Twenty-five years ago, Amy Coney Barrett helped lay the groundwork for the Notre Dame Law Review’s Federal Courts issue as executive editor. On Monday, Barrett returned to Notre Dame to speak at the Law Review’s Federal Courts Symposium, though this time as a US Supreme Court justice. During her keynoteRead More →

US Senator Bernie Sanders has denounced the “rigged economic and political system” in America, which has allowed billionaires to get rich significantly during the pandemic while others struggle financially. A new report from the Institute for Policy Studies, Patriotic Millionaires, Fight Inequality Alliance and Oxfam has found that America’s wealthiestRead More →

A plan to realign the district court system in Washington County over the next few years would eliminate two magistrates when their terms expire. The new map released by Washington County court officials earlier this month would consolidate some communities into different districts and reduce the number of magistrates fromRead More →

The Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on the draft law on the protection of personal data has submitted its report to Parliament. The good news is that two years after the JPC was appointed to review the first draft of the bill, this marks a step forward in filling a crucialRead More →

Through Michel Gryboski, Christian Post reporter | Monday, November 29, 2021 Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves speaks at a press conference on August 30, 2021. | Screenshot: Facebook / Tate Reeves Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves explained on Sunday why he believes the principle of “individual liberty” and bodily autonomy should applyRead More →

While denying Mohd bail. Ibrahim in the case of the murder of police chief Ratan Lal during the riots in northeast Delhi, the Delhi High Court observed that individual freedom cannot be misused in such a way as to threaten the social fabric by trying to destabilize him or hurtRead More →

Unlike a long-standing precedent, individualism reigns supreme in recent court decisions regarding COVID-19. In two recent cases—Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn c. Andrew M. Cuomo and South Bay United Pentecostal Church c. Gavin Newsom– The United States Supreme Court has overturned emergency COVID-19 restrictions on religious gatherings. On the surface,Read More →

Deputy Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito arrives for Justice Neil Gorsuch’s swearing-in ceremony as Deputy Supreme Court Justice in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC, April 10, 2017. (Joshua Roberts / Reuters) Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said on Thursday that the coronavirus pandemic had “resultedRead More →

Although there is usually a large fanfare around each Mandate of the Supreme Court, recent key court decisions – on environmental issues, property rights, administrative state and school choice – were decidedly mixed. Maui v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund Even though there are limits to what the Clean Water Act canRead More →