The hoisting of the flag is left to individual freedom: ASU | MorungExpress

Kohima, Aug. 12 (MExN): The Angami Student Union (ASU) has qualified the Deputy Commissioner, Kohima, ordering the compulsory hoisting of the tricolor in every house as dictatorial in nature. An ASU press release said the directive was unacceptable to Nagas because “we cannot be told to follow something that is extraterrestrial to our culture and our natural existence.”

The ASU declared that “the Naga flag, recognized near and far, and many lives have been lost defending it for 76 years” and affirmed that it is “our resolve to proclaim to the world that we will strive to be a free nation, free to be dictated to as how we should celebrate freedom.

He therefore requested the Deputy Commissioner, Kohima, to refrain from imposing the compulsory purchase of the national flag in Angami’s homeland. The ASU asked “why every citizen is compelled to purchase the Indian national flag supposedly by deduction from government funds intended for villagers as well as by forced sale in commercial establishments”. The union felt that, if the Indian national flag was to be flown for three days, it should be at his freedom and not by forced imposition.

“The Naga declared their independence at the United Nations on August 14, 1947 and continue to celebrate Naga Independence Day by hoisting the Naga National Flag on August 14 every year. Indian government agencies must be reminded that the Nagas cannot afford to hoist two national flags together on the same day to celebrate two separate occasions,” ASU said.

He further called the move provocative, especially at a time when the Nagas are waiting for a solution to the long-outstanding Indo-Naga political issue. The union urged the Deputy Commissioner to withdraw his position and further reminded “all true Nagas and leaders that we cannot be bullied into compromising our position in the face of fear of such absurd orders.”

The ASU called on all “Naga Brothers to speak out against this unethical order from the Deputy Commissioner and unite in displaying our aspiration and determination to never be and cannot be coerced into being subjected to a rule that challenges Naga nationalism”.