Sports legend and ESPN broadcaster Tim Tebow comes out of retirement to pioneer low-sugar snacking quarterback NuSkool Snacks as CMO

Offering a line of function-enhanced collagen bars and plant-based protein bars that are made with no added sugar or sugar alcohols, and contain 88% less sugar than market leaders, NuSkool Snacks extends its mission to the general public. .

AUSTIN, TX, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Two-time NCAA National Champion, New York Times bestselling author and media icon, Tim Tebowtoday officially announces his new role at NuSkool Snacksa pioneer in the low-sugar, function-enhanced snack category, serving as a mission director and also now owns shares in the company.

NuSkool Snacks was founded by Joe Christensen (left), certified personal trainer, fierce health advocate and nutritionist.

Tim Tebow officially joins NuSkool Snacks, a pioneer in the low-sugar snack category, as Mission Director.

NuSkool Snacks was founded by certified personal trainer, fierce health advocate and nutritionist, Joe Christensen, to fight the rising tides of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. He experienced first-hand experience with his family members and clients, which ultimately led him to identify excessive sugar consumption as the main culprit.

The company recently launched a Plant Krunch bar range featuring decadent flavors of French Toast and Chocolate Peanut Butter to accompany its original collagen dessert bar available in Sea Salt Caramel, Double Chocolate, Cookie Dough, and Berry Muffin. All Keto Certified and Non-GMO products are made without dairy, gluten, added sugar or sugar alcohols. Each bar contains prebiotic fiber for gut health and 10-11g of protein.

Tim Tebow, which embodies the spirit of NuSkool Snacks, will not only become the face of the brand, but also help elevate it to a whole new level, unlocking new outlet strategies for its followers. He says, “I immediately fell in love with NuSkool Snacks as soon as I tasted them. They are perfect for anyone looking to incorporate low sugar snack options into their diet. I’m thrilled to officially join Joe and NuSkool Snacks team and work side-by-side with them to provide healthy, clean food options for everyone.”

Joe Christensenfounder and CEO of NuSkool Snacks, said, “Tim’s athletic excellence, unwavering commitment and advocacy for a low sugar lifestyle aligns perfectly with our low sugar mission and we are “We are honored to have him join our growing team as an investor and a Chef. Mission Officer. With his support, our delicious protein-packed on-the-go snacks will become increasingly accessible to health-conscious consumers.”

Since its launch, NuSkool Snacks’ clear vision of helping people snack better without compromising taste has attracted a stellar roster of investors, including Super Coffee founding brothers Jim, Jake and Jordan DeCicco; Hayden Fulstone, co-founder of Liquid IV which was acquired by Unilever in 2020; as good as fast jackiemanaging partner of Sandbox Studios.

fast jackiewho joins NuSkool Snacks as a board member and advisor on its investment, says, “The future of marketing lies in value-added partnerships with the right talent, celebrities and influencers, who can create impactful connections with the consumer.As a pioneer for this unique asset class, Sandbox Studios is proud to fuel the growth of NuSkool Snacks, undoubtedly a rising star in the wellness-focused snacking category, through our partnership exciting with Mr. Tebow.

In 2021, NuSkool Snacks also successfully joined CoLab, a program initiated by SnackFutures, the innovation and venture capital center of CPG Mondelēz heavyweight, focused on accelerating the growth of wellness snacks, alongside eight other startups.

Brigitte WolfVice President, Global Head of SnackFutures at Mondelēz, said, “It was a pleasure and a privilege to have NuSkool Snacks be part of our inaugural CoLab class. for people.”, eco-friendly and deliciously fun” while demonstrating growth potential in the snacks category. Joe and his team have been on point throughout the program and we can’t wait to see where they go next. »

About NuSkool Snacks

The Austin, TX-based NuSkool Snacks was founded by a certified personal trainer and low sugar advocate, Joe Christensen, to provide snacks rich in functional ingredients including collagen, plant-based protein, prebiotic fiber and MCT oil, while delivering irresistibly delicious flavors in a convenient, on-the-go format. The company’s Collagen Dessert Bars which contain 10g of protein, 7g of fiber and zero added sugar, and its recently launched Plant Krunch bars, available in French Toast and Chocolate Peanut Butter flavors, are being sold at notable retailers including Sprouts, HEB, Winn-Dixie/Southeastern Grocers and Erewhon Market. For more information on NuSkool snacks or to purchase online, please visit the Company Website, Amazonand follow on Instagram and TikTok @nuskoolsnacks

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Sports legend and ESPN broadcaster Tim Tebow officially joins low-sugar snacking pioneer NuSkool Snacks as Mission Director.

Sports legend and ESPN broadcaster Tim Tebow officially joins low-sugar snacking pioneer NuSkool Snacks as Mission Director.



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