SportsTech Innovator Cerebro Sports Receives Support From Mark Cuban As It Develops Unique Data-Driven Player Rating Platform

DALLAS,–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SportsTech company, Cerebro Sports, announces the expansion of its operations with an investment from entrepreneur and NBA Governor Mark Cuban. The company is breaking down barriers in the basketball industry with objective analyzes of player performance through its proprietary talent assessment platform. Cuba’s endorsement is the latest milestone for the company, which has signed deals with several college and NBA teams, as well as renowned sports talent agencies.

Cerebro’s pre-seed fundraising, led by Cuban, will help scale internal data operations, while allowing it to grow its institutional customer base and prepare for the release of a consumer offering.

“I’m excited to see how far Cerebro can take its analytics to help NBA teams improve our ability to predict how good players can be,” said Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks.

Cerebro is outspoken in its mission to facilitate meritocracy for every gamer in the eyes of decision makers. Using its proprietary technology and global player database, scouts and coaches are empowered to assess performance in games, tournaments and showcases around the world at all levels of competition. From overseas high school gymnasiums to NBA arenas, Cerebro provides data on it all.

“There is an opportunity to tell a complete and objective story of player performance in the basketball industry that replaces hype with data-driven analytics. Today, most recruiting and screening require an eye exam and, while certainly significant and a necessary aspect of recruitment, it is very difficult to scale,” said Ryan Girardot, CEO and co-founder of Cerebro. “There are a myriad of data to sort, so we built our tools to create a scalable and objective analysis.”

Above all, Cerebro aims to become the global standard by removing geographic barriers and expanding recruitment at all levels, including making analytics and data accessible not only to decision makers but also to gamers. Cerebro gives players the information they need to assess their performance, defend themselves and improve their game.

“Basketball is just the beginning for Cerebro Sports,” said Rohan Dang, Vice President of Strategy and Co-Founder, “The future is bright for the SportsTech industry, and long term, we hope to offer our platform as a solution for athletes and parents, scouts, agents, scouts, college coaches, professional teams and fans of all sports.We believe that every game should count.

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Founded in 2021, Cerebro Sports is a unique global basketball player talent assessment data and analytics platform that provides objective performance assessment. Using its proprietary software, Cerebro provides coaches, scouts, and industry leaders with transparent, accessible, and scalable assessments to make informed player decisions, providing that same information so players can track. their personal development and improve their game.

Its goal is to create simple, easy-to-use products for coaches, scouts, parents and players to ensure meritocracy in the basketball recruiting process. For more information visit,