin selling the new, fully automated RIDA®UNITY system for the molecular detection of infectious diseases throughout Europe.

“With the RIDA®UNITY system, R-Biopharm is deliberately taking the path from an individual solution provider to a system provider in the field of molecular diagnostics,” said Christian Dreher, CEO of R-Biopharm. “We are very pleased to make this system solution available to all molecular biology laboratories across Europe.”

R-Biopharm launches the commercialization of the fully automated RIDA®UNITY system

Unique combination of different tools

The RIDA®UNITY system combines the different steps of patient sample analysis in an integrated workflow – nucleic acid extraction, PCR setup, subsequent real-time PCR and fully automatic result evaluation without operator intervention. user. RIDA®UNITY ready-to-use reagents significantly reduce preparation times in the laboratory. The RIDA®UNITY Universal Extraction Kit enables the universal extraction of nucleic acids from gastrointestinal and respiratory patient samples in a common workflow and has been specifically developed and optimized by R-Biopharm. Up to six different RIDA®UNITY PCR tests can now be combined and processed individually.

The software specially developed for the RIDA®UNITY system supports the user with its simple and intuitive operation – from loading the necessary consumables and positioning the PCR reagents on the stage to evaluating the final results. The RIDA®UNITY system supports molecular diagnostic laboratories with its flexibility to cope with rapidly changing requirements and thus significantly facilitates daily work in the laboratory.

“Today, we can finally present the result of an incredible effort from diverse teams and many colleagues from internal and external sources,” said Dr. Lena Kastl, Vice President of Clinical Diagnostics at R-Biopharm. “R-Biopharm’s many years of product development and manufacturing expertise and productive cooperation with various partners have made the deployment of this novel molecular diagnostics platform possible. With its efficient, intuitive application options and universal, RIDA®UNITY will support and enhance laboratory workflow and capabilities in the future.

The RIDA®UNITY System, RIDA®UNITY Universal Extraction Kit and RIDA®UNITY Bacterial Stool Panel are now available for sale across Europe. Further analyzes for gastrointestinal and respiratory pathogens will follow in the coming months.

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