System Surveyor at ISC West 2022: New Features Save Integrators Time and Increase Sales

System Surveyor will introduce new features such as Accessories Builder, which makes it easy to add and specify products using its smart system design platform.

ISC West 2022 will be held March 22-25 at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas. Before this year’s show, ISS heard from System Surveyor founder Chris Hugman about what the company will be presenting at ISC West, its value proposition and more.

What is the flagship product or offering your company is showcasing at ISCW this year, and what makes it unique or special?

System Surveyor has added prop creation functionality to make it easier to add and specify products using our smart system design platform. System Surveyor users specify tens of thousands of products in the app each month. Devices often have to be equipped with various accessories and components. For example, a camera in a particular location may need a specific wall mount, lens, and mount.

This new accessories feature allows users to predefine associations between compatible devices and accessories, eliminating guesswork, streamlining ordering and saving time. System integrators, manufacturing partners, corporate security personnel, and others can create a library of accessories, associate them with specific devices and System Surveyor item profiles, and share them with other System users. Surveyor. Automating the right accessories allows customers to streamline and complete the BOM.

For integrators in particular, this new capability will allow them to generate proposals faster and more accurately, ensure delivery of the right components and drive more cost-effective installations.

Do you want to highlight other products or offers?

Late last year, we added more granular control of site access permissions and ease of administration. From a business perspective, system integrators and business users can better secure the confidential information of their own customers or sites.

System Surveyor also continues to expand its manufacturer partnership program. As we add partners, our community of users and their partners and resellers have more options of devices and accessories to automate in the system. Campus and enterprise tech pros can also make a budget estimate and request a quote with specific details from their integrator partners. Our most recent manufacturer partners are Digital Watchdog, Turing and Rhombus Systems.

What else is new or noteworthy in the business for 2022?

System Surveyor has become the standard for systems design and lifecycle management among global and regional organizations. We continue to see growth in user numbers and revenue.

We are especially excited to see the growth of the collaborative aspects of System Surveyor enabling the ecosystem of people involved in the effectiveness of physical security systems. Our users are developing new use cases between end user customers, system integrators, contractors, manufacturers and A&E by leveraging digital transformation moving away from PDF sharing via email. Our new video can be seen here to show the vision.

We have expanded our development and growth team by adding new employees in development, customer success, customer support, marketing, all with a common mission to provide exceptional customer service. Additionally, we have started hosting community sessions to bring our users together to share ideas and plan to enable more this year and in 2023.

What is your company’s overall value proposition to security resellers/integrators? Why should they do business with you?

We specifically designed System Surveyor to address all the challenges we encountered as former system integrators. The System Surveyor platform enables integrators and physical security managers to digitize site surveys and streamline system design, installation, and maintenance throughout the lifecycle. Using a mobile tablet, staff can collect all system requirements and IoT assets in a single app, then sync to the cloud for centralized access.

Users can visualize and collaborate with project teams, customers, contractors, and other stakeholders to create an accurate system design and ultimately a digital as-built. This speeds up the whole process, including reviews and approvals.

The benefits for integrators are increased sales, higher customer satisfaction rates, shorter project turnaround times, and improved long-term service levels. The consulting firm Fidelio Works conducted a study last year with 12 System Surveyor integrator customers to determine the commercial ROI of our platform. Integrators have increased efficiency and time savings by 35%, improved profit margins by 10%, increased sales conversions by 20%, and more. Calculate the return on investment and download the report here.

In your opinion, what are the best opportunities on the market today?

As the industry recovers from the pandemic, new opportunities abound. We recently surveyed about 200 security professionals, and more than 90% of system integrators said they have favorable business prospects this year. Half of the enterprise and campus professionals we surveyed said their budgets would increase this year (up from just 11% in 2020).

With complex supply chain issues, being able to streamline product design, decisions, and sourcing is essential. Modernization is a great opportunity. Many systems integrators have embraced new virtual technologies during the pandemic, enabling remote business (such as site surveys and collaboration) and even expanding target markets. In our survey, integrators and internal security personnel are interested in ways to digitally collaborate on system design.

However, adoption is still nascent across the industry. For example, 73% of integrators we surveyed still use paper, pencil, and notebook to conduct site surveys and gather system requirements. That’s down from 82% in 2020, but it’s still a long way from where the industry needs to be. The two biggest challenges for ISs year over year remain gathering accurate customer site information and customers requesting multiple proposal revisions.

The top end-user challenges highlight two other areas of opportunity for system integrators: 1) helping customers work with building management on security changes and responsibilities (this has grown from the 7th place in 2020 to 1st in 2021) and 2) working with customers to standardize disparate systems and technologies across different sites.

Would you like to add anything?

We are excited to be back in person at ISC West! We can’t wait to see everyone at our booth 5064!